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Test Equipment
Abacus Advanced Bulk Call Simulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-17657
Model Number:82-00132    UPC:
Acacia Clarinet Book-USB BRI U/S-T
Part Number:    SKU:19-31611
Model Number:Clarinet BRI    UPC:
Acces I/O Products PCI-IDO-48 8 Channel Isolated Solid-State Output Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-25475
Model Number:PCI-IDO-48    UPC:
Acterna ANT-5 BN4565/00.03 SDH Access Tester
Part Number:BN4565/10    SKU:19-33791
Model Number:ANT-5    UPC:
Acterna DTS-200 Digital Broadcast Field Test Tool
Part Number:    SKU:19-22980
Model Number:DTS-200    UPC:
Acterna JDSU ONT-512 12-Slot Mainframe
Part Number:3061-9204.005    SKU:19-25100
Model Number:ONT-512    UPC:
Acterna OLP-57 Fiber Optic Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-25680
Model Number:OLP-57    UPC:
Acterna Wavetek Stealth Sweep CATV Meter 3SR
Part Number:    SKU:19-22457
Model Number:3SR    UPC:
Admit ADS00111 DSL Core Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-08788
Model Number:ADS00111    UPC:
Adrienne Electronics PC-VLTC/RDR LTC/VITC Time Code Reader ISA Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-26941
Advantest R3162 Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz - 8GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-32255
Model Number:R3162    UPC:
Advantest R3463 Modulation Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz to 3GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-26860
Model Number:R3463    UPC:
Aemc 300-24-2-10 AmpFlex Flexible AC Current Probe
Part Number:2112.88    SKU:19-23038
Model Number:300-24-2-10    UPC:685338100280
Aeroflex / Weinschel 10020-352-2-T Programmable Attenuator
Part Number:    SKU:19-32216
Model Number:10020-352-2-T    UPC:
Aeroflex / Weinschel 8310 Series Programmable Attenuator 1-Ch 18GHz 70dB/10dB
Part Number:    SKU:19-32259
Model Number:8310-201-F    UPC:
Aeroflex / Weinschel 8310 Series Programmable Attenuator 1-Ch 2GHz 64.5dB/1dB
Part Number:    SKU:19-32219
Model Number:8310-36-R    UPC:
Aeroflex / Weinschel 8310 Series Programmable Attenuator 1-Ch 3GHz 127dB/1dB
Part Number:    SKU:19-32257
Model Number:8310-35-F-E    UPC:
Aeroflex / Weinschel 8310 Series Programmable Attenuator 2-Ch .25GHz 63.75dB/.25dB
Part Number:    SKU:19-15248
Model Number:8310-37-2-F    UPC:
Aeroflex 7100 Radio Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-18359
Model Number:7100    UPC:
Aeroflex PN9000 Phase Noise Measurement System
Part Number:    SKU:19-24421
Model Number:PN9000    UPC:
Aeroflex PN9000B Phase Noise Measurement System
Part Number:    SKU:19-24400
Model Number:PN9000B    UPC:
Agilent 85025E 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz Coaxial Detector
Part Number:    SKU:19-22694
Model Number:85025E    UPC:
Agilent / HP 54121A DC to 20 GHz, Four Channel Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-17638
Model Number:54121A    UPC:
Agilent 01130-60005 Probe Accessory
Part Number:    SKU:19-27526
Model Number:01130-60005    UPC:
Agilent 01131-62102 Resistive Tip, Blue, 91 Ohm for Differential Browser
Part Number:    SKU:19-27524
Model Number:01131-62102    UPC:
Agilent 01131-85201 and 01130-41101 Probe Tip Adapter (Qty 4 Each)
Part Number:    SKU:19-27535
Model Number:01131-85201 01130-41101    UPC:
Agilent 01131-85202 Probe Tip (QTY 8)
Part Number:    SKU:19-27534
Model Number:01131-85202    UPC:
Agilent 05501-69202 Helium-Neon Gas Laser
Part Number:    SKU:19-21337
Model Number:05501-69202    UPC:
Agilent 10483A 3-State 3.3V Data Pod
Part Number:    SKU:19-32197
Model Number:10483A    UPC:
Agilent 10833A 1M HPIB/GPIB Cable
Part Number:8120-3445    SKU:19-05008
Model Number:10833A    UPC:088609056635
Agilent 1141A 200 MHz 1:1 Differential Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-19023
Model Number:1141A    UPC:
Agilent 1153A 200 MHz Differential Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-34114
Model Number:1153A    UPC:
Agilent 11664B 0.01-26.5Ghz Detector
Part Number:    SKU:19-32694
Model Number:11664B    UPC:
Agilent 1169A 12 GHz InfiniiMax Probe System
Part Number:    SKU:19-33444
Model Number:1169A    UPC:
Agilent 16047D Test Fixture DC 100Hz 40MHZ 40V For LCR Meter Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-29158
Model Number:16047D    UPC:
Agilent 1670G Logic Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-07535
Model Number:1670G    UPC:
Agilent 16754A 4M 600MHz State/4GHz Logic Analyzer Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-12240
Model Number:16754A    UPC:
Agilent 16802A 68-Channel Portable Logic Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-27343
Model Number:16802A    UPC:
Agilent 16902A Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Part Number:    SKU:19-18120
Model Number:16902A    UPC:
Agilent 16902B Logic Analysis System
Part Number:    SKU:19-25844
Model Number:16902B    UPC:
Agilent 16903A Logic Analysis System
Part Number:    SKU:19-19728
Model Number:16903A    UPC:
Agilent 1730B 4 Port 1 & 2 Gb/S Fibre Channel SAN Test Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-22293
Model Number:1730B    UPC:
Agilent 1736A / N5321A 1/2/4/8 Gb/s Fiber Channel Module w/ Protocol Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-15059
