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A/D/S CC4 Preamplifier / Preamp + Integrated AM / FM Tuner
Part Number:    SKU:19-31661
Model Number:CC4    UPC:
Acoustic Research S12HO Subwoofer
Part Number:    SKU:19-23245
Model Number:S12HO    UPC:
ADC QCP I-96-MKII Wire Termination Panel ICON
Part Number:    SKU:19-15006
Model Number:I-96-MKII    UPC:
Adcom GFB-800 Multi Room Music Control System
Part Number:    SKU:19-28422
Model Number:GFB-800    UPC:
Adcom GTP-400 Preamplifier / Tuner
Part Number:    SKU:19-27477
Model Number:GTP-400    UPC:
Agilent 83430A Lightwave Transmitter
Part Number:    SKU:19-31264
Model Number:83430A    UPC:
Aiwa m700b Stereo Cassette Deck
Part Number:    SKU:19-28738
Model Number:m700b    UPC:
Aiwa M800 Metal Stereo Cassette Tape Deck
Part Number:    SKU:19-31437
Model Number:M800    UPC:
Akai GX-1820 Reel To Reel
Part Number:    SKU:19-28753
Model Number:GX-1820    UPC:
Akai GX-650D Reel to Reel Tape Player/Recorder
Part Number:    SKU:19-31534
Model Number:GX-650D    UPC:
Akai Professtional 6 Channel Mixer and 4 Track Recorder
Part Number:    SKU:19-28677
Model Number:MG614    UPC:
AKG DSR 70 DUAL Digital Stationary Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-28986
Model Number:DSR 70 DUAL    UPC:
AKG PS 4000W Wideband Antenna Power Splitter
Part Number:    SKU:19-31797
Model Number:PS 4000W    UPC:
Alesis Adat BRC Master Remote Control
Part Number:    SKU:19-31287
Model Number:Adat BRC    UPC:
Alesis CLX-440 Stereo Compressor Limiter Expander
Part Number:    SKU:19-31276
Model Number:CLX-440    UPC:
Alesis Microverb III 16 Bit Digital Reverb and Delay 256 Programs
Part Number:    SKU:19-30060
Model Number:Microverb III    UPC:
Alpine VPA-B211A Vehicle HUB
Part Number:    SKU:19-31288
Model Number:VPA-B211A    UPC:
Altec Lansing 85 High Fidelity Loudspeaker System
Part Number:    SKU:19-25544
Model Number:85    UPC:
Amber Series 50A High Definition Integrated Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-24329
Model Number:50A    UPC:
American Dj Mega Par Profile RGB Led Par Can
Part Number:    SKU:19-31738
Model Number:Mega Par Profile    UPC:
Ampex Vintage 1950's 12" Speaker Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-25773
Model Number:    UPC:
AmpliVox SW505A Portable Sound System
Part Number:    SKU:19-31859
Model Number:SW505A    UPC:734680151522
AMX NXA-AVB/RGB Audio/Video Breakout Box with RGB, Component, Composite, S-Video and Ethernet Pass Through
Part Number:FG2254-11    SKU:19-14982
Model Number:NXA-AVB/RGB    UPC:
Antares AMM-1 Microphone Modeler
Part Number:    SKU:19-28889
Model Number:AMM-1    UPC:
Anthem AVM 20 Preamplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-21835
Model Number:AVM 20    UPC:
Apogee SR-1 Speaker Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-23273
Model Number:SR-1    UPC:
Arcam AVR280 A/V Surround Sound Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-31955
Model Number:AVR280    UPC:
Arcam AVR300 A/V Surround Sound Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-30241
Model Number:AVR300    UPC:
Aria A6600 Multi-Room Home Theater Pre-Amp
Part Number:    SKU:19-29922
Model Number:A6600    UPC:
Armstrong i Ceilings Sound Systems Tri-Pak TR-230
Part Number:    SKU:19-25292
Model Number:TR-230    UPC:
Ashly ne800 2-Channel Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-25315
Model Number:ne800    UPC:
Ashly ne8800d Networkable Protea DSP Processor 8 x 8 w/ AES3 Outputs
Part Number:    SKU:19-19003
Model Number:ne8800/d    UPC:
Atlantic 253.1C Timbre Adjusting Center Channel Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-24865
Model Number:253.1 C    UPC:
Atlantic Technology 1200LR 1200 SAT Speaker Satin Black Single
Part Number:    SKU:19-30877
Model Number:1200LR    UPC:748607120027
Atlas AP-30T Vari Tap Speakers Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-31134
Model Number:AP-30T    UPC:612079110452
Atlas Sound ASP-MG24 2x4 Signal Processor /. Masking Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-31344
Model Number:ASP-MG24    UPC:
Atlas Sound C10AT70 Speaker
Part Number:368081    SKU:19-30900
Model Number:C10AT70    UPC:
Atlas Sound FA136T87 6 Inch Coaxial Loudspeaker With 70.7V-8W Transformer
Part Number:    SKU:19-16708
Model Number:FA136T87    UPC:
Atlas Sound FAP62T 6" Coaxial Speaker System With 70.7/100V-32W Transformer
Part Number:    SKU:19-12003
Model Number:FAP62T    UPC:
Atlas Sound PM4FA Strategy Series
Part Number:    SKU:19-31335
Model Number:PM4FA    UPC:612079188468
Audio 2000s AWR6032 W/ AWX6030M Transmitter and Mic
Part Number:    SKU:19-21049
Model Number:AWR6032U    UPC:
Audio Alchemy Ultra DAC
Part Number:    SKU:19-29891
Model Number:Ultra DAC    UPC:
Audio Alchemy v1.1 Digital Drive Controller
Part Number:    SKU:19-31382
Model Number:v1.1    UPC:
Audio Designs Associates PTM-1260 12 Channel Power Amplifier
Part Number:PTM-1260BA    SKU:19-27336
Model Number:PTM-1260    UPC:
Audio Kinetics ES 1.11 ESBus Synchroniser
Part Number:    SKU:19-22882
Model Number:ES 1.11    UPC:
Audio Precision SWR-2755U Unbalanced Switcher
Part Number:    SKU:19-27494
Model Number:SWR-2755U    UPC:
Audio Technica ATW-R1820a Receiver and ATW-T1801 UHF Transmitter
Part Number:    SKU:19-32020
Model Number:ATW-R1820    UPC:
Audio Technica Microphone Lot of 4
Part Number:    SKU:19-32026
Model Number:    UPC:
Audio Technica Omnidirectional Condenser Boundry Microphone White
Part Number:    SKU:19-16891
Model Number:ES945W    UPC:4961310095758
Audio Unlimited SPK-24GX-DUO Indoor / Outdoor Wireless Speaker System
Part Number:    SKU:19-30112
Model Number:SPK-24GX-DUO    UPC:
Audio-Tech AT897 Condenser Lo-2 Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-28939
Model Number:AT897    UPC:
Audio-Technica ATR-MCX10 Microphone Cable
Part Number:    SKU:19-30818
Model Number:ATR-MCX10    UPC:042005178537
Audio-Technica ATW-R2100aI Wireless Microphone Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-25020
Model Number:ATW-R2100aI    UPC:
Audio-Technica ATW-R310 UHF Receiver W/ ATW-T341 Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-31760
Model Number:ATW-R310    UPC:
Audio-Technica ATW-R310 UHF Synthesized Diversity Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-30693
Model Number:ATW-R310    UPC:
Audio-Technica ATW-R3100b UHF Receiver W/ ATW-T341b Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-31762
Model Number:ATW-R3100bd    UPC:
Audio-Technica ATW-R3100bD UHF Diversity Receiver 2x
Part Number:    SKU:19-31796
Model Number:ATW-R3100bD    UPC:
Audio-Technica ATW-R3100bD UHF Synthesized Diversity Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-32035
Model Number:ATW-R3100bD    UPC:
Audio-Technica ATW-R3100bD UHF Synthesized Diversity Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-29207
Model Number:ATW-R3100bD    UPC:
Audio-Technica ATW-R3100D 655-680MHz W/ ATW-T341 Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-31769
Model Number:ATW-R3100D, ATW-T341    UPC:
Audio-Technica ATW-R3100D UHF Synthesized Diversity Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-29208
Model Number:ATW-R3100D    UPC:
Audio-Technica ATW-T1801 UHF Transmitter
Part Number:    SKU:19-32021
Model Number:ATW-T1801    UPC:
Audioaccees PX-612 Multi Room Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-26486
Model Number:PX-612    UPC:
Audiocom MS-2002 Master Station
Part Number:    SKU:19-28943
Model Number:MS-2002    UPC:
AudioControl 560 Multi-Zone Class H Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-30587
Model Number:560    UPC:
AudioControl Architect 660 Multi-Channel Class H Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-30511
Model Number:660    UPC:
AudioSource Amp 5.1 MonoBlock Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-29854
Model Number:Amp 5.1    UPC:
Audix ADX 90 Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-23220
Model Number:ADX 90    UPC:
Audix RAD 360 True Diversity Receiver UHF 638-662MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-28938
Model Number:RAD 360    UPC:
AUDIX Rad 360 True Diversity Receiver UHF 638~662 2x
Part Number:    SKU:19-28988
Model Number:RAD 360    UPC:
AUDIX UHF RAD 360 Wireless Body Pack
Part Number:    SKU:19-29506
Model Number:rad360    UPC:
Audyssey ACM1H Calibration Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-29563
Model Number:ACM1H    UPC:
Autopatch Optima 3RU Switcher
Part Number:    SKU:19-26438
Model Number:Optima 3RU    UPC:
Azden FMX-42a 4-Channel Microphone Field Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-29055
Model Number:FMX-42a    UPC:
B&K Components LTD ST-140 Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-20464
Model Number:ST-140    UPC:
B&K ST1200 SER II Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31833
Model Number:ST1200 SER II    UPC:
B&W CCM616 IN-Ceiling Single Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30597
Model Number:CCM616    UPC:
B&W DM110 Crossovers Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-24871
Model Number:    UPC:
B&W TZ26 Tweeters Pair for DN119 Speakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-24870
Model Number:TZ26    UPC:
Bang & Olufsen (B&O) BEOGRAM RX2 Turntable
Part Number:5833    SKU:19-23632
Model Number:Beogram RX2    UPC:
Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 7700
Part Number:    SKU:19-29596
Model Number:7700    UPC:
Bang & Olufsen Beogram TX2 Manual 2-Speed Turntable
Part Number:    SKU:19-24342
Model Number:Beogram TX2    UPC:
Bang & Olufsen Type 1658 Beolink Passive Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-28601
Model Number:1658    UPC:
Baomic BM-2401 2.4G Digital Wireless Microphone Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-28720
Model Number:BM-2401    UPC:
BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-24085
Model Number:882i    UPC:
Beale Street Audio IC8-MB In-Ceiling 8" 2-Way Speaker Single
Part Number:    SKU:19-31041
Model Number:IC8-MB    UPC:702588202882
Behringer ADA8000 Ultragain PRO-8 Digital Pro 8-Channel A/D & D/A Converter
Part Number:    SKU:19-22874
