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Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz CMU 200 Universal Radio Communication Tester W/ 35 SW, 11 HW Opt

Rohde & Schwarz CMU 200 Universal Radio Communication Tester W/ 35 SW, 11 HW Opt

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This item is fully tested and in excellent working order. Item will come with a 30 Day Warranty. Software Version 5.21

Cosmetically in good condition showing minor scuffs / scratches / blemishes from previous use.

Includes Universal Radio Communication Tester as pictured. No additional items or accessories are included. Unless pictured, no power adapter / power cable included. Please check down below to see all options that are included.

Photos are of the actual unit for sale.

Inventory is on hand and ready to ship. Please feel free to message us with any questions you may have.

Manufacturer Rohde & Schwarz
Part Number 1100.0008.02
Model Number CMU 200
SKU 19-18357
Ref 23-97552

Software Options:
CMU-K16 WCDMA-UE Band 10 Signaling v5a21.a10
CMU-K17 WCDMA-UE Band >10 Signaling v5a21.a10
CMU-K20 GSM 400-MS v5.22
CMU-K21 GSM 900-MS v5.22
CMU-K22 GSM 1800-MS v5.22
CMU-K23 GSM 1900-MS v5.22
CMU-K24 GSM 850-MS v5.22
CMU-K42 GPRS @ GSM-MS v5.22
CMU-K43 EGPRS @ GSM-MS v5.22
CMU-K45 AMR @ GMS-MS v5.22
CMU-K47 Smart Alignment v5.22
CMU-K56 HSUPA @ WCDMA-UE v5a21.a10
CMU-K57 WDCDMA-UE Band7 signaling v5a21.a10
CMU-K58 WDCDMA-UE Band8 signaling v5a21.a10
CMU-K59 WDCDMA-UE Band9 signaling v5a21.a10
CMU-K60 HSDPA 14Mbps @ WCDMA-UE v5a21.a10
CMU-K61 WDCDMA-UE Band4 signaling v5a21.a10
CMU-K62 WDCDMA-UE Band5 signaling v5a21.a10
CMU-K63 WDCDMA-UE Band6 signaling v5a21.a10
CMU-K64 HSDPA 3.6Mbps @ WCDMA-UE v5a21.a10
CMU-K65 WDCDMA-UE TX-Tests (3GPP/FDD) v5a21.a10
CMU-K66 WDCDMA-UE DL-Generator (3GPP/FDD) v5a21.a10
CMU-K67 WDCDMA-UE Band3 signaling v5a21.a10
CMU-K68 WDCDMA-UE Band1 signaling v5a21.a10
CMU-K69 WDCDMA-UE Band2 signaling v5a21.a10
CMU-K83 CDMA 2000 (450Mhz) v5.20
CMU-K84 CDMA 2000 (800Mhz) v5.20
CMU-K85 CDMA 2000 (1900Mhz) v5.20
CMU-K86 CDMA 2000 (2200Mhz) v5.20
CMU-K96 WCDMA Application Test v5a21.a10
CMU-K839 1xEV-DO (450Mhz) for CMU-B89 v5.20
CMU-K849 1xEV-DO (Cellular) for CMU-B89 v5.20
CMU-K859 1xEV-DO (PCS) for CMU-B89 v5.20
CMU-K869 1xEV-DO (IMT-2000) for CMU-B89 v5.20

Hardware Options:
CMU-B11/B12 OCXO B12
CMU-B17 I/Q-IF Interface
CMU-B21v14 Universal Signaling Unit
CMU-B54v14 Signaling Module f.GSM,TDMA,AMPS
CMU-B56v54 Signaling Module f.HSDPA
CMU-B66 Versatile Base Band Unit TX Included with B68
CMU-B68 Versatile Base Band Unit TX-RX v3.04
CMU-B83 CDMA2000 Signaling Unit x3.26d (Var.22)
CMU-B89 CDMA2000/1xEV-DO Signal Unit Rev. 1
CMU-B96 Additional RF Generator
CMU-U65v04 DSP f.Wideband Measurement

Firmware Ver: 8.50 02.05.06

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