Model Number:1736A / N5321A    UPC:
Agilent 17CH Flying Lead Kit
Part Number:    SKU:19-34075
Model Number:E5383-68701    UPC:
Agilent 34906A Dual 4 Channel RF Mux 2 GHz W/ Cables
Part Number:    SKU:19-27724
Model Number:34906A    UPC:
Agilent 44476B Microwave Relay Switch Driver Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-22898
Model Number:44476B    UPC:
Agilent 5351B Microwave Frequency Counter, 500MHz - 26.5GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-29792
Model Number:5351B    UPC:
Agilent 54622A 2-Channel 100 MHz Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-30023
Model Number:54622A    UPC:
Agilent 54832B Infiniium 1GHz 4 GSa/s 4-Channel Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-33258
Model Number:54832B    UPC:
Agilent 54846B Infiniium Oscilloscope 2.25Ghz 8GSa/S
Part Number:    SKU:19-33707
Model Number:54846B    UPC:
Agilent 60503B 240V / 10A, 250W Load
Part Number:    SKU:19-24569
Model Number:60503B    UPC:
Agilent 66104A DC Power Module 0-60V/2.5A
Part Number:    SKU:19-24586
Model Number:66104A    UPC:
Agilent 6645A 0-120V 0-1.5A DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-27325
Model Number:664A    UPC:
Agilent 6674A System DC Power Supply, 2000W, 60V, 35A
Part Number:    SKU:19-08410
Model Number:6674A    UPC:
Agilent 70843B 0.1-12 Gbit/s Pattern Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-27359
Model Number:70843B    UPC:
Agilent 778D-012 Dual Directional 0.1-2.0 GHz Coupler
Part Number:    SKU:19-27193
Model Number:778D-012    UPC:
Agilent 81130A 400/660 MHz Pulse/Patter Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-18119
Model Number:81130A    UPC:
Agilent 8156A Optical Attenuator
Part Number:    SKU:19-01085
Model Number:8156A    UPC:
Agilent 81662A DFB Laser Source - LOT 6 - AS-IS
Part Number:    SKU:19-26913
Model Number:81662A    UPC:
Agilent 81663A DFB Source
Part Number:    SKU:19-26746
Model Number:81663A    UPC:
Agilent 83433A 10Gb/s Lightwave Transmitter
Part Number:    SKU:19-27066
Model Number:83433A    UPC:
Agilent 83434A 10Gb/s Lightwave Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-24552
Model Number:83434A    UPC:
Agilent 83493A Single-Mode Clock Recovery Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-22798
Model Number:83493A    UPC:
Agilent 83494A Single-Mode Clock Recovery Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-08896
Model Number:83494A    UPC:
Agilent 8453 G1103A UV Visible Spectrophotometer
Part Number:G1103A    SKU:19-30488
Model Number:8453    UPC:
Agilent 8481A Frequency Range 10 MHz to 18 GHz Power Sensor
Part Number:    SKU:19-09535
Model Number:8481A    UPC:
Agilent 85025B Detector, 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz, 3.5mm - LOT
Part Number:    SKU:19-26742
Model Number:85025B    UPC:
Agilent 85092C-60005 Electronic Calibration Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-25185
Model Number:85092C-60005    UPC:
Agilent 85101-60263 Security Key
Part Number:    SKU:19-27043
Model Number:85101-60263    UPC:
Agilent 85138A 2.4mm(m) RF DC-50GHz 50 Ohm Termination
Part Number:85138-60002    SKU:19-28378
Model Number:85138A    UPC:
Agilent 8591C Cable TV Spectrum Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-01084
Model Number:8591C    UPC:
Agilent 86060C Lightwave Switch
Part Number:    SKU:19-09960
Model Number:86060C    UPC:
Agilent 86121A WDM Channel Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-25016
Model Number:86121A    UPC:
Agilent 8645A 0.26 - 1030 MHz Frequency-Agile Signal Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-23087
Model Number:8645A    UPC:
Agilent 87204A DC to 4 GHz SP4T Coaxial Switch
Part Number:    SKU:19-24263
Model Number:87204A    UPC:
Agilent 8757D Scalar Network Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-22592
Model Number:8757D    UPC:
Agilent 8760A Dynamic Range Extender
Part Number:    SKU:19-25119
Model Number:8760A    UPC:
Agilent 8760C-K86 Jitter Generation Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-27352
Model Number:8760C-K86    UPC:
Agilent 89440A Vector Signal Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-27637
Model Number:89440A    UPC:
Agilent 89441A Vector Signal Analyzer DC to 2.65 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-10332
Model Number:89441A    UPC:
Agilent 8960 Series 10 Wireless Communications Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-23178
Model Number:E5515C    UPC:
Agilent 89611A 70MHz IF Vector Signal Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-24559
Model Number:89611A    UPC:
Agilent 9290705 HV Radiation Resistant Cable 4 Meter
Part Number:9290705    SKU:19-25242
Model Number:    UPC:
Part Number:    SKU:19-33055
Model Number:DSO6014LT    UPC:
Agilent DSO80804B 8 GHz Infiniium High Performance Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-33677
Model Number:DSO80804B    UPC:
Agilent E1439C 95 MSa/s Digitizer with DSP, Memory and 70MHz IF Input
Part Number:    SKU:19-23148
Model Number:E1439C    UPC:
Agilent E1709A Remote High Performance Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-13226
Model Number:E1709A    UPC:
Agilent E2622A Termination Adapter
Part Number:    SKU:19-32695