Model Number:ADA8000    UPC:
Behringer DSP 1000P Virtualizer Pro 24-Bit Dual Engine Digital Effects Processor
Part Number:    SKU:19-30150
Model Number:DSP 1000P    UPC:
Behringer LC2412 Professional 24-Channel DMX Lighting Console
Part Number:    SKU:19-31852
Model Number:LC2412    UPC:4033653100038
Behringer MXB1002 Mic / Line Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-30184
Model Number:MXB1002    UPC:
Belar DC-4 FM Down Converter
Part Number:    SKU:19-25941
Model Number:DC-4    UPC:
Bilsom Viking 2318 Hearing Protection Ear Muffs
Part Number:    SKU:19-31158
Model Number:2318    UPC:
BK Components Video-5 Sonate
Part Number:    SKU:19-28692
Model Number:Video-5    UPC:
BK Pro-10MC Sonata Series
Part Number:    SKU:19-29650
Model Number:Pro-10MC    UPC:
Blonder Tongue MICM-b AV mini Micro Modulator Audio/video Lot of 8
Part Number:    SKU:19-29632
Model Number:MICM-b    UPC:
Bogen GS-250 Gold Seal Series Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31795
Model Number:GS-250    UPC:
Bogen UTI312 Universal Multi-Zone Telephone Paging Controller
Part Number:    SKU:19-29066
Model Number:UTI312    UPC:
Boke SM-3 Professional Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-20228
Model Number:SM-3    UPC:
Bose 410633 SoundLink Air Digital Music System
Part Number:    SKU:19-31265
Model Number:410633    UPC:
Bose Acoustimass 10 RCA to Bare Wire Ribbon Cable
Part Number:    SKU:19-28600
Model Number:    UPC:
BOSE Acoustimass 15 Speaker Driver - Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-21643
Model Number:190123    UPC:
BOSE Acoustimass 25 Series II Amplifier Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-31470
Model Number:251571    UPC:
BOSE Acoustimass 3 Speaker System Speakers Only
Part Number:    SKU:19-31485
Model Number:    UPC:
Bose AW-1 Acoustic Wave Music System
Part Number:    SKU:19-25646
Model Number:AW-1    UPC:
Bose AWR1B1 Wave Radio II
Part Number:    SKU:19-28334
Model Number:AWR1B1    UPC:
BOSE CineMate 1 SR Wireless Subwoofer Only
Part Number:    SKU:19-31473
Model Number:1 SR    UPC:
BOSE Companion 5 Replacement Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-23255
Model Number:    UPC:
Bose Jewel Cube Center Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-20489
Model Number:    UPC:
BOSE Jewel Cube Speaker - Silver
Part Number:    SKU:19-21198
Model Number:    UPC:
BOSE Kit Accessory, Install , 17m Cable
Part Number:329590-0030    SKU:19-31114
Model Number:    UPC:017817543231
BOSE Lifestyle 20 Power Acoustimass Amplifier Module
Part Number:187341    SKU:19-21641
Model Number:    UPC:
Bose Lifestyle 20 Powered Subwoofer Amplifier Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-24374
Model Number:Lifestyle 20    UPC:
BOSE Lifestyle 5/20 Power Acoustimass Speaker Driver - Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-21645
Model Number:172276    UPC:
BOSE Lifestyle 8 Acoustimass Amplifier Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-22886
Model Number:    UPC:
Bose Lifestyle Roommate Powered Speaker System
Part Number:    SKU:19-28219
Model Number:Roommate    UPC:
Bose PSM41R-200 Power Supply
Part Number:352245-0010    SKU:19-31481
Model Number:PSM41R-200    UPC:
Bose Single Cube Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-20484
Model Number:    UPC:
BOSE Speaker Cable - RCA to Bare Wire - Set of 5
Part Number:    SKU:19-31486
Model Number:    UPC:
BOSS RDD-10 Digital Delay
Part Number:    SKU:19-30563
Model Number:RDD-10    UPC:
BOSS RPH-10 Phaser
Part Number:    SKU:19-30566
Model Number:RPH-10    UPC:
Boston Acoustics P442 24-Inch Aluminum On-Wall Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-24165
Model Number:P442    UPC:
Boston ASW 250 Woofer
Part Number:    SKU:19-25237
Model Number:ASW 250    UPC:
Boston CR2 with Magna Guard and Magnetic Shielding Center Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-28220
Model Number:CR2    UPC:
Boston MCS 95 5.1 Surround Speaker System
Part Number:    SKU:19-28413
Model Number:MCS 95    UPC:
Bowers & Wilkins CCM362 2-Way In-Ceiling Loudspeaker System
Part Number:    SKU:19-30439
Model Number:CCM362    UPC:714346313624
Bowers & Wilkins CCM684 Driver
Part Number:    SKU:19-30433
Model Number:CCM684    UPC:
Bowers & Wilkins CWM LCR8 In-Wall Speaker Back Box
Part Number:    SKU:19-30516
Model Number:BB LCR8    UPC:714346226252
Bowers & Wilkins CWM664 6" 2-Way Wall Mount Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30594
Model Number:CWM664    UPC:
Bowers & Wilkins DM601 S3 Speakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-31821
Model Number:DM601 S3    UPC:
Bowers & Wilkins PMK 7.5W Pre-mount kit for CWM7.5 1 Piece
Part Number:    SKU:19-30447
Model Number:PMK 7.5W    UPC:714346311873
Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini Ipod Docking Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-28501
Model Number:Zeppelin Mini    UPC:
Brooke Siren Systems FDS 320 Frequency Dividing System
Part Number:    SKU:19-27698
Model Number:FDS 320    UPC:
Bruel + Kjaer 4221 Microphone With 2669C Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-23496
Model Number:4221    UPC:
Bryston 3B Stereo Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31489
Model Number:3B    UPC:
Canton 120 Watt Powered Subwoofer AS 22 SC
Part Number:    SKU:19-24963
Model Number:AS 22 SC    UPC:
Canton CD 50 Center Channel Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-28218
Model Number:CD 50    UPC:
Canton InWall 650 White Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-16944
Model Number:InWall 650    UPC:4010243020167
Caowue DSP2000 Stereo 2 Channel Preset / Programmable Digital Multi-Effects Processor
Part Number:    SKU:19-20225
Model Number:DSP2000    UPC:
Carver Receiver 900 Magnetic Field Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31971
Model Number:Receiver 900    UPC:
Celestion DL4 Series Two Speakers Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-28412
Model Number:DL4    UPC:
CEM DT-85A Sound Level Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-32031
Model Number:DT-85A    UPC:6951110985005
Chief RPA-141 Inverted Custom Projector Mount
Part Number:    SKU:19-15001
Model Number:RPA-141    UPC:841872071664
Chief RPA-141 Inverted Custom Projector Mount
Part Number:    SKU:19-14998
Model Number:RPA-141    UPC:841872071664
Cirrus Logic CDB4350 Evaluation Development Board
Part Number:    SKU:19-25251
Model Number:CDB4350    UPC:
Cisco DMSPK50 Wireless Home Audio Stereo Speaker Kit
Part Number:    SKU:19-17893
Model Number:DMSPK50    UPC:745883586493
Cisco Linksys DMP100 Wireless Home Audio Player / Wireless-N Music Extender
Part Number:    SKU:19-17896
Model Number:DMP100    UPC:745883586400
Citation 5.0 AV Controller Lot of 2
Part Number:    SKU:19-21058
Model Number:5.0 AV Controller    UPC:
Clear-Com Paragon AMS 1022 Amplified Monitor Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-21636
Model Number:AMS 1022    UPC:
Clockaudio C 301E-RF Rigid Stem Cardioid Microphone - USED
Part Number:    SKU:19-12323
Model Number:C 301E-RF    UPC:
Community C12SQGRL White Square Grille for CLOUD12
Part Number:    SKU:19-16507
Model Number:C12SQGRL    UPC:
Community C6 Commercial Design Series Full-Range 6in Ceiling Loudspeaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-15299
Model Number:C6    UPC:617174015312
Community CLOUD 1299T Coaxial Speaker 90 X 90 Loudspeaker 70V/100V
Part Number:    SKU:19-16741
Model Number:CLOUD99T    UPC:617174011062
Community D6 Professional Loudspeakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-31337
Model Number:D6    UPC:617174014339
Community DP6 Pendant Speaker
Part Number:DP6-B    SKU:19-31298
Model Number:DP6    UPC:
Comrex CTA Cue Transmitter Frequency 26.35
Part Number:    SKU:19-28521
Model Number:CTA    UPC:
Concept ELC Stereo Cassette Tape Deck
Part Number:    SKU:19-31397
Model Number:ELC    UPC:
Control 4 AVE-RAA1-B Ethernet Speaker Point
Part Number:    SKU:19-28556
Model Number:AVE-RAA1-B    UPC:
Control 4 AVG-RAA1-B WiFi Speaker Point 802.1b
Part Number:    SKU:19-30911
Model Number:AVG-RAA1-B    UPC:
Control 4 C4-AMP104 Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-30814
Model Number:C4-AMP104    UPC:
Control 4 C4-TV120277-WH Dimmer, 0-10V, Wireless 120/277V White NEW
Part Number:    SKU:19-30773
Model Number:C4-TV120277-WH    UPC:876389011155
Convergen Design SD-Connect Media Converters
Part Number:    SKU:19-21037
Model Number:SD-Connect    UPC:
Cradlepoint MBR1400 Ver 2.0 Router W/ MC200LE Modem Cap
Part Number:    SKU:19-31828
Model Number:MBR1400v2, MC200LE-VZ    UPC:
Crest Audio 3301 Professional Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-29864
Model Number:3301    UPC:
Crest Audio LA 601 Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31802
Model Number:LA 601    UPC:
Crest Audio LT-2000 2-Channel Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-27820
Model Number:LT-2000    UPC:
Crestron AADS-XM Adagio Audio Distribution System
Part Number:    SKU:19-30476
Model Number:AADS-XM    UPC:
Crestron ATC-AMFMSR Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner Card For CEN-TRACK
Part Number:    SKU:19-28968
Model Number:ATC-AMFMSR    UPC:
Crestron C2N-IADS30X24 Intercom Audio Distribution Switcher
Part Number:6500710    SKU:19-19466
Model Number:C2N-IADS30X24    UPC:
Crestron CN-RJ11 4-Wire Terminal Block to RJ11 Cresnet Converter
Part Number:    SKU:19-14923
Model Number:CN-RJ11    UPC:
Crestron CNTBLOCK Cresnet Distribution Block USED
Part Number:    SKU:19-14637
Model Number:CNTBLOCK    UPC:
Crestron CNWM-29A / 29-Button Wall Mount Control Panel
Part Number:    SKU:19-14632
Model Number:CNWM-29A    UPC:
Crestron CNX-PAD8A Professional Audio Distribution Processor
Part Number:6001541    SKU:19-24946
Model Number:CNX-PAD8A    UPC:
Crestron infiNET Wireless Gateway / C2N-MNETGW NEW
Part Number:    SKU:19-14571
Model Number:C2N-MNETGW    UPC:
Crestron ST-COM RS-232/422 COM W/ CN-RJ11
Part Number:    SKU:19-25001
Model Number:RS-232/422    UPC:
Crestron TPS-VID-1 / Video Digitizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-14556
