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Educated Design & Development

Educated Design & Development GC-1000S Ground Impedance Tester - Display Damage

Educated Design & Development GC-1000S Ground Impedance Tester - Display Damage

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Unit has been power on tested and buttons are responsive, this item is in excellent working condition, backed by a 30-Day Warranty for your peace of mind. While it may display fair cosmetic wear with moderate to heavier scuffs, scratches, or blemishes from prior use we guarantee its functionality. Please note display covering has a dent in the plastic. Also the stop/reset button has a piece of plastic broken of the side. Alligator clip cable has tape on cord in two different spots.

The package includes everything shown in the provided images; however, please note that no additional items or accessories are included unless explicitly depicted. Please be aware that a power adapter or cable is not provided unless visible in the pictures.

The photos showcase one of the actual units available, giving you a transparent view of what to expect. With our on-hand inventory, your order is ready to ship promptly. Should you have any inquiries or need further clarification, feel free to reach out.

Manufacturer Educated Design & Development
Model Number GC-1000S
SKU 19-71574
Ref 23-102887
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