Model Number:E2622A    UPC:
Agilent E2675A Differential Browser Kit for InfiniiMax Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-18923
Model Number:E2675A    UPC:
Agilent E2676A InfiniiMax Single-Ended Browser Probe Head
Part Number:    SKU:19-27536
Model Number:E2676A    UPC:
Agilent E2677A InfiniiMax 12 GHz Differential Solder-In Probe Head
Part Number:    SKU:19-22305
Model Number:E2677A    UPC:
Agilent E2697A High Impedance Scope Adadpter
Part Number:    SKU:19-33253
Model Number:E2697A    UPC:
Agilent E3620A 0-25V Dual Output Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-21596
Model Number:E3620A    UPC:
Agilent E3644A 0-8V,8A / 0-20V,4A Benchtop Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-12686
Model Number:E3644A    UPC:
Agilent E4356A Telecom DC Power Supply, 80V 30A
Part Number:    SKU:19-07536
Model Number:E4356A    UPC:
Agilent E4402B ESA-E Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz to 3.0 Ghz
Part Number:    SKU:19-08050
Model Number:E4402B    UPC:
Agilent E4406A 7 MHz to 4 GHz VSA Transmitter Tester
Part Number:ATO-17007    SKU:19-25712
Model Number:E4406A    UPC:
Agilent E4411B Portable Spectrum Analyzer 1MHz - 1.5GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-16860
Model Number:E4411B    UPC:
Agilent E4412A / ECP-18A Power Sensor 10 MHz to 18 GHz
Part Number:ECP-18A    SKU:19-29892
Model Number:E4412A    UPC:
Agilent E5346A High Density Probe Adapter
Part Number:    SKU:19-07534
Model Number:E5346A    UPC:
Agilent E5380A Mictor Probe-Single-ended, with 90-pin Cable Connectors
Part Number:    SKU:19-25053
Model Number:E5380A    UPC:
Agilent E5385A High Density Probe Adapter 100-PIN
Part Number:E5385-60001    SKU:19-26858
Model Number:E5385A    UPC:
Agilent E5849A High Data Rate ZIF Cable, 46 Channel SE ZIF for DDR4 BGA Interposers
Part Number:    SKU:19-32639
Model Number:E5849A    UPC:
Agilent E6621A PXT Wireless Communications Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-32165
Model Number:E6621A    UPC:
Agilent E7316A OC-192c/STM-64C POS VSR-1 Test Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-08515
Model Number:E7316A    UPC:
Agilent E7919B 2-port Gigabit Ethernet XS Test Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-18997
Model Number:E7919B    UPC:
Agilent E8285A CDMA Mobile Station Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-23174
Model Number:E8285A    UPC:
Agilent E8408A VXI Mainframe
Part Number:    SKU:19-08526
Model Number:E8408A    UPC:
Agilent HP 1165A Oscilloscope Miniature Passive Probe, 10:1, 10 Mohm / 10pF
Part Number:    SKU:19-17542
Model Number:1165A    UPC:
Agilent HP 1165A Oscilloscope Miniature Passive Probe, 10:1, 10 Mohm / 10pF
Part Number:    SKU:19-33446
Model Number:1165A    UPC:
Agilent HP 1671A Deep Memory Logic Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-23417
Model Number:1671A    UPC:
Agilent HP 3499A Switch Control System
Part Number:    SKU:19-26457
Model Number:3499A    UPC:
Agilent HP 81104A Pulse Pattern Generator, 80Mhz
Part Number:    SKU:19-12205
Model Number:81104A    UPC:
Agilent Huber+Suhner 54855-61620 Coax Infiniium Test / Calibration Cable SMA Male
Part Number:54855-61620    SKU:19-33230
Model Number:    UPC:
Agilent Infiniium 1Ghz 4 GSa/s Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-02811
Model Number:54835A    UPC:
Agilent Infiniium 54845A 1.5GHz 8GSa/s Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-02327
Model Number:54845A    UPC:
Agilent J1996A VQT Phone Adapter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24541
Model Number:J1996A    UPC:
Agilent J2127A Field Transmission Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-24844
Model Number:J2127A    UPC:
Agilent J7231B OmniBER OTN 10G Jitter Communications Performance Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-10956
Model Number:J7231B    UPC:
Agilent L4445A Microwave Switch /Attenuator Driver
Part Number:    SKU:19-26396
Model Number:L4445A    UPC:
Agilent Logic Analyzer Board Interconnect Cable
Part Number:    SKU:19-18141
Model Number:16754-60002    UPC:
Agilent Logic Analyzer Pod
Part Number:98-0300-0154-3    SKU:19-16730
Model Number:01650-61608    UPC:
Agilent N1738A Aurora Presto ADSL Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-25615
Model Number:N1738A    UPC:
Agilent N2378A Calibration Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-33862
Model Number:N2378A    UPC:
Agilent N2X N5551B 4-Port 1000Base-T 1000BASE-X (SFP) Ethernet XR-2 Test Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-17635
Model Number:N5551B    UPC:
Agilent N3300A DC Electronic Load Mainframe w/ Modules
Part Number:    SKU:19-30942
Model Number:N3300A    UPC:
Agilent N3977A Optical Attenuator
Part Number:    SKU:19-19014
Model Number:N3977A    UPC:
Agilent N4219A Serial ATA Analysis Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-24524
Model Number:N4219A    UPC:
Agilent N4233B Packet Analysis Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-24573
Model Number:N4233B    UPC:
Agilent N4850A 312Mbps Digital Acquisition Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-24681
Model Number:N4850A    UPC:
Agilent N5540A N2X 2-Slot Chassis
Part Number:    SKU:19-08517
Model Number:N5540A    UPC:
Agilent N6733A DC Power Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-24571
Model Number:N6733A    UPC:
Agilent N6743A DC Power Module for N6700 Mainframe
Part Number:    SKU:19-25618
Model Number:N6743A    UPC:
Agilent N6751A High Performance Autoranging DC Power Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-24572
Model Number:N6751A    UPC:
Agilent N9370A Switch Control Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-24210
Model Number:N9370A    UPC:
Agilent OmniBER 719 Communications Performance Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-27501
Model Number:37719C    UPC:
Agilent OmniBER 719 SONET/BER 2.5Gb/s Communications Performance Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-08396
Model Number:37719B    UPC:
Agilent OmniBER OTN-J7232A -SONET, SDH 2.5 Gb/s
Part Number:    SKU:19-08400
Model Number:J7232A    UPC:
Agilent Pod Cable Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-25939
Model Number:    UPC:
Agilent Technologies E6617A Multiport Adapter
Part Number:    SKU:19-29051
Model Number:E6617A    UPC:
Agilent Technologies E7495B L4600A Radio Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-25218
Model Number:E7495B    UPC:
Agilent Technologies L4532A 20 MSa/s Digitizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-25215
Model Number:L4532A    UPC:
Agilent U4324A PCIe 3.0 Flying Lead Solder Down Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-32932
Model Number:U4324A    UPC:
Agilent U85026A Detector 40-60 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-26131
Model Number:U85026A    UPC:
Agilent VQT Network Server
Part Number:    SKU:19-26718
Model Number:J1987A    UPC:
Agilent Z4208B VME Controller Circuit Board
Part Number:A2814    SKU:19-13217
Model Number:Z4208B    UPC:
Agilent Z4208C VME Controller Circuit Board
Part Number:A2801    SKU:19-13218
Model Number:Z4208C    UPC:
Airy Technology P311 Particle Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-23337
Model Number:P311    UPC:
Alcatel CFF 450 Turbo Turbomolecular Pump Controller
Part Number:    SKU:19-32334
Model Number:CFF 450    UPC:
Allen Bradley 22B-D6P0N104 Powerflex 40 AC Drive
Part Number:    SKU:19-10364
Model Number:22B-D6P0N104    UPC:
Ameritec AM2-A Analog Bulk Call Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-21345
Model Number:AM2-A    UPC:
Ameritec AM3-4A 4 Wire Responder
Part Number:    SKU:19-22654
Model Number:AM3-AA    UPC:
Ametek AEI Technologies CD-3A Carbon Dioxide Analyzer & P-61B Sensor
Part Number:    SKU:19-24023
Model Number:CD-3A, P-61B    UPC:
Ametek AEI Technologies R-1 Flow Control 12-0008
Part Number:    SKU:19-24026
Model Number:12-0008    UPC:
Amplifier Research 15W 10kHz - 250Mhz RF Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-29836
Model Number:15A250M3    UPC:
Amplifier Research 4w1000 RF Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-32796
Model Number:4w1000    UPC:
Analog Devices EVAL-ADT7460EB testing board
Part Number:    SKU:19-09084
Model Number:EVAL-ADT7460EB    UPC:
Analog Devices iSensor Evaluation / Development System GS09001 Rev:B & GS09137 Rev:A
Part Number:    SKU:19-22814
Model Number:    UPC:
Analogic Data Precision 2045 Polynomial Waveform Synthesizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-24237
Model Number:2045    UPC:
Analogic DP7040-2 System Chasis W/ 2X DBS 2055
Part Number:    SKU:19-23559
Model Number:DP7040-2    UPC:
Ando / Yokogawa AQ2735 Sensor Unit for Use With AQ2140
Part Number:    SKU:19-10306
Model Number:AQ2735    UPC:
Ando AG-4304 LCR Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-22768
Model Number:AG-4304    UPC:
Ando AQ-2109 OPM Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-24547
Model Number:AQ-2109    UPC:
Ando AQ2200-331 Optical Variable Atteuator Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-26398
Model Number:AQ220-331    UPC:
Ando AQ3150 1200-1650nm 60dB Optical Attenuator
Part Number:    SKU:19-25022
Model Number:AQ3150    UPC:
Anritsu MA2444A 10 MHz - 40 GHz High Accuracy Sensor
Part Number:    SKU:19-26758
Model Number:MA2444A    UPC:
Anritsu MA2473A 10 MHz - 32 GHz Power Sensor
Part Number:    SKU:19-26760
Model Number:MA2473A    UPC:
Anritsu MA4610A RF Sensor
Part Number:    SKU:19-26748
Model Number:MA4610A    UPC:
Anritsu MG655A Synthesized Signal Generator 0.1-1300MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-26854
Model Number:MG655A    UPC:
Anritsu MG9001A Stabilized Optical Light Source
Part Number:    SKU:19-15228
Model Number:MG9001A    UPC:
Anritsu MH932A 1.0-1.6um Optical Wavelength Meter Input Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-24825
Model Number:MH932A    UPC:
Anritsu ML2438A Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-25183
Model Number:ML2438A    UPC:
Anritsu ML422B Selective Level Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-19696
Model Number:ML422B    UPC:
Anritsu ML522F Measuring Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-25182
Model Number:ML522F    UPC:
Anritsu ML9001A Optical Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-15057
Model Number:ML9001A    UPC:
Anritsu MN8141A Combiner Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-25990
Model Number:MN8141A    UPC:
Anritsu MP0121A 2/8/34/139/156M Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-31619