Model Number:TPS-VID-1    UPC:
Crown 280A Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31737
Model Number:280A    UPC:
Crown 4002 XTI Series Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31255
Model Number:XTI 4002    UPC:
Crown CDi1000 power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-28315
Model Number:CDi1000    UPC:
Crown Com-Tech 200 2-Channel Stereo Professional Amp
Part Number:    SKU:19-29874
Model Number:200    UPC:
Crown CP660 6-Channel Power Amp, Lot of 3
Part Number:    SKU:19-23948
Model Number:CP660    UPC:
Crown CP660 Six Channel Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-23652
Model Number:CP660    UPC:
Crown D-75A 2 Channel Professional Dual Channel Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-26322
Model Number:D-75A    UPC:
Part Number:92700    SKU:19-31070
Model Number:BCS65    UPC:811953020065
Current Audio CECS65D In-Ceiling Speaker
Part Number:92122    SKU:19-30914
Model Number:CECS65DT    UPC:
David Clark P/N 12509G-05 Headset-Microphone
Part Number:12509G-05    SKU:19-29181
Model Number:    UPC:
Dayton Digital Audio Signal Converter
Part Number:180-961    SKU:19-20644
Model Number:    UPC:844632026034
DBX 1531X Stereo / Mono Graphic Equalizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-22456
Model Number:1531X    UPC:
DBX DDP Digital Dynamics Processor
Part Number:    SKU:19-31807
Model Number:DDP    UPC:
DBX XB140 Subwoofer Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-27958
Model Number:XB140    UPC:
Definitive Technology Mythos Eight 8 Speaker Single
Part Number:    SKU:19-27959
Model Number:Mythos Eight    UPC:
Definitive Technology Mythos Solo Soundbar
Part Number:    SKU:19-24957
Model Number:    UPC:
Definitive Technology UIW 63A In-Wall Speaker Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-30879
Model Number:UIW 63A    UPC:
Denon AVR-1706 AV Surround Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-22363
Model Number:AVR-1706    UPC:
Denon AVR-2106 AV Surround Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-28259
Model Number:AVR-2106    UPC:
Denon AVR-2400 AV Surround Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-24897
Model Number:AVR-2400    UPC:
Denon AVR-3805 AV Surround Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-21828
Model Number:AVR-3805    UPC:
Denon AVR-3808CI AV Surround Revceiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-21589
Model Number:AVR-3808CI    UPC:
Denon AVR-4802R AV Surround Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-26521
Model Number:AVR-4802R    UPC:
Denon AVR-4802R AV Surround Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-20638
Model Number:AVR-4802R    UPC:
Denon AVR-X2100W Integrated Network AV Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-30236
Model Number:AVR-X2100W    UPC:
Denon DCM-460 PCM Auto Changer 5 DISC CD Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-30468
Model Number:DCM-460    UPC:
Denon DRA-365R Precision Audio Component / AM-FM Stereo Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-22965
Model Number:DRA-365R    UPC:
Denon DRA-775RD Precision Audio Component / AM-FM Stereo Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-21045
Model Number:DRA-775RD    UPC:
Denon M10 Super Micro Component System CD-Changer, Tuner Amplifier, Cassette
Part Number:    SKU:19-25138
Model Number:M10    UPC:
Denon POA-800 Precision Audio Component / Stereo-Monaural Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31312
Model Number:POA-800    UPC:
Denon TU-460 Precision Audio Component / AM-FM Stereo Tuner
Part Number:    SKU:19-29542
Model Number:TU-460    UPC:
Derrica UHF Microphone RE-UH06
Part Number:    SKU:19-20278
Model Number:RE-UH06    UPC:
Digidesign Quad Audio Interface
Part Number:    SKU:19-25565
Model Number:Quad Audio Interface    UPC:
Dolby AC-1 DP-90 Digital Audio Encoder DP90
Part Number:    SKU:19-12705
Model Number:DP90J    UPC:
Drake VMM860 Mini Micro Modulator Audio/Video Lot of 6
Part Number:    SKU:19-29633
Model Number:VMM860    UPC:
Drawmer DL241 Dual Auto Compressor
Part Number:    SKU:19-24089
Model Number:DL241    UPC:
Dual Concept CS 503-1 Turntable
Part Number:    SKU:19-25781
Model Number:CS 503-1    UPC:
E-MU 9053 Morpheus Z-Plane Synthesizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-30633
Model Number:9053    UPC:
Eartec Simultalk 24G Full Duplex Wireless
Part Number:    SKU:19-31477
Model Number:Simultalk 24G    UPC:
EAW Eastern Acoustic Works SB120 Subwoofer & 2X FL103 PA Speakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-26910
Model Number:SB120    UPC:
Electro Voice EV Stereo Graphic Equalizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-30147
Model Number:EQ-215    UPC:
Eminence Legend B102 10" Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-31179
Model Number:B102    UPC:
EMIT 902-4941 Samarium Cobalt Planar Tweeter For Infinity RS7 Speakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-28286
Model Number:902-4941    UPC:
Energy Take 2.2HB-1 Speakers Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-28629
Model Number:TAKE 2.2HB-1    UPC:
Episode EA-AMP-12D-70A 12 Channel 70 Watt Amp
Part Number:    SKU:19-31143
Model Number:EA-AMP-12D-70A    UPC:
Episode ECS-250-IC-6 Commercial Series 6.5" In-Ceiling Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30897
Model Number:ECS-250-IC-6    UPC:
Episode ES-300-IC-6 High Performance Loudspeakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-30885
Model Number:ES-300-IC-6    UPC:
Episode ES-300-LCR-3-WHT LCR Speaker W/ Dual 3" Woofers
Part Number:    SKU:19-30894
Model Number:ES-300-LCR-3-WHT    UPC:
Episode ES-300-OWLCR-M On-Wall Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30789
Model Number:ES-300-OWLCR-M    UPC:
Episode ES-300-SAT-3-WHT SAT Speaker W/ 3" Woofer
Part Number:    SKU:19-30886
Model Number:ES-300-SAT-3-WHT    UPC:
Episode ES-350T-IW-6 In-Wall Speaker Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-30905
Model Number:ES-350T-IW-6    UPC:
Episode ES-500-ICDVC-6 300 Series In-Ceiling Speakers Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-30946
Model Number:ES-500-ICDVC-6    UPC:
Episode ES-500-IWLCR-4 In-Wall LCR Speaker W/ Dual 4" Woofers
Part Number:    SKU:19-30884
Model Number:ES-500-IWLCR-4    UPC:
Episode ES-700-ICSURR-6 High performance Loudspeakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-30887
Model Number:ES-700-ICSURR-6    UPC:
Episode ES-AW-DVC-5-WHT All Weather Dual Input 5.25" Speaker- White
Part Number:    SKU:19-30770
Model Number:ES-AW-DVC-5-WHT    UPC:842822014298
Episode ES-ROCK-DVC-6-SAN Rock Series Dual Input 6.5 in Sandstone Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30794
Model Number:ES-ROCK-DVC-6-SAN    UPC:842822014397
Episode ESS-AW1300T-IC-6 Signature All Weather In-Ceiling Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30772
Model Number:ESS-AW1300T-IC-6    UPC:
Extron Electronics MTP T CV Mini Twisted Pair Transmitters for Composite Video and Stereo Audio
Part Number:60-540-01    SKU:19-14977
Model Number:MTP T CV    UPC:
Extron FF 120 Speaker White Single
Part Number:42-120-03    SKU:19-14900
Model Number:FF 120    UPC:
Extron IN9385 One 3.5 mm Stereo Mini Jack to Solder Tabs MAAP
Part Number:70-293-21    SKU:19-16447
Model Number:    UPC:
Extron MLS 100 Series Versa Tools MediaLink Switcher
Part Number:    SKU:19-20602
Model Number:MLS 100    UPC:
Extron MTP RL 15 HD Twisted Pair Receiver Lot of 8
Part Number:    SKU:19-24878
Model Number:MTP RL 15 HD    UPC:
Extron MTP RL 15HD A w/ Power Supply
Part Number:60-690-01    SKU:19-24879
Model Number:MTP RL 15HD A    UPC:
Extron MTP U T A D WHITE / Universal MTP Twisted Pair Transmitter for VGA, Video, and Audio
Part Number:60-1025-01    SKU:19-14782
Model Number:MTP U T A D WHITE    UPC:
Extron One 3.5 mm Stereo Mini Jack to Solder Tabs AAP Black
Part Number:70-587-11    SKU:19-16445
Model Number:    UPC:
Extron XPA 2003C 600W RMS Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-25497
Model Number:XPA 2003C 70V    UPC:
Extron XTP SR HDMI Scaling Receiver w/ Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-24948
Model Number:XTP SR    UPC:
Fender Frontman 25R Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-27895
Model Number:25R    UPC:
Fisher Studio Standard Stereo Receiver RS-1056
Part Number:    SKU:19-24668
Model Number:RS-1056    UPC:
Fosgate Model Four Digital Servo Logic Surround Processor
Part Number:    SKU:19-22134
Model Number:Model Four    UPC:
Fosgate Model One Digital Servo Logic Surround Processor
Part Number:    SKU:19-28982
Model Number:Model One    UPC:
Fostex X-15 Series II Multitracker Cassette Deck
Part Number:    SKU:19-30116
Model Number:X-15    UPC:
Fusion MS-BB300 Marine Black Box Stereo
Part Number:    SKU:19-27527
Model Number:MS-BB300    UPC:
G.R.A.S. 26CB 1/4" CCP Standard Preamplifier with Microdot Connector
Part Number:    SKU:19-31808
Model Number:26CB    UPC:
G.R.A.S. 40AD 1/2' Prepolarized Pressure Microphone High Sensitivity
Part Number:    SKU:19-31809
Model Number:40AD    UPC:
Gitzo GB0330 Series 0 Aluminum 3 Section Microphone Boom Pole
Part Number:    SKU:19-29052
Model Number:GB0330    UPC:
Growatt 1000 PV Grid Inverter
Part Number:    SKU:19-25802
Model Number:Growatt 1000    UPC:
Grundig Satellit 3400 Professional AM/FM Shortwave Radio
Part Number:    SKU:19-31975
Model Number:Satellit 3400    UPC:
Hamilton W901-MULTI Wireless Headphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-27333
Model Number:W901-MULTI    UPC:
Harman / Kardon AVP1 Digital Servo Logic Surround Processor
Part Number:    SKU:19-31393
Model Number:AVP1    UPC:
Harman / Kardon AVR 335 7.1 Channel Surround Sound Audio/Video Receive
Part Number:    SKU:19-31958
Model Number:AVR 335    UPC:
Harman Kardo HK2000 Cassette Deck
Part Number:    SKU:19-28475
Model Number:HK2000    UPC:
Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Bluetooh Wireless Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30531
Model Number:Onyx Studio    UPC:
Harmon/Kardon Digital Decoder
