NTC Tech BD Influx 646500 Flow Cytometer - Red Green Blue Laser. BD FACS Software, Extras

NTC Tech BD Influx 646500 Flow Cytometer - Red Green Blue Laser. BD FACS Software, Extras

For sale is a complete BD Influx (model 646500) high speed cell sorter / flow cytometer.  Red (640nm), Green (561), Blue (488nm) lasers.  Includes PC with BD FACS software.   

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Unveiling Precision in Flow Cytometry: BD Influx 646500 Flow Cytometer with Red, Green, Blue Lasers and BD FACS Software

In the realm of life sciences and biomedical research, the constant quest for advanced technologies that enhance precision, efficiency, and flexibility is unending. The BD Influx 646500 Flow Cytometer stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a cutting-edge solution for flow cytometry applications. With its distinctive Red, Green, and Blue lasers, coupled with the powerful BD FACS Software, this instrument opens up new dimensions in cellular analysis and sorting.

One of the standout features of the BD Influx 646500 Flow Cytometer is its tri-laser system, incorporating Red, Green, and Blue lasers. This configuration allows researchers to analyze a broader spectrum of fluorochromes, enabling the detection of multiple parameters simultaneously. The Red laser excels in excitation of fluorochromes such as phycoerythrin (PE) and allophycocyanin (APC), while the Green and Blue lasers cover a wide range of popular fluorochromes, facilitating the creation of intricate multicolor panels.

The incorporation of advanced optics in the BD Influx 646500 ensures heightened sensitivity and resolution. This is particularly crucial when dealing with rare cell populations or when trying to discern subtle differences between closely related cell types. The synergy of lasers and optics in this flow cytometer allows for high-throughput, high-content analysis, providing researchers with a comprehensive understanding of complex cellular populations.

To complement the hardware prowess, the BD Influx 646500 comes equipped with the sophisticated BD FACS Software. This user-friendly software offers a customizable and intuitive interface, streamlining the experimental workflow from data acquisition to analysis. With its powerful data visualization tools, researchers can explore and interpret complex datasets with ease.

Key Features of BD FACS Software:

  1. Real-time Data Analysis: The software allows for real-time analysis, enabling researchers to make informed decisions on-the-fly during experiments.

  2. Population Gating: Easily define and refine cell populations based on multiple parameters, providing precise control over the analysis.

  3. Automated Compensation: Simplify the often complex process of fluorescence compensation through the software's automated algorithms, ensuring accurate data interpretation.

  4. Plate Sorting: For applications such as single-cell sorting into plates, the software facilitates seamless automation, increasing efficiency and reproducibility.

  5. Integration with External Platforms: BD FACS Software is designed to integrate with other data analysis platforms, fostering collaboration and compatibility with various experimental setups.

In conclusion, the BD Influx 646500 Flow Cytometer with Red, Green, Blue lasers and BD FACS Software represents a leap forward in flow cytometry technology. This dynamic duo empowers researchers with the tools needed to delve deeper into the intricacies of cellular analysis, providing a robust platform for a wide array of applications. As the demand for high-throughput, high-content analysis continues to grow, the BD Influx 646500 sets a new standard in precision and flexibility, propelling the field of flow cytometry into a new era of discovery.

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