Model Number:MP0121A    UPC:
Anritsu MP1570A Sonet /SDH /PDH/ ATM Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-10990
Model Number:MP1570A    UPC:
Anritsu MP1570A1 SONET SDH PDH ATM Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-18128
Model Number:MP1570A1    UPC:
Anritsu MP1590B Network Performance Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-18615
Model Number:MP1590B    UPC:
Anritsu MP1632A Digital Data Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-31503
Model Number:MP1632A    UPC:
Anritsu MP1632C Digital Data Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-26157
Model Number:MP1632C    UPC:
Anritsu MP1764A Error Detector 0.05-12.5GHz w/ Option 01
Part Number:    SKU:19-17580
Model Number:MP1764A    UPC:
Anritsu MP9615B E/O, O/E Optical to Electrical Converter
Part Number:    SKU:19-15241
Model Number:MP9615B    UPC:
Anritsu MS2781B Signal Analyzer - WiMax
Part Number:    SKU:19-25002
Model Number:MS2781B    UPC:
Anritsu MS8604A Digital Mobile Radio Transmitter Tester 100Hz - 8.5Ghz
Part Number:    SKU:19-25004
Model Number:MS8604A    UPC:
Anritsu MT8801C Radio Communication Analyzer 300kHz-3GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-27421
Model Number:MT8801C    UPC:
Anritsu MT8802A Radio Communication Analyzer 300kHz-3GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-27422
Model Number:MT8802A    UPC:
Anritsu MT8820B Radio Communication Analyzer 30MHz-2.7GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-26329
Model Number:MT8820B    UPC:
Anritsu MU150000A 2.5G/10G Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-31620
Model Number:MU150000A    UPC:
Anritsu SiteMaster S113B Cable Antenna Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-22857
Model Number:S113B    UPC:
Anritsu SiteMaster S312D Spectrum & Cable Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-22853
Model Number:S312D    UPC:
Apcon ACI-2052-E16-4 16 Port Ether Fiber Optic Blade
Part Number:    SKU:19-17631
Model Number:ACI-2052-E16-4    UPC:
Apcon Intellapatch ACI-2052-E16-1 16-Port Ethernet Fiber Optic Blade
Part Number:    SKU:19-17630
Model Number:ACI-2052-E16-1    UPC:
Arca Technologies Emutel Pro ISDN Network Simulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-19856
Model Number:    UPC:
ARO 8560-B Torque Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-19117
Model Number:8560-B    UPC:
Associated Research 3030D Hyamp JR Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-22038
Model Number:3030D    UPC:
ATM P1507D DC - 18.6GHz SMA 60°/GHz Phase Shifter
Part Number:    SKU:19-23206
Model Number:P1507D    UPC:
ATN Microwave ATN-4112A 50MHz-20GHz S-Parameter Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-27024
Model Number:ATN-4112A    UPC:
AVO Biddle Megger 50/100 kV AC Dielectric Test Set Optional Control Panel
Part Number:28715    SKU:19-18322
Model Number:681100-008    UPC:
Axon Instruments AXOCLAMP 2B Current and Voltage Clamp
Part Number:    SKU:19-33796
Model Number:AXOCLAMP 2B    UPC:
Azimuth 16416 Analog Audio to Device Test
Part Number:    SKU:19-08728
Model Number:16416    UPC:
Azimuth Adept WFA Wi-Fi Alliance Test Tool
Part Number:    SKU:19-28300
Model Number:Adept-WFA    UPC:
Azimuth RPE-102 Mini Test Head
Part Number:    SKU:19-27216
Model Number:RPE-102    UPC:
B&B Systems AM-3 Stereoscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-33811
Model Number:AM-3    UPC:
B&K Precision 2530B Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-33256
Model Number:2530B    UPC:
Beckman 449 633899 Potentiometer
Part Number:633899    SKU:19-26362
Model Number:    UPC:
Beckman Coulter 360 Ph/Temp/mV Meter
Part Number:511212    SKU:19-27849
Model Number:360    UPC:
Beckman Coulter 360 Ph/Temp/mV Meter
Part Number:511212    SKU:19-27850
Model Number:360    UPC:
Bell Electronics / Valhalla 3030A Energy Analyzer and Datalogger
Part Number:    SKU:19-26129
Model Number:3030A    UPC:
Bell Howell Postal Systems PCI Board
Part Number:3011-0211-001    SKU:19-05047
Model Number:    UPC:
Berkeley Nucleonics 632 Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-28292
Model Number:632    UPC:
Bird 300-WA Series, 300 Watt 30dB Uni-Directional RF Attenuator
Part Number:    SKU:19-29870
Model Number:300-WA-MFN-30    UPC:
Bird 43 Thruline Watt Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-22865
Model Number:43    UPC:
Bird 5000 Digital Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24531
Model Number:5000    UPC:
Bird 50db 25-1000 Mhz 500W Element
Part Number:    SKU:19-23146
Model Number:50dB    UPC:
Bird 5A 5W 25-60 MHz Element
Part Number:    SKU:19-26788
Model Number:5A    UPC:
Bird 5D 5W 200-500MHz Element
Part Number:    SKU:19-26784
Model Number:5D    UPC:
Bird 684-058555-007 Diagnostic System Receiver
Part Number:684-058555-007    SKU:19-24076
Model Number:    UPC:
Bird 685-058616-001 Diagnostic System Receiver
Part Number:685-058616-001    SKU:19-24077
Model Number:    UPC:
Bird 801-2 800-1000 Mhz 2.5W Element
Part Number:    SKU:19-23144
Model Number:801-2    UPC:
Bird APM-100E Element, 100W, 400-1000Mhz
Part Number:    SKU:19-22866
Model Number:APM-100E    UPC:
Bird APM-10E 400-1000 MHz 10 Watt Element for APM Wattmeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24838