Part Number:    SKU:19-28690
Model Number:ADP 303    UPC:
Hitachi Stereo Amplifier HA-330
Part Number:    SKU:19-26955
Model Number:HA-330    UPC:
HP 86635A Modulation Section
Part Number:    SKU:19-25202
Model Number:86635A    UPC:
HP Polarizationmeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-32044
Model Number:Polarizationmeter    UPC:
Infinity 902-4962 Midrange Driver for Infinity RS7 Speakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-28288
Model Number:902-4962    UPC:
Infinity RS1 Bookshelf Speakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-24298
Model Number:RS1    UPC:
Innovox NEC57-SPKR Display Mount Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-12804
Model Number:NEC57-SPKR    UPC:
Integra DTR Series Receiver Volume Knob
Part Number:    SKU:19-21633
Model Number:    UPC:
Integra DTR-20.2 AV Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-22932
Model Number:DTR-20.2    UPC:
Integra DTR-70.2 9.2 Channel 140 Watt Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-26519
Model Number:DTR-70.2    UPC:
Intelix DIGI-HD-COAX HDMI over Coax Extender Transmitter
Part Number:    SKU:19-30614
Model Number:DIGI-HD-COAX    UPC:895857001948
iPort IW-21 Digit Media System for iPod
Part Number:    SKU:19-29515
Model Number:IW-21    UPC:
Jabra Evolve 65 HSC018W Stereo Wireless Headset
Part Number:    SKU:19-31770
Model Number:HSC018W    UPC:
Jabra PH5002W Bluetooth Speaker Phone
Part Number:7510-109    SKU:19-29122
Model Number:PH5002W    UPC:
James B Lansing D130F Speaker Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-28417
Model Number:D130F    UPC:
James Loudspeaker EMB-1000 Subwoofer
Part Number:    SKU:19-22242
Model Number:EMB-1000    UPC:
James Loudspeaker Subwoofer Amplifier Remote
Part Number:    SKU:19-23135
Model Number:    UPC:
James QX-1010 Loudspeaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30451
Model Number:QX-1010    UPC:
James QX-520 Loudspeaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30452
Model Number:QX-520    UPC:
James SPL3LCR-AL Loudspeaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30604
Model Number:SPL3LCR-AL    UPC:
Jamo IC 406 FG II Custom 400 Series 2-Way Round In-Ceiling Speaker Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-31043
Model Number:IC406 FG II    UPC:008634002148
JBL 16C/T Ceiling Loudspeaker Single
Part Number:    SKU:19-24929
Model Number:16 C/T    UPC:
JBL 19CS Ceiling Loudspeaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-28835
Model Number:19CS    UPC:
JBL C67HC/T Narrow-Coverage High-Ceiling Premium Pendant Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-15020
Model Number:C67HC/T    UPC:
JBL Control 24CT Micro Background Ceiling Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-31332
Model Number:Control 24CT Micro    UPC:050036904650
JBL Control 25-1 High Output Indoor / Outdoor Background Speakers Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-24930
Model Number:Control 25-1    UPC:
JBL Control 25-1 High Output Indoor / Outdoor Speakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-25298
Model Number:25-1    UPC:
JBL Control 26CT Background/Foreground Ceiling Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-31295
Model Number:26CT    UPC:050036904087
JBL Control 52 Speaker Single
Part Number:    SKU:19-24935
Model Number:Control 52    UPC:
JBL FM82 Speakers Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-31135
Model Number:FM82    UPC:
JBL HTI8 2-Way 8" In-Wall Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-31117
Model Number:HTI8    UPC:
JBL L20T Speaker Crossover - Pair
Part Number:66427-0060    SKU:19-21584
Model Number:    UPC:
JBL SP8 Soundpoint Series 2-Way 8" In-Wall Loudspeakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-31116
Model Number:SP8    UPC:
JBL Studio Monitor 4408 Speakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-31822
Model Number:Studio Monitor 4408    UPC:
Jin Jue JJ-U5501 UHF 550MHz Professional WIreless Microphone System
Part Number:    SKU:19-20226
Model Number:JJ-U5501    UPC:
JL Audio Camaro 10W6 Mini-Stealthbox
Part Number:    SKU:19-31303
Model Number:Camaro 10W6 Mini-Stealthbox    UPC:
JLCooper Electronics Surround Panner
Part Number:    SKU:19-29047
Model Number:Surround Panner    UPC:
JVC AX-R450 Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-28684
Model Number:AX-R450    UPC:
JVC DLA-RS20-U D-ILA Projector
Part Number:    SKU:19-31960
Model Number:DLA-RS20-U    UPC:
JVC KA-HD250U Studio Adapter
Part Number:    SKU:19-30740
Model Number:KA-HD250U    UPC:
JVC RX-D401 Audio / Video Control Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-28712
Model Number:RX-D401    UPC:
Kawai K1 Digital Synthesizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-31343
Model Number:K1    UPC:
KEF Ci200ER Two-way Uni-Q In-Ceiling Round Speaker Single
Part Number:    SKU:19-30797
Model Number:Ci200ER    UPC:637203213472
KEF Electronics Limited Model K2 Celeste MK.II Speakers Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-24867
Model Number:K2 Celeste MK.II    UPC:
Kef K120 IMP 8 Ohms 80W Speaker Pair
Part Number:SP 3132    SKU:19-22735
Model Number:K120    UPC:
Kenwood KR-6050 Knobs Lot of 14
Part Number:    SKU:19-31841
Model Number:    UPC:
Kenwood KR-8140 4 Channel Remote / Preset Stereo Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-21526
Model Number:KR-8140    UPC:
Kenwood KSP-1 Communications Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-26462
Model Number:KSP-1    UPC:
Kenwood KT-7001 Solid State AM-FM Stereo Tuner
Part Number:    SKU:19-28476
Model Number:KT-7001    UPC:
Key Digital HDMI 4X1 4 to 1 HDMI Switcher & Processor
Part Number:    SKU:19-21559
Model Number:HDMI 4X1    UPC:
Klipsch Crossover for Heresy Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-24903
Model Number:    UPC:
Klipsch CS-16C 6.5" 2-WAY In-Ceiling Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-31059
Model Number:CS-16C    UPC:743878030860
Klipsch CS-650-W Wall Mounted Loudspeaker Single
Part Number:    SKU:19-30592
Model Number:CS-650-W    UPC:
Klipsch K-1076-SV SP-1 Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30396
Model Number:K-1076-SV    UPC:
Klipsch RW-12 K-1134-O Speaker Subwoofer Driver
Part Number:K-1134-O    SKU:19-24157
Model Number:    UPC:
Klipsch Synergy C-20 Center Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-28222
Model Number:C-20    UPC:
Knight S-8A Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-28414
Model Number:S-8A    UPC:
Knoll Systems MVP64 Power Amp Controller
Part Number:    SKU:19-22498
Model Number:MVP64    UPC:
Konig & Meyer Mini Boom Stand
Part Number:    SKU:19-28811
Model Number:    UPC:
Korg P3 Piano Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-20641
Model Number:P3    UPC:
Kramer Electronics VS-88A 8x8 Balanced Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher
Part Number:    SKU:19-12016
Model Number:VS-88A    UPC:
Kramer VM-50A 1:5 Audio Distributor
Part Number:    SKU:19-21529
Model Number:VM-50A    UPC:
KRK K-RoK Passive Studio Monitor Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-24166
Model Number:K-RoK    UPC:
Kurzwell K2000R Architecture Synthesis Technology
Part Number:    SKU:19-29649
Model Number:K2000R    UPC:
Lectrosonics LMa Transmitter W/ TR-50 BML+ Microphone and Pelican 1170 Case
Part Number:    SKU:19-28992
Model Number:LMa    UPC:
Legrand Evoq 100 6.5in- Ceiling Speakers (Pair)
Part Number:    SKU:19-31078
Model Number:364764-02-V1    UPC:804428019923
Legrand AU1004-WH lyriQ Flush Mount Single Source Input
Part Number:    SKU:19-31102
Model Number:AU1004-WH    UPC:
Legrand AU7007-WH Digital Audio Global Source Input
Part Number:    SKU:19-31098
Model Number:AU7007-WH    UPC:
Legrand evoQ MS3650 6.5" In-Ceiling Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-31087
Model Number:MS3650    UPC:
Legrand Onq evoQ 1000 6.5" Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-31104
Model Number:evoQ 1000    UPC:
Leviton PJ26-W 1-Gang Decora/GFCI Decora Wallplate, Midway Size, White
Part Number:    SKU:19-14927
Model Number:PJ26-W    UPC:
Lightwave Audio Boompole
Part Number:    SKU:19-30717
Model Number:    UPC:
Linksys by Cisco Home Audio Docking Station for iPod for Conductor / Director DMC250 / DMC350
Part Number:    SKU:19-17202
Model Number:MCCI40    UPC:745883586912
Listen LR-400-072 72 MHZ Portable Display FM Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-29013
Model Number:LR-400-072    UPC:
Listen Technologies LA-326 (Rack Ears for Listen)
Part Number:    SKU:19-14892
Model Number:LA-326    UPC:
Long Ranger 4 Lectrosonics Professional Wiresless 171.045 MHz LRIV
Part Number:    SKU:19-27848
Model Number:4    UPC:
Loud Technologies 1604-VLZ3 Premium MIC / Line Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-31813
Model Number:1604-VLZ3    UPC:
Lowell TLM-600 Impedance Matching Transformer
Part Number:    SKU:19-25447
Model Number:TLM600    UPC:
Lowell UL XCP84S Fire Protective Signaling Speaker Enclosure LOT of 3
Part Number:    SKU:19-25482
Model Number:UL XCP84S    UPC:
Lutron CW-2-BR Claro 2-Gang Wallplate
Part Number:    SKU:19-14983
Model Number:CW-2-BR    UPC:
Lyric Speaker LS8S 8" 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30768
Model Number:LS8S    UPC:
M&K B-1600 Sound Satellite Speakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-28944
Model Number:B-1600    UPC:
M&K Surround-550THX Right Surround Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-24887
Model Number:Surround-550THX    UPC:
M-Audio AV 40 Studiophile Speakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-29020
Model Number:AV 40    UPC:
Mackie Micro Series 1202-VLZ 12-Channel MIC/LINE Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-21381
Model Number:1202-VLZ    UPC:
Marantz MA500U Mono Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-28682
Model Number:MA500U    UPC:
Marantz PM325 Stereo Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31836
Model Number:PM325    UPC:
Marantz PMD551 Double Cassette Deck
Part Number:    SKU:19-29554
