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Agilent 81663A Opt. 395 DFB Distributed Feedback Laser Source for 8163 8164 8166

Agilent 81663A Opt. 395 DFB Distributed Feedback Laser Source for 8163 8164 8166

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Pulled from a working Lightwave system, fully functional, 30-Day Guarantee!
Opt. 395 - ITU Frequency: 191.70 THz, Center Wavelength: 1,563.86 nm.
Great overall cosmetic condition (See Details).
Pictures are actual item being sold.
Includes item only as pictured.
On hand and ready to ship.
See Full Item Description for details.
Manufacturer Agilent
Model Number 81663A
SKU 19-26746
Ref 23-33680
Item Details
Item Details
Agilent 81663A CW DFB Laser with built-in isolator

Serial Number: DE41701124
Options: 395
ITU Frequency: 191.70 THz
Center Wavelength: 1,563.86 nm
For use with: 8163A/B Lightwave Multimeter, 8164A/B Lightwave Measurement System and 8166A/B Lightwave Mulitchannel System

Testing: This unit was pulled from a working environment for reasons that did not include any defects or performance issues. It has been cleaned and thoroughly inspected as well as any testing possible at our warehouse has been performed. If you have any questions related to this specific unit's testing (if applicable) please ask.

Full 30-day Guarantee. We are confident enough this unit will function normally* we're willing to guarantee it for a full 30 days.

Item Only No additional software, parts, cables or accessories unless shown in photos or specified in listing.

Cosmetic condition Great overall condition. May have minor scuffs, scratches, or blemishes from prior use, being removed, and warehousing but nothing that will impact use.

The HP / Agilent / Keysight 81663A high power DFB laser source modules provide stable narrow-linewidth output at key selected wavelengths. The DFB and FP Laser Source modules are part of the flexible Keysight Lightwave Solution platform and have a futureproof design that allows for easy firmware upgrades. 81663A Distributed Feedback Laser Sources are part of the Agilent Lightwave Solution Platform, and best suited for amplifier test and WDM system test applications. Agilent covers PON and common WDM wavelengths with its 81663A Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser source modules.

Key Features & Specifications
    Key performance specifications:
  • High optical output power: +13 dBm
  • Wavelength Stability: +/- 0.002nm
  • Fine-tuning range: +/- 850pm
  • Power stability: 0.003dB
  • Built-in digital modulation enables applications like time-domain extinction testing of EDFA noise figure.
  • Built-in coherence control
  • Built-in isolator
  • High optical output power offers the flexibility in test environment and enables test and characterization of nonlinear effects which the customer could not do so far.
  • The precise tunability allows to shift the center wavelength by one DWDM transmission channel to the adjacent channel in dense WDM systems.
  • The coherence control allows to change the linewidth of the laser to avoid problems with stimulated Brillioun scattering, and effects generated by unwanted cavities.
  • The built-in digital modulation enables applications like time-domain extinction testing of EDFA noise figure.
  • The built-in isolator ensures laser stability, even when reflections are present in the optical path.
Published Specifications are available:
Click here for Data Sheet PDF
Click here for User's Guide PDF
Click here for Programming Guide PDF

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