Model Number:APM-10E    UPC:
Bird APM-250E 400-1000Mhz 250W Element for APM Wattmeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-27735
Model Number:APM-250E    UPC:
Bird APM-25E 400-1000Mhz 25W Element for APM Wattmeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-27736
Model Number:APM-25E    UPC:
Bird APM-50E 400-1000Mhz 50W Element for APM Wattmeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-27734
Model Number:APM-50E    UPC:
Bird Element/Slug Lot
Part Number:    SKU:19-23147
Model Number:    UPC:
BK Precision 1651 Triple Output DC Power Supply Test
Part Number:    SKU:19-30084
Model Number:1651    UPC:
BK Precision 1652 Dual Output Power Supply Volts 100, 120, 220, 240, Watts 130
Part Number:    SKU:19-23279
Model Number:1652    UPC:
BK Precision 1760 3 Output DC Power Supply 0-30VDC 0-2A, & 4-6.5VDC 5A
Part Number:    SKU:19-25837
Model Number:1760    UPC:
BK Precision 1807 10MHz-1.3 GHz Frequency Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-23487
Model Number:1807    UPC:
BK Precision 1856A 2.4GHz Frequency Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-23443
Model Number:1856A    UPC:
BK Precision 1856D 3.5GHz Frequency Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-32760
Model Number:1856D    UPC:
BK Precision 2125A 20MHz Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-21736
Model Number:2125A    UPC:
BK Precision 2831A Digital Multimeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-30072
Model Number:2831A    UPC:
BK Precision 2831B Digital Multimeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-30067
Model Number:2831B    UPC:
BK Precision 4017 10Mhz Sweep / Function Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-32155
Model Number:4017    UPC:
BK Precision 815 Handheld Component Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-32158
Model Number:815    UPC:
BK Precision 875B LCR Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-07168
Model Number:875B    UPC:
BK Precision 890 Capacitor Sorting Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-32757
Model Number:890    UPC:
BK Precision PR-28 Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-23682
Model Number:PR-28    UPC:
BK Precision Video Display Tester 490
Part Number:    SKU:19-26977
Model Number:490    UPC:
BMI 8010 PQNode 3-Phase Power Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-23243
Model Number:8010    UPC:
Boonton 42BD Microwattmeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-26797
Model Number:42BD    UPC:
Boonton 4311 Input Board Lot
Part Number:    SKU:19-26799
Model Number:4311    UPC:
Boonton Electronics 91-6C Unterminated BNC Adapter
Part Number:    SKU:19-26979
Model Number:91-6C    UPC:
Boonton Power Sensor Lot of 9
Part Number:    SKU:19-26763
Model Number:    UPC:
BP Microsystems 2 / Actel Silicon Sculptor II Actel Device Programmer
Part Number:Sillicon Sculptor II    SKU:19-27641
Model Number:FF-ACTEL-II    UPC:
Bruel & Kjaer 2516 Integrating Vibration Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24669
Model Number:2516    UPC:
Bruel & Kjaer 4607 Digital Audio Interface
Part Number:    SKU:19-24698
Model Number:4607    UPC:
Bruel + Kajear Type 2012 Audio Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-29525
Model Number:2012    UPC:
Bruel Kjaer 4192 Pressure Field Microphone With 2669 Preamplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-31187
Model Number:4192 + 2669    UPC:
Bruel Kjaer AO-0564 BNC M to SMB F - 3 Meters
Part Number:AO-0564-D-030    SKU:19-31201
Model Number:AO-0564    UPC:
Bruel Kjaer AO-0564 BNC M to SMB F - 5 Meters
Part Number:AO-0564-D-050    SKU:19-31206
Model Number:AO-0564    UPC:
California Instruments 101T Invertron AC Power Source
Part Number:    SKU:19-24602
Model Number:101T-PC-771    UPC:
California Instruments 1301XP AC Power Source
Part Number:    SKU:19-27684
Model Number:1301XP    UPC:
California Instruments 810T Precision Oscillator Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-26734
Model Number:810T-1829-20    UPC:
California Instruments AC Power Source 751TC-PC w/ 848TCM Controller
Part Number:    SKU:19-29161
Model Number:751TC-PC    UPC:
Cambridge Accusense CAFS-220 Range 0.75 - 5 m/s @ 0 -70 Degrees C
Part Number:    SKU:19-23591
Model Number:    UPC:
Cambridge Accusense CAFS-220 Range 150 - 1000 fpm @ 10 - 70 Degrees C
Part Number:    SKU:19-23568
Model Number:    UPC:
CATC USB Chief Bus and Protocol Analyzer Plus Generator Analyzer LeCroy
Part Number:    SKU:19-08495
Model Number:U-CHF-A128    UPC:
Celesco Transducer Indicator CD 25D
Part Number:    SKU:19-12578
Model Number:CD25D    UPC:
Cercis 52 Visual Fault Finder
Part Number:52-S-6311NA    SKU:19-23581
Model Number:52    UPC:
Cercis 520 Laser Light Source
Part Number:    SKU:19-23579
Model Number:520    UPC:
Chroma 19572 Ground Bond Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-31988
Model Number:19572    UPC:
Chroma 19572 Ground Bond Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-32166
Model Number:19572    UPC:
Circadiant A3318 850nm/Electrical OST Interface
Part Number:MIC-3056A/4-2    SKU:19-22958
Model Number:A3318    UPC:
Circadiant A33I8 850nm / Electrical OST Interface
Part Number:    SKU:19-25092