Model Number:PMD511    UPC:
Marantz SR-19EX AV Surround Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-28370
Model Number:SR-19EX    UPC:
Marantz SR5003 AV Surround Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-22497
Model Number:SR5003    UPC:
Marantz TR 2242 SB T AM/FM 20 Station Random Preset Memory System Tuner
Part Number:    SKU:19-25898
Model Number:TR 2242 SB    UPC:
Mark of the Unicorn MTPAV Midi Timepiece
Part Number:    SKU:19-30144
Model Number:MTPAV    UPC:
Marshall 1960B Straight Lead Cab 100 Watt 16Ω
Part Number:    SKU:19-31319
Model Number:1960B Straight Lead Cab 100 Watt 16    UPC:
Matrix Audio Mi Series 4
Part Number:    SKU:19-28661
Model Number:MS4.6    UPC:
MB Quart QM210KX Car Speakers Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-31240
Model Number:QM210KX    UPC:
McCurdy ATS-100 Audio Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-28508
Model Number:ATS-100    UPC:
MCS Modular Component Systems 3539 Cassette Tape Deck
Part Number:    SKU:19-30244
Model Number:3539    UPC:
MICMIX Dynafex D-2B A Noise Reduction Sustem
Part Number:    SKU:19-20627
Model Number:D-2B    UPC:
Middle Atlantic 17DP DWR Fan Kit
Part Number:    SKU:19-23826
Model Number:DWR-FK17    UPC:65747093814
Miller & Kreisel MK-G3 Woofer For VX-4 Subwoofer
Part Number:    SKU:19-31967
Model Number:MK-G3    UPC:
Modular Component System 683-6602 6602 Direct Drive Automatic Turntable Record Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-30210
Model Number:683-6602    UPC:
Modular Component Systems 3030 Stereo Frequency Equalizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-30225
Model Number:3030    UPC:
Modulation Sciences Stereo Reference Demodulator SRD-1
Part Number:    SKU:19-22394
Model Number:SRD-1    UPC:
Monitor Audio Vector VW-8 Subwoofer
Part Number:    SKU:19-23679
Model Number:Vector VW-8    UPC:
Motorola Spectra Astro Mobile Radio Microphone / Controller HCN1053A
Part Number:    SKU:19-21892
Model Number:HCN1053A    UPC:
MOTU 828MK2 828 MKII Firewire Audio Interface
Part Number:    SKU:19-31838
Model Number:828MK2    UPC:
MOTU Traveler FireWire Interface
Part Number:    SKU:19-23367
Model Number:Traveler    UPC:
MSB ADD-1 9 Input Audio Director
Part Number:    SKU:19-18666
Model Number:ADD-1    UPC:
MSB PAD-1 Audio Analog-to-Digital Audio Converter
Part Number:    SKU:19-19177
Model Number:PAD-1    UPC:
MTX / Soundcraftsmen MX50 Preamp Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-31961
Model Number:MX50    UPC:
MTX 620W Blueprint Series In-Wall Loudspeaker - Single
Part Number:    SKU:19-30891
Model Number:620W    UPC:
MTX 825C Weather Resistant In Ceiling Loudspeaker - Single
Part Number:    SKU:19-30895
Model Number:825C    UPC:
NAD 314 Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-23353
Model Number:314    UPC:
NAD 317 Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-23260
Model Number:317    UPC:
NAD 515 Multiple Compact Disc Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-23262
Model Number:515    UPC:
Nad 7030 Stereophonic Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-31380
Model Number:7030    UPC:
NAD 705 Stereo Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-23314
Model Number:705    UPC:
Nad 7155 Stereo Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-32042
Model Number:7155    UPC:
NAD 7240PE Power Envelope Stereo Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-28255
Model Number:7240PE    UPC:
Nad C350 Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-26878
Model Number:C 350    UPC:
Nady 1001MK2 VHF Wireless Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-20146
Model Number:1001MK2    UPC:
Nady 1UA-2250 Stereo Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-20253
Model Number:1UA-2250    UPC:
Nady 401 Quad VHF Wireless Microphone System Kit
Part Number:    SKU:19-20300
Model Number:401    UPC:
Nady 401 VHF Wireless System Four Independent Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-20141
Model Number:401    UPC:
Nady 401X Quad 4 Channel VHF Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-20290
Model Number:401X    UPC:
Nady B.E.-2/3C Battery Eliminator
Part Number:    SKU:19-20173
Model Number:B.E.-2/3C    UPC:
Nady CM-2S Stereo Condenser Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-27229
Model Number:CM-2S    UPC:
Nady DKW-1 VHF Wireless Microphone Kit
Part Number:    SKU:19-27182
Model Number:DKW-1    UPC:
Nady DKW-1 VHF Wireless Receiver Kit W/ WHT-14 Mic
Part Number:    SKU:19-20160
Model Number:DKW-1    UPC:
Nady DKW-2 HT/D Wireless Microphone System
Part Number:    SKU:19-20155
Model Number:DKW-2    UPC:634343254587
Nady Encore I VHF Wireless Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-20145
Model Number:Encore I    UPC:
Nady Encore II VHF Wireless Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-20299
Model Number:Encore II    UPC:
Nady HM-35 W/3.5MM Plug (Beige) Single Headset Microphone for Wireless
Part Number:    SKU:19-20164
Model Number:HM-35    UPC:
Nady HM-5U Headmic Headset Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-20166
Model Number:HM-5U    UPC:634343272758
Nady IRW-215 Infrared Wireless System
Part Number:    SKU:19-20301
Model Number:IRW-215    UPC:
Nady IRW-220X IR Infrared Wireless Microphone System
Part Number:    SKU:19-21123
Model Number:IRW-220X    UPC:6343434262438
Nady IRW-2PA Infrared PA System
Part Number:    SKU:19-20313
Model Number:IRW-2PA    UPC:
Nady IRW-HT6X IR Infrared Microphones - Kit of 2
Part Number:    SKU:19-21124
Model Number:IRW-HT6X    UPC:
Nady Lightning Pedal Footswitch
Part Number:    SKU:19-20213
Model Number:    UPC:
Nady M-400 Dynamic Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-20144
Model Number:M-400    UPC:
Nady MWL-1R MIDI Wireless VHF Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-20093
Model Number:MWL-1R    UPC:
Nady RW-3 Four Channel UHF Wireless System Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-27385
Model Number:RW-3    UPC:
Nady SCM 1000 Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-20247
Model Number:SCM 1000    UPC:
Nady SCM 900 UNI Directional Condenser Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-20248
Model Number:SCM 900    UPC:
Nady SRM-12X Mic Line Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-20224
Model Number:SRM-12X    UPC:
Nady Transmitter Mics Microphones Lot of 9
Part Number:    SKU:19-20345
Model Number:    UPC:
Nady U-81 Octavo 8 Channel UHF Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-20227
Model Number:U-81    UPC:
Nady WPM-2U & UHF-3 Wireless Podium Microphone System
Part Number:    SKU:19-27386
Model Number:WPM-2U & UHF-3    UPC:
Nais FP0-C10RS Control Unit w/ 2x FP0-A21 Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-31290
Model Number:FP0-C10RS, FP0-A21    UPC:
Nakamichi 500 Dual Tracer Cassette Deck
Part Number:    SKU:19-28595
Model Number:500    UPC:
Nakamichi AV-10 Audio / Video Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-26406
Model Number:AV-10    UPC:
Nakamichi CA-1 Audio / Video Control Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-21040
Model Number:CA-1    UPC:
Nakamichi MR-1 Discrete Head Professional Cassette Tape Deck
Part Number:    SKU:19-31973
Model Number:MR-1    UPC:
Nakamichi Speaker 1 8 Ohm Speaker Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-28650
Model Number:Speaker 1    UPC:
Network Video Technologies NVT NV-622R Video Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-19641
Model Number:NV-622R    UPC:
Network Video Technologies NVT NV-210T-M Video Transmitter
Part Number:    SKU:19-19644
Model Number:NV-210T-M    UPC:
Network Video Technologies NVT NV-418A Dual Video / Audio Transceiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-19640
Model Number:NV-418A    UPC:
Network Video Technologies NVT NV-642R Video Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-19634
Model Number:NV-642R    UPC:
Neutrik NC*MX 3 PIN Connector 18in Mic Cable Lot of 17
Part Number:    SKU:19-32027
Model Number:    UPC:
Neutrik NC3FXX XLR Cable Connector Female 3 Pole
Part Number:    SKU:19-25197
Model Number:NC3FXX    UPC:
Nevion Network VikinX AudioRouter A1616
Part Number:    SKU:19-16641
Model Number:A1616    UPC:
NHT Model I Speaker System Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-31180
Model Number:Model I    UPC:
Niles A4.6Ci Multizone Audio Preamplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31455
Model Number:A4.6Ci    UPC:
Niles Audio CM730DSFX 7" Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30883
Model Number:CM730DSFX    UPC:
Niles CM710 In-Ceiling Loudspeaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30945
Model Number:CM710    UPC:760514012967
Niles CM730 Loudspeakers Single
Part Number:    SKU:19-30944
Model Number:CM730    UPC:760514012974
Niles CM730DSC 7" Directed Soundfield Center Channel Loudspeaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30948
Model Number:CM730DSC    UPC:760514014831
Niles CM760 7" Two-Way Ceiling Mount Loudspeaker with Pivoting Tweeter Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-29539
Model Number:CM760    UPC:
Niles CM900 Hole Cover 9" Ceiling-Mount Hole Cover
Part Number:    SKU:19-30890
Model Number:CM900 HC    UPC:760514013254
Niles HDL-4 High Definition Speakers Selection System
Part Number:    SKU:19-29544
Model Number:HDL-4    UPC:
Niles IPC-6 Intelligent Power Controller
Part Number:    SKU:19-30355
Model Number:IPC-6    UPC:
Niles MSU140 IR main System Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-21093
Model Number:MSU140    UPC:
Niles SI-1260 Systems Integration Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-29573
Model Number:SI-1260    UPC:
Niles SI-2150 Systems Integration Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-28400
Model Number:SI-2150    UPC:
Niles Solo-4 IR Kit of 4
Part Number:    SKU:19-30898
Model Number:Solo-4 IR    UPC:
Niles ZR-4630 Multizone Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-21830
Model Number:ZR-4630    UPC:
Numark AVM02 Vision Series Professional Audio / Video Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-22879
Model Number:AVM02    UPC:
Numark Matrix 3 Professional 3 Channel Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-29598
Model Number:3    UPC:
Numark MP103USB Professional MP3 USB/CD Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-31370
Model Number:MP103USB    UPC:
Nuvo NV-18GX Concerto Expander Whole Home Audio System
Part Number:    SKU:19-31251
Model Number:NV-18GX    UPC:
NuVo NV-A4 Two Source Four Zone Audio Distribution System
Part Number:    SKU:19-30234
Model Number:NV-A4    UPC:
NUVO NV-AP16C AccentvPLUS1 61/2" in-Ceiling Speaker Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-31071
Model Number:NV-AP16C    UPC:701963850175
Nuvo NV-M3-500 Three Source Music Server
Part Number:NV-M3-500    SKU:19-31268
Model Number:NV-M3    UPC:
Ohm Walsh 4 Speakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-31304
Model Number:Ohm Walsh 4    UPC:
OMS FUS4TISTUDIO5 Opcode Studio 5LX Midi Interface
Part Number:    SKU:19-26503
Model Number:FUS4TISTUDIO5    UPC:
Onkyo A-9555 Integrated Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31448
Model Number:A-9555    UPC:
Onkyo CP-1057F Fully Automatic Turntable
Part Number:    SKU:19-28760
Model Number:CP-1057F    UPC:
Onkyo T-9 Quartz Locked Stereo Tuner
Part Number:    SKU:19-25768
Model Number:T-9    UPC:
Onkyo T-9060 Integra Quartz Synthesized FM Stereo Tuner
Part Number:    SKU:19-28290
Model Number:T-9060    UPC:
Onkyo TX-844 Quartz Synthesized Tuner Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-21583
Model Number:TX-884    UPC:
Onkyo TX-SR805 AV Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-20566
Model Number:TX-SR805    UPC:
OSD Audio ATM-7 Speaker Selector
Part Number:    SKU:19-29837
Model Number:ATM-7    UPC:
OSD Audio MI3 Subwoofer Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31257
Model Number:MI3    UPC:
Panasonic AG-MC200 Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-31812
Model Number:AG-MC200    UPC:
Panasonic ST-363 AM/FM Stereo Synthesizer Tuner
Part Number:    SKU:19-30464
Model Number:ST-363    UPC:
Panasonic SV-3800 Professional Digital Audio Tape Recorder
Part Number:    SKU:19-31831
Model Number:SV-3800    UPC:
Panasonic Time Date Generator WJ-810
Part Number:    SKU:19-23165
Model Number:WJ-810    UPC:
Paradigm Titan Speaker Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-28419
Model Number:Titan    UPC:
Parasound AVC-2500 Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-29583
Model Number:AVC-2500    UPC:
Parasound HCA-2205A High Current Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-29810
Model Number:HCA-2205A    UPC:
Parasound HCA-750A High Current power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-21061
Model Number:HCA-750A    UPC:
Parasound High Current Multi Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-28723
Model Number:HCA-806    UPC:
Pathway Connectivity DMX 8680 Ultimate Converter
Part Number:    SKU:19-25276
Model Number:8680    UPC:
Peavey Automix 2 8 Channel Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-31815
Model Number:Automix 2    UPC:
Peavey Cakewalk StudioMix Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-28463
Model Number:StudioMix    UPC:
Peavey CDS 2 Dual Channel Compressor / Limiter / DE-ESSER
Part Number:    SKU:19-30158
Model Number:CDS 2    UPC:
Peavey Feedback Ferret-D Dual Channel Digital Anti-Feedback System
Part Number:    SKU:19-26818
Model Number:Feedbackferret-D    UPC:
Pelco EM1015U Enclosure Mount
Part Number:    SKU:19-28879
Model Number:EM1015U    UPC:700880014288
Phase Linear 400 Laboratory Standard Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-24832
Model Number:400    UPC:
Phoenix Gold Innovative Home ISM6
Part Number:    SKU:19-23227
Model Number:ISM6    UPC:
PhonicEar StarSound 400 PE 400R Lot of 6
Part Number:    SKU:19-19388
Model Number:PE 400R    UPC:
Pignose Legendary 10" Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-31186
Model Number:    UPC:
Pioneer LD-V8000 Laserdisc Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-26937
Model Number:LD-V8000    UPC:
Pioneer PD-F51 File-Type CD Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-29599
Model Number:PD-F51    UPC:
Pioneer PDR-W839 Compact DISC Recorder / Multi-CD Changer
Part Number:    SKU:19-30554
Model Number:PDR-W839    UPC:
Pioneer PL-530 Direct Drive Full Automatic Stereo Turntable
Part Number:    SKU:19-22533
Model Number:PL-530    UPC:
Pioneer PL-A45D Full Auto Turntable Record Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-31286
Model Number:PL-A45D    UPC:
Pioneer SA-7100 Stereo Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-29660
Model Number:SA-7100    UPC:
Pioneer Solid State Stereo Tuner
Part Number:    SKU:19-28737
Model Number:TX-900    UPC:
Pioneer SP-SB23W Andrew Jones Sound System Subwoofer & Remote Only
Part Number:    SKU:19-28221
Model Number:SP-SB23W    UPC:
Pioneer SX-650 Knobs Lot of 13
Part Number:    SKU:19-31842
Model Number:    UPC:
Pioneer SX-727 Stereo Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-28732
Model Number:SX-727    UPC:
Pioneer SX-790 Stereo Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-27221
Model Number:SX-790    UPC:
Pioneer SX-828 Stereo Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-28404
Model Number:SX-828    UPC:
Pioneer TX-5500II Stereo Tuner
Part Number:    SKU:19-31195
Model Number:TX-5500II    UPC:
Pioneer VSX-82TXS Audio/Video Multi-Channel Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-28437
Model Number:VSX-82TXS    UPC:
Pioneer VSX-92TXH Audio / Video Multi-Channel Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-21573
Model Number:VSX-92TXH    UPC:
Plantronics Blackwire 510 USB Headset
Part Number:    SKU:19-28830
Model Number:510    UPC:
Polk Audio Polk Room Optimizer Remote
Part Number:    SKU:19-29565
Model Number:Room Optimizer    UPC:
Preference K-602 6.5" 2-Way In-Wall Loudspeaker Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-30902
Model Number:K-602    UPC:
Professional Sound Corp DV Audio DV Promix 3
Part Number:    SKU:19-28819
Model Number:DV Promix 3    UPC:
Proton D540 Stereo Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-29605
Model Number:D540    UPC:
PSB CW60R The Custom Sound Series Speakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-30425
Model Number:CW60R    UPC:627523091881
Pulcom / Tokyo Seimitsu E-PU1022A U1000A Flexible Electronic Micrometer 50/60 Hz, 20 VA
Part Number:U1000A    SKU:19-19645
Model Number:E-PU1022A    UPC:
Pyramid Gold Series 4078 Lot of 2
Part Number:    SKU:19-29551
Model Number:4078    UPC:
QSC 3200 Series Three 2 Channel Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-29549
Model Number:3200    UPC:
QSC CX204V Direct 70V Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-24691
Model Number:CX204V    UPC:
QSC ISA 300Ti Professional Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-30738
Model Number:ISA 300Ti    UPC:
Radel Digi60s TAALMALA Digital Programmable
Part Number:    SKU:19-29289
Model Number:Digi60s    UPC:
Radio Design Labs ST-LCR1 Logic Controlled Relay
Part Number:    SKU:19-26318
Model Number:ST-LCR1    UPC:
Radio Shack Omnidirectional Boundary Microphone
Part Number:330-3022    SKU:19-20726
Model Number:33-3022    UPC:040293144470
Rane AC 22B Active Crossover
Part Number:    SKU:19-20629
Model Number:AC 22B    UPC:
Rane AC 23 Active Crossover
Part Number:    SKU:19-30177
Model Number:AC 23    UPC:
Rane AD-22B Audio Delay
Part Number:    SKU:19-23965
Model Number:AD-22B    UPC:
Rane FLV 22 Remote VCA / Limiter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24068
Model Number:FLV 22    UPC:
Rane GQ30 Graphic Equalizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-22454
Model Number:GQ30    UPC:
Rane ME15 2 Channel Graphic Equalizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-25765
Model Number:ME15    UPC:
RBH SA 200 Subwoofer Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-28979
Model Number:SA 200    UPC:
Realistic Radio Shack 40-1016 Woofer for Infinity RS7 Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-28285
Model Number:40-1016    UPC:
REL Acoustics Quake MK2 SE 100 Watt Mosfet SUB-BASS Speaker System
Part Number:    SKU:19-28507
Model Number:MK2 SE    UPC:
Renkus-Heinz P1500 Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-29862
Model Number:P1500    UPC:
ReQuest ArQive Audio Server and Media Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-25249
Model Number:ArQive    UPC:
Revolabs 05-TTCHG Wireless Boundary Microphone Charger
Part Number:    SKU:19-14887
Model Number:05-TTCHG    UPC:
Revolabs Fusion Microphones and Charging Station
Part Number:    SKU:19-22719
Model Number:05-tblmicex-dr-11    UPC:
Revox B760 Digital Synthesizer FM Tuner
Part Number:    SKU:19-24369
Model Number:B760    UPC:
Rogers Sound Lab RSL 902-0536 Tweeter for CG-5
Part Number:902-0536    SKU:19-31280
Model Number:    UPC:
Rogers Sound Lab RSL CG-5 Speaker System
Part Number:    SKU:19-31278
Model Number:CG-5    UPC:
Rolls Mosfet Power Amplifier RA2100B - 2 Channels, 100 Watts
Part Number:    SKU:19-21785
Model Number:RA2100B    UPC:
Rolls RM82 Mic / Line Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-29064
Model Number:RM82    UPC:675889008203
Rotel RB-870 Stereo Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31972
Model Number:RB-870    UPC:
Rotel RB-971 Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31572
Model Number:RB-971    UPC:
Rotel RSP-1066 Surround Sound Processor
Part Number:    SKU:19-20466
Model Number:RSP-1066    UPC:
Rotel RSP-960AX Surround Sound Processor
Part Number:    SKU:19-26410
Model Number:RSP-960AX    UPC:
Rotel RSX-1055 Surround Sound Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-29623
Model Number:RSX-1055    UPC:
Rotel RSX-1067 Surround Sound Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-30459
Model Number:RSX-1067    UPC:
Rotel RX-950AX AM/FM Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-31835
Model Number:RX-950AX    UPC:
Rotel RX-975 AM/FM Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-28331