Model Number:A33I8    UPC:
Com-Power SA-512.2 1GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-33805
Model Number:SA-512.2    UPC:
Commonwealth Scientific / Advanced Energy 1000-004-B ID 2501 Ion Beam Drive
Part Number:    SKU:19-27680
Model Number:1000-004-B    UPC:
Commscope QD-PCS-A125_A4-G PCS Quad In-Band Diplexer GB125, A/ADBEFCG Bands with AISG/DC Sense
Part Number:    SKU:19-25231
Model Number:QD-PCS-A125_A4-G    UPC:
Compliance West HT-2000 Dielectric Withstand Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-19584
Model Number:HT-2000    UPC:
Compliance West HT-2800 Hipot / Ground Continuity Tester - Analog
Part Number:    SKU:19-23437
Model Number:HT-2800 - Analog    UPC:
Compliance West HT-2800 Hipot / Ground Continuity Tester - Digital
Part Number:    SKU:19-22407
Model Number:HT-2800 - Digital    UPC:
Compliance West HT-3000 Dielectric Withstand Tester - Analog
Part Number:    SKU:19-23442
Model Number:HT-3000 - Analog    UPC:
Compumotor AT6400 A-Axis Indexer
Part Number:AT6400-AUX1-120V    SKU:19-25514
Model Number:AT6400    UPC:
Compumotor Corp 2100-2-P Indexer
Part Number:    SKU:19-18911
Model Number:2100-2-P    UPC:
Comstron Corporation FS2000 Frequency Synthesizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-24710
Model Number:FS2000    UPC:
Comtech PST AR178238-30 1.7-2.3 GHz Solid State Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-23729
Model Number:AR178238-30    UPC:
Comtech PST AR178238-50 1.7-2.3 GHz / 50 Watt Solid State Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-24809
Model Number:AR178238-50    UPC:
Comtech PST AR85729-5/5759A 850-2000MHz Solid State Amplifier
Part Number:15P15865-01    SKU:19-23730
Model Number:AR85729-5/5759A    UPC:
Conway Engineering DTMF-1000 Line Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-32446
Model Number:DTMF-1000    UPC:
Core Logic Development Test Kit for CLM7700 Multimedia Application Processor
Part Number:    SKU:19-19069
Model Number:CLDTK-M7700-V0.9.3    UPC:
Cornell - Dubilier CDA5 600Volts DC MAX, 220 Volts AC MAX Decade Capacitor
Part Number:    SKU:19-27417
Model Number:CDA5    UPC:
Covidien Genius 2 Checker / Calibrator
Part Number:    SKU:19-32575
Model Number:Genius 2 Checker Calibrator    UPC:
Crane Electronics 30-D 30Nm Torque Tester
Part Number:DTT-528-0-30-0-0    SKU:19-32242
Model Number:Torque Tester 30-D    UPC:
CXR 756A Integrated Digital Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-29244
Model Number:756A    UPC:
Data Communications DCC2484/25T1-S Patch Panel Shielded 24 Port T1 - Used
Part Number:    SKU:19-09530
Model Number:DCC2484/25T1-S    UPC:
Data I/O 29A Universal Programmer
Part Number:    SKU:19-27070
Model Number:990-0029-011    UPC:
Data Transit DR-SCSI-320 Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-27015
Model Number:DR-SCSI-320    UPC:
Dell Optiplex 750 with 845x UV-Visible System Software A.10.01(81)
Part Number:    SKU:19-30489
Model Number:Optiplex 750    UPC:
Delta STS30002SR Automatic Static Switch
Part Number:STS30002SR000A4    SKU:19-20324
Model Number:STS30002SR    UPC:
DiCon GP700 General Purpose Fibeoptic Switch (Small Version)
Part Number:    SKU:19-13281
Model Number:GP700    UPC:
DiCon GP700 General Purpose Fiberoptic Switch
Part Number:    SKU:19-26651
Model Number:GP700    UPC:
DICon GP700 General Purpose Fiberoptic Switch (Large Version )
Part Number:    SKU:19-13280
Model Number:GP700    UPC:
DiCon GP750M Fiber Optic Test Platform
Part Number:97410    SKU:19-15244
Model Number:GP750M    UPC:
DMM Test Lead
Part Number:    SKU:19-19366
Model Number:    UPC:
DMM Test Leads - 50 Pack
Part Number:    SKU:19-19519
Model Number:    UPC:
Dolch Pac 62 Keyboard
Part Number:    SKU:19-33802
Model Number:PAC 62 Keyboard    UPC:
Drager 8314330 Polytron Pyrolyzer
Part Number:8314330    SKU:19-28605
Model Number:    UPC:
Dranetz Remote Monitor Unit 626-RMU-1
Part Number:    SKU:19-27022
Model Number:626-RMU-1    UPC:
Dranetz TR 2010 Current Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-26741
Model Number:TR 2010    UPC:
Dranetz TR-2012 600V 300A Current Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-26743
Model Number:TR-2012    UPC:
Dwyer Magnehelic Pressure Gauge 0-2.5", Max Pressure 15 PSIG W10W MG
Part Number:    SKU:19-12862
Model Number:W10W MG    UPC:
E-C Apparatus Corporation EC 150 Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-21001
Model Number:EC-150    UPC:
ECI Technology TQ703271 Electrode
Part Number:TQ703271    SKU:19-28770
Model Number:    UPC:
Edwards ION Beam HT Power Supply E085-47-000
Part Number:E085-47-000    SKU:19-25811
Model Number:    UPC:
EG&G Brookdeal 9503-SC Sinetrac & True Correlation Precision Lock-in Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-24417
Model Number:9503-SC    UPC:
Eico 377 Audio Generator Sine and Square Wave
Part Number:    SKU:19-33447
Model Number:377    UPC:
EIP 548A Microwave Frequency Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-27058
Model Number:548A    UPC:
EIP 575 Source Locking Microwave Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-22530
Model Number:575    UPC:
EIP 578 Source Locking Microwave Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-22542
Model Number:578    UPC:
Electro-Metrics CIG-25 Impulse Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-26719
Model Number:CIG-25    UPC:
Electrophoresis EPS 3501 XL Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-32193
Model Number:EPS 3501 XL    UPC:
Elenco GF8056 Sweep Function Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-29065
Model Number:GF8056    UPC:
Elenco XK-150 Digital / Analog Trainer
Part Number:    SKU:19-29071
Model Number:XK-150    UPC:
Elgar 400SR Signal Routing Plug-In
Part Number:    SKU:19-26736
Model Number:400SR    UPC:
Elgar 9010TMA Plug-in Programmer
Part Number:    SKU:19-26732
Model Number:9010TMA    UPC:
Elgar 9012A Programmable Power Supply Controller Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-26735
Model Number:9012A    UPC:
Ember EM-ISA3-02 Debug Adapter
Part Number:    SKU:19-33820
Model Number:EM-ISA3-02    UPC:
Ember EM-ISA3-1B6 Debug Adapter
Part Number:    SKU:19-33852
Model Number:EM-ISA3-1B6    UPC:
Ember EM-ISA3-C23 Debug Adapter
Part Number:    SKU:19-33851
Model Number:EM-ISA3-C23    UPC:
Emcore MTR8500 VSR-OC-192 Parallel Array Transponder Module
Part Number:602366    SKU:19-09611
Model Number:MTR8500    UPC:
EMS EMS80-60 Power Supply
Part Number:00473030    SKU:19-23240
Model Number:EMS-8060    UPC:
Energetic Science Series 2000 Toxic Gas Monitor - Carbon Monoxide
Part Number:    SKU:19-28209
Model Number:Series 2000    UPC:
Energetic Science Series 2000 Toxic Gas Monitor - Hydrogen Sulfide
Part Number:    SKU:19-28214
Model Number:Series 2000    UPC:
Energetic Science Series 2000 Toxic Gas Monitor - NO
Part Number:    SKU:19-28210
Model Number:Series 2000    UPC:
ENI 600L RF Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-26731
Model Number:600L    UPC:
ENI 603L RF Power Amplifier 3 Watts 0.8 MHz to 1000 MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-31079
Model Number:603L    UPC:
ENI 604L 4 Watt Linear Broadband RF Amplifier 0.5 - 1000 MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-24682
Model Number:604L    UPC:
ETS HI-4433-HSE 0.5 MHz - 1.5 GHz Isotropic Electric Field Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-13326
Model Number:HI-4433-HSE    UPC:
Eurotherm 2216 Temperature Controller
Part Number:2216/CC/VH/XX/XX/RF/YM/ENG    SKU:19-21697
Model Number:2216    UPC:
Eurotherm 2216 Temperature Controller
Part Number:2216/CC/VH/LH/XX/XX/XX/ENG/    SKU:19-21699
Model Number:2216    UPC:
Eurotherm 2216 Temperature Controller
Part Number:2216/CC/VH/LH/XX/XX/YM/ENG/    SKU:19-21696
Model Number:2216    UPC:
Evoluation board D008661 R/L RSKR32C111-2 R0K564112C00BE
Part Number:D008661 R/L RSKR32C111-2 R0K564112C    SKU:19-08858
Model Number:    UPC:
Evoluation board H8/38602evb01
Part Number:h8/38602evb01    SKU:19-08852
Model Number:    UPC:
Evoluation board M37544G2
Part Number:    SKU:19-08856
Model Number:M37544G2    UPC:
EXFO FLS-210A Fiber Optic Light Source
Part Number:FLS-210A-02BL-EI    SKU:19-24490
Model Number:FLS-210A    UPC:
Exfo FLS-230A-91 Fiberoptic Light Source FLS-230A
Part Number:FLS-230A-91    SKU:19-22256
Model Number:FLS-230A    UPC:
EXFO FLS-235B-1-50 Pocket Pal Visual Fault Locator
Part Number:    SKU:19-24560
Model Number:FLS-235B-1-50    UPC:
Exfo FLS-300-234BL-EI Optical Light Source
Part Number:    SKU:19-24154
Model Number:FLS-300-234BL-EI    UPC:
Exfo FOT-10 Fiber Optic Tester
Part Number:FOT-12X    SKU:19-22254
Model Number:FOT-10    UPC:
EXFO FOT-20 Fiber Optic Tester
Part Number:FOT-22X    SKU:19-08632
Model Number:FOT-20    UPC:
Exfo FOT-20A Quick Reference Fiber Optic Tester
Part Number:FOT-22AX    SKU:19-22253
Model Number:FOT-20A    UPC:
Exfo FVA-60-B-EI Variable Attenuator FVA-60B
Part Number:    SKU:19-25073
Model Number:FVA-60B-B-EI    UPC:
EXFO FVA-600 Portable Optical Variable Attenuator
Part Number:    SKU:19-22686
Model Number:FVA-600    UPC:
Exfo FVA-60B Handheld Optical Attenuator
Part Number:    SKU:19-18234
Model Number:FVA-60B-D-EI    UPC:
EXFO IQ-2400 Series WDM Laser Source Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-15145
Model Number:IQ-2403BLD-23-P4-96    UPC:
EXFO IQS-510E Chassis
Part Number:IQS-510E    SKU:19-25094
Model Number:    UPC:
EXFO Optical Test System IQ-203 W/ IQ-2100, IQ-3200, IQ-1100
Part Number:IQ-203-A3N4I1    SKU:19-22519
Model Number:IQ-203    UPC:
EXFO PM-1100 Optical Power Meter 9 to - 100dBm, 800 to 1700nm
Part Number:PM-1103    SKU:19-22512
Model Number:PM-1100    UPC:
Extech 380193 LCR Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-32236
Model Number:380193    UPC:
Extech 380771 Multimeter Autoranging DMM 1000V
Part Number:    SKU:19-23477
Model Number:38071    UPC:
Extech Handheld Hygro-Thermometer Dew Point
Part Number:    SKU:19-23444
Model Number:444712    UPC:
Extech Multiview 110 Multimeter 1000V
Part Number:    SKU:19-23476
Model Number:Multiview 110    UPC:
F.W. Bell HTG1-0608 Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-27439
Model Number:HTG1-0608    UPC:
F.W. Bell STB4-0404 Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-24767
Model Number:STB4-0404    UPC:
Fagor Interface Automation 8010T CNC Motion Controller
Part Number:    SKU:19-30021
Model Number:8010T    UPC:
Filtronic Comtek CM124-M Antenna Combiner
Part Number:    SKU:19-08633
Model Number:CM124    UPC:
FIS 9052-0000 OV-LS 