Model Number:RX-975    UPC:
RTI PCM-8 Port Control Module
Part Number:10-210196-20    SKU:19-29568
Model Number:PCM-8    UPC:
RTS Systems 802 Master Station Version A
Part Number:    SKU:19-28646
Model Number:802    UPC:
Russound 857 Infrared Connecting Block
Part Number:    SKU:19-20536
Model Number:857    UPC:
Russound CA 6.4 6 Zone - 4 Source Central Controller / Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-30057
Model Number:CA 6.4    UPC:
Russound Collage CMM1 Media Manager - Media and Intercom System
Part Number:    SKU:19-30349
Model Number:CMM1    UPC:612934531323
Russound OB-R6G Outback Rock Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30442
Model Number:OB-R6G    UPC:
Russound OB-Solo 2-Way Indoor Outdoor Speaker 10-100W 8 Ohms
Part Number:    SKU:19-30449
Model Number:OB-Solo    UPC:
Russound SP-H8IM 8" Rectangular In-Wall Hi-Fi Series Loudspeaker Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-30450
Model Number:SP-H8IM    UPC:612934120619
Russound SP-M5TT 5.25" Round In-Ceiling Music Series Loudspeaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30410
Model Number:SP-M5TT    UPC:612934120527
Sacom DS80-P-06-C-C-N-U-M915 Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-28948
Model Number:DS80-P-06-C-C-N-U-M915    UPC:
SAE C102 Computer Direct-Line Cassette Deck
Part Number:    SKU:19-29545
Model Number:C102    UPC:
SAE P102 Computer Direct-Line Preamplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-23170
Model Number:P102    UPC:
SAE T102 Computer Direct-Line Digital Tuner
Part Number:    SKU:19-23169
Model Number:T102    UPC:
Samson RX-2A FM Receiver VHF Wireles System
Part Number:    SKU:19-28750
Model Number:RX-2A    UPC:
Samsung BD-P3600 Blu-Ray Disc Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-30465
Model Number:BD-P3600    UPC:
Sansui Solid State 800 AM/FM MPX Stereo Tuner Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31974
Model Number:Solid State 800    UPC:
Sansui Stereo Receiver 661
Part Number:    SKU:19-23078
Model Number:661    UPC:
Scully / Metrotech Servo System Controller
Part Number:    SKU:19-31957
Model Number:    UPC:
Sennheiser MZH 3072 NX Gooseneck Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-27934
Model Number:3072    UPC:
Sherbourn 72100A 7 Channel Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-30528
Model Number:72100A    UPC:
Sherwood AD-2210 CP Integrated Stereo Amp
Part Number:    SKU:19-23878
Model Number:AD-2210 CP    UPC:
Sherwood Newcastle CDC-680T Multiple Compact 5 Disc Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-22494
Model Number:CDC-680T    UPC:
Sherwood R-626 Audio / Video Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-22435
Model Number:R-626    UPC:
Sherwood RV-6030R Stereo A/V Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-23196
Model Number:RV-6030R    UPC:
Shure SC1-CS Transmitter
Part Number:    SKU:19-30706
Model Number:SC1-CS    UPC:
Shure 185 Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-31780
Model Number:    UPC:
Shure DFR11EQ Digital EQ + Feedback Reducer Lot of 2
Part Number:    SKU:19-24160
Model Number:DFR11EQ    UPC:
Shure DFR11EQ Digital Feedback Reducer + EQ
Part Number:    SKU:19-25606
Model Number:DFR11EQ    UPC:
Shure LX1-CV Transmitter 208.200 MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-31778
Model Number:LX1-CV    UPC:
Shure MX393/0 Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone RF Filtering
Part Number:    SKU:19-31542
Model Number:MX393/0    UPC:
Shure P6R-HD Beltpack Receiver Freq 647.525 & 653.375
Part Number:    SKU:19-22460
Model Number:P6R-HD    UPC:
Shure SC4 196.600 MHz Receiver
Part Number:SC4-CP    SKU:19-28231
Model Number:SC4    UPC:
Shure T3-CC Receiver w/ T1GCC Guitarist Transmitter, & WH20 Microphone Headse
Part Number:    SKU:19-31310
Model Number:T3-CC, T1G-CC, WH20    UPC:
Shure ULX1-M1 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter With Microphone 185
Part Number:    SKU:19-28996
Model Number:ULX1-M1    UPC:
Shure VP64A Dynamic Low Z Omnidirectional Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-28942
Model Number:VP64A    UPC:
Shure WA405 Antenna / Power Distribution
Part Number:    SKU:19-28267
Model Number:WA405    UPC:
Shure WL185 Lavalier Mic
Part Number:    SKU:19-25291
Model Number:WL185    UPC:
Sima SSW-L4EX Stereo Speaker Selector
Part Number:52139    SKU:19-28716
Model Number:SSW-L4EX    UPC:
Sirius SUBX1 Satellite Radio Boombox
Part Number:    SKU:19-31759
Model Number:SUBX1    UPC:
Sirius XM XHD2H1 XM Direct Home Tuner
Part Number:    SKU:19-29520
Model Number:XHD2H1    UPC:
Sonab OA14L Speakers Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-26526
Model Number:OA14L    UPC:
Sonance 275 X3 SE 2-Channel Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-28440
Model Number:275 X3 SE    UPC:
Sonance A800 Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-28262
Model Number:A800    UPC:
Sonance Amplifier/Switcher
Part Number:    SKU:19-28675
Model Number:ASAP1    UPC:
Sonance Sonamp 275 SE 2 Channel Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-28645
Model Number:SONAMP 275 SE    UPC:
Sonance Trio Triple Turner
Part Number:    SKU:19-29543
Model Number:    UPC:
Sonance VP62R In-Ceiling Speakers Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-30806
Model Number:VP62R    UPC:041093930126
Sonance VP64R Speaker Single
Part Number:83013    SKU:19-30815
Model Number:VP64R    UPC:
Sonance VP82R Visual Performance 8" Passive 3-Way In Ceiling Speaker Single
Part Number:83016    SKU:19-30807
Model Number:VP82R    UPC:041093830167
Sony C9ESD Compact Disc Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-26817
Model Number:C9ESD    UPC:
Sony CCP-1300 Monaural 16 Times Speed Audio Cassette Duplicator
Part Number:    SKU:19-30048
Model Number:CCP-1300    UPC:
Sony M555ES Mega Storage Compact Disc CD Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-21042
Model Number:M555ES    UPC:
Sony MB-X6 Tuner Base Unit W/ 2X WRU-806B UHF Synthesized Tuner Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-31784
Model Number:MB-X6, WRU-806B    UPC:
Sony MDS-JB930 Minidisc Deck Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-23937
Model Number:MDS-JB930    UPC:
Sony PFA--D100 Digital Audio Distribution Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31837
Model Number:PFA-D100    UPC:
Sony SCD-C333ES Super Audio CD Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-31381
Model Number:SCD-C333ES    UPC:
Sony STR-AV910 FM Stereo / FM-AM Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-22085
Model Number:STR-AV910    UPC:
Sony STR-DE885 Digital Audio / Video Control Center
Part Number:    SKU:19-26509
Model Number:STR-DE885    UPC:
Sony STR-DH800 Multi Channel AV Reciever
Part Number:    SKU:19-24377
Model Number:STR-DH800    UPC:
Sony STR-DN1030 Multi Channel AV Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-23301
Model Number:STR-DN1030    UPC:
Sony STR-KG700 Digital Audio Control Center Digital Cinema Sound
Part Number:    SKU:19-19933
Model Number:STR-KG700    UPC:
Sony TA-DL100 Digital Link Decoder Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-22500
Model Number:TA-DL100    UPC:
Sony TC-850 Reel to Reel Tapecorder
Part Number:    SKU:19-30659
Model Number:TC-850    UPC:
Sony URX-P2 UHF SyntheSized Diversity Tuner
Part Number:    SKU:19-31771
Model Number:URX-P2    UPC:
Sony URX-R1 UHF Synthesized Diversity Tuner
Part Number:    SKU:19-31776
Model Number:URX-R1    UPC:
Sony UTX-B2 UHF Synthesized Transmitter
Part Number:    SKU:19-32048
Model Number:UTX-B2    UPC:
Sorensen DCS80-37M9C Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-23242
Model Number:DCS80-37M96C    UPC:
Soundcraft RW1450 Spirit Folio Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-28749
Model Number:RW1450    UPC:
Soundcraft Spirit FX16 Lexicon Digital Effects Processor 16 Channel Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-31839
Model Number:Spirit FX16    UPC:
Soundcraft Spirit Live 8 Channel Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-20323
Model Number:Spirit8    UPC:
Soundmatters MAINstageHD HiFi Theater Console
Part Number:1P1000007    SKU:19-31851
Model Number:MAINstageHD    UPC:893599000076
Soundmatters SUBstage 100 Flatmagic Active Subwoofer
Part Number:1P1000011    SKU:19-31850
Model Number:Substage 100    UPC:893599000113
Soundtube Entertainment RS800i 8" Coaxial Open-Ceiling Speaker (Black)
Part Number:    SKU:19-26345
Model Number:RS800i    UPC:
Spaun SMS 281F SAT Compact Multisiwtch
Part Number:    SKU:19-30936
Model Number:SMS 281F    UPC:999999172887
Speakercraft AIM Series 8 One In-Ceiling Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30892
Model Number:8 One    UPC:
SpeakerCraft AIM THREE Pivoting In-Ceiling Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30919
Model Number:AIM THREE    UPC:
SpeakerCraft Aim Two In-Ceiling Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30893
Model Number:Aim Two    UPC:
SpeakerCraft ASM20100W A/B Switch
Part Number:    SKU:19-30903
Model Number:ASM20100W    UPC:664254143250
SpeakerCraft BB2125 Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-20608
Model Number:BB2125    UPC:
SpeakerCraft BB275 75 Watt 2 Channel Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-20465
Model Number:BB275    UPC:
SpeakerCraft CRS6 One 6" Custom Round Series Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-30881
Model Number:CRS6 One    UPC:
SpeakerCraft CRS6 ZERO 5-PACK Flush Mount Speaker
Part Number:ASM86601-5    SKU:19-30867
Model Number:CRS6 ZERO 5-PACK    UPC:
SpeakerCraft MKP-6.1 master Keypad with IR ReCeiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-28344
Model Number:MKP-6.1    UPC:
SpeakerCraft V12 250 Woofer For SpeakerCraft Vital Series V12 Subwoofer
Part Number:    SKU:19-28428
Model Number:V12    UPC:
Speco WAT-10W Speaker Volume Control
Part Number:    SKU:19-31111
Model Number:WAT-10W    UPC:030519130516
STAX SRM-1 Driver Unit for Earspeaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-27387
Model Number:SRM-1    UPC:
Stewart Audio PA-50B Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-23767
Model Number:PA-50B    UPC:
Strand Mantrix 2 12 Channel Two Scene Lighting Control Console
Part Number:    SKU:19-18743
Model Number:Mantrix 2    UPC:
Studio Technologies 742 Audio Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-28654
Model Number:742    UPC:
Sunfire Cinema Grand Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-28596
Model Number:Cinema Grand    UPC:
Sunfire True Subwoofer EQ Solitaire 10
Part Number:    SKU:19-24306
Model Number:EQ Solitaire 10    UPC:
Symetrix 402 Dual Output Delay
Part Number:    SKU:19-27708
Model Number:402    UPC:
Symetrix 528E Voice Processor
Part Number:    SKU:19-30715
Model Number:528E    UPC:
SymNet Audio Matrix 8x8 DSP
Part Number:    SKU:19-30705
Model Number:8x8 DSP    UPC:
T.C. G Major Electronic Guitar Processor
Part Number:MAN004    SKU:19-28668
Model Number:G Major    UPC:
Tannoy 8001 7890 Arco Grille Accessory for CMS 603 Speakers, White Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-30353
Model Number:8001 7890    UPC:
Tannoy CVS4 Loudspeakers Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-31306
Model Number:CVS4    UPC:
Tannoy DVS4 Loudspeaker Single
Part Number:    SKU:19-30448
Model Number:DVS4    UPC:
Tannoy PBM 6.5 II Speaker Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-28281
Model Number:PBM 6.5 II    UPC:
Tannoy TEQ660 Speaker Enclosure Metal Black Dual Concentric Ceiling Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-18858
Model Number:TEQ660    UPC:
Tannoy VMB Secur ET Bracket Wall Mounting Plate - White - QTY 2
Part Number:    SKU:19-15438
Model Number:VMB    UPC:
Tapco by Mackie S-5 Active Studio Monitor
Part Number:    SKU:19-31749
Model Number:S-5    UPC:
Tascam 244 Portastudio 4 Track Cassette Recorder
Part Number:    SKU:19-24719
Model Number:244    UPC:
Tascam 488 Portastudio Mixer Recorder
Part Number:    SKU:19-31345
Model Number:488    UPC:
Tascam CD-200iB CD Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-29216
Model Number:CD-200iB    UPC:
Tascam Digital Portastudio 788
Part Number:    SKU:19-24718
Model Number:788    UPC:
Tascam IF-AD/DM ADAT Card
Part Number:91553300-01    SKU:19-29663
Model Number:IF-AD/DM    UPC:
Tascam IF-AN/DM Analog I/O Card
Part Number:91553320-00    SKU:19-29661
Model Number:IF-AN/DM    UPC:
Tascam MD-CD1 CD Player Mini Disc Recorder
Part Number:    SKU:19-27846
Model Number:MD-CD1    UPC:
Tascam Midistudio 688
Part Number:38015292    SKU:19-25290
Model Number:688    UPC:
Tascam US-122MKII USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface
Part Number:    SKU:19-28911
Model Number:US-122MKII    UPC:
Tascam US-144-MKII USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface
Part Number:    SKU:19-22490
Model Number:US-144MKII    UPC:
Teac Model 1 Mixdown Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-31334
Model Number:Model 1 Mixdown Unit    UPC:
Teac Tascam 52 2-Channel Recorder/Reproducer Reel to Reel
Part Number:    SKU:19-27366
Model Number:52    UPC:
Technics SA-DA15 AV Control Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-26500
Model Number:SA-DA15    UPC:
Technics SL-1650 Direct Drive Automatic Turntable System
Part Number:    SKU:19-21088
Model Number:SL-1650    UPC:
Technics SL-M1 Direct Drive Turntable System Record Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-30514
Model Number:SL-M1    UPC:
Tektronix WVR611A Waveform Rastorizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-28842
Model Number:WVR 611A    UPC:
Telex ACC-2000 300047100 Cassette Duplicator & 300047300 Duplicator Slave
Part Number:    SKU:19-27220
Model Number:300047100, 300047300    UPC:
Telex BTR-200 II Wireless Intercom System
Part Number:70683-03    SKU:19-28462
Model Number:BTR-200 II    UPC:
Telex IFB-1000 Belt Pack
Part Number:    SKU:19-31777
Model Number:IFB-1000    UPC:
Terk Pi-B Powered AM/FM Antenna
Part Number:    SKU:19-30896
Model Number:Pi-B    UPC:034405000976
The Wizard FMMA-1 FM Digital Mod Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-25942
Model Number:FMMA-1    UPC:
Thompson VE-1 Vocal Eliminator
Part Number:    SKU:19-31436
Model Number:VE-1    UPC:
TOA 9000 Series Amplifier A-9120DL CU
Part Number:    SKU:19-16128
Model Number:A-9120DL CU    UPC:
TOA BA-260 Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-29830
Model Number:BA-260    UPC:
TOA BG-2120 CU Mixer Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31182
Model Number:BG-2120    UPC:
TOA D-3 Stereo Electronic Music Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-30146
Model Number:D-3    UPC:
Toshiba Mini System SC-M15B Amp, SY-C15 Preamp, ST-F15B Tuner, PC-D10B Cassette Deck
Part Number:    SKU:19-23865
Model Number:System 15/10    UPC:
Totem Tribe Subwoofer Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31305
Model Number:Subwoofer Amplifier    UPC:
Triad 250W RackAMP Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-30475
Model Number:250W RackAMP    UPC:
Triad Bronze OmniSub Subwoofer
Part Number:    SKU:19-26525
Model Number:Bronze OmniSub    UPC:
Triad InWall Bronze/4 Omni Speaker
Part Number:44401-1000-3    SKU:19-30595
Model Number:BRonze/4 Omni    UPC:
Triad Inwall Gold Satellite 8 Ohms Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-28676
Model Number:    UPC:
True Mobility SW71-R Wireless Systems
Part Number:    SKU:19-29062
Model Number:SW71-R    UPC:
Ubiquiti mPort-S mPort Serial
Part Number:    SKU:19-28955
Model Number:mPort-S    UPC:
Ultralink Challenger 2.0 Home Theatre Series Audio Interconnect
Part Number:    SKU:19-30453
Model Number:C2    UPC:
Universal Remote Control Gensis OZ5URCMX-900 Remote
Part Number:    SKU:19-21831
Model Number:OZ5URCMX-900    UPC:
Valentine Research G-Analyst Vehicle Dynamics
Part Number:    SKU:19-30583
Model Number:G-Analyst    UPC:
Velodyne Acoustics DECO Home Theater Speakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-25761
Model Number:DECO    UPC:
Velodyne DLS4000R 12in Speaker Driver Woofer
Part Number:    SKU:19-24176
Model Number:    UPC:
Versa Tronics FQR210F Woofer for Infinity RS7 Speakers
Part Number:    SKU:19-28289
Model Number:FQR210F    UPC:
Vestax PMC-07 Pro Professional Mixing Controller
Part Number:    SKU:19-30167
Model Number:PMC-07 Pro    UPC:
VidPro XM-55 Condenser Shotgun Microphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-28941
Model Number:XM-55    UPC:
WattStopper PW-311 Neutral Sense PIR Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor W/ 0-10V Dimming Control
Part Number:    SKU:19-29641
Model Number:PW-311    UPC:
Wharfadale W70D MK2 12" Speaker Driver - Woofer
Part Number:    SKU:19-21443
Model Number:WNA12/6    UPC:
White Instruments Model 4650 28 Band Equalizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-27704
Model Number:4650    UPC:
Williams R36/T36 Motiva Personal FM
Part Number:    SKU:19-28906
Model Number:R36/T36    UPC:
Williams Sound Corp. BAT KT6 Charger Kit
Part Number:    SKU:19-28904
Model Number:BAT KT6    UPC:
Wireless Sound 180.800MHz Receiver Lot of 8
Part Number:0029    SKU:19-27957
Model Number:    UPC:
Wohler Technologies AMP1A-PLUS Analog Audio Monitor Panel
Part Number:    SKU:19-30707
Model Number:AMP1A-PLUS    UPC:
Xantech RS422232/ RS422 To RS232 Converter
Part Number:    SKU:19-14978
Model Number:RS422232    UPC:
Xtant A3001 Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-23232
Model Number:A3001    UPC:
Yamaha ACRW40 High Level Attenuator For NS-890
Part Number:    SKU:19-31236
Model Number:ACRW40    UPC:
Yamaha ACRW40 Mid Level Attenuator For NS-890
Part Number:    SKU:19-31238
Model Number:    UPC:
Yamaha B-2 Natural Sound Stereo Power-Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-28339
Model Number:B-2    UPC:
Yamaha CDX-470 Natural Sound Compact Disc Player
Part Number:    SKU:19-30217
Model Number:CDX-470    UPC:
Yamaha HTR-5935 Natural Sound AV Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-21812
Model Number:HTR-5935    UPC:
Yamaha K-640 Natural Sound Stereo Cassette Deck
Part Number:    SKU:19-22427
Model Number:K-640    UPC:
Yamaha KX-R430 Natural Sound Stereo Cassette Deck
Part Number:    SKU:19-31950
Model Number:KX-R430    UPC:
Yamaha KX-W282 Stereo Double Cassette Deck
Part Number:    SKU:19-23871
Model Number:KX-W282    UPC:
Yamaha M-35 Natual Sound 2/4 Channel Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-28679
Model Number:M-35    UPC:
Yamaha M-45 Natural Sound Stereo Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31328
Model Number:M-45    UPC:
Yamaha MFC10 Midi Foot Controller
Part Number:    SKU:19-28698
Model Number:MFC10    UPC:
Yamaha MG16/4 Mixing Console
Part Number:    SKU:19-30007
Model Number:MG14/4    UPC:
Yamaha Model F1040 Frequency Dividing Network
Part Number:    SKU:19-26530
Model Number:F1040    UPC:
Yamaha MSR100 Powered Speaker
Part Number:    SKU:19-29602
Model Number:MSR100    UPC:
Yamaha Natural Sound AV Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-28736
Model Number:RX-v1500    UPC:
Yamaha Natural Sound Digital Field Processor
Part Number:    SKU:19-28689
Model Number:DSP-1    UPC:
Yamaha NS Series A-1 Audio Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-28664
Model Number:NS Series A-1    UPC:
Yamaha NS-20T Natural Sound Speaker System Pair
Part Number:    SKU:19-22539
Model Number:NS-20T    UPC:
Yamaha R-9 Natural Sound Stereo Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-28257
Model Number:R-9    UPC:
Yamaha RAV553 Remote Control
Part Number:    SKU:19-31113
Model Number:RAV553    UPC:
Yamaha RX-V1070 Natural Sound Stereo Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-23072
Model Number:RX-V1070    UPC:
Yorkville Elite P160 Professional Balanced Sound Processing System
Part Number:    SKU:19-31954
Model Number:P160    UPC:
Zenith H430 Radio
Part Number:    SKU:19-31188
Model Number:H430    UPC:
Zmodo ZMD-NV-SBN4 Network Video Recorder
Part Number:    SKU:19-31184
Model Number:ZMD-NV-SBN4    UPC:846655006925
Zoom H4n Digital Handy Recorder
Part Number:    SKU:19-28902
Model Number:H4n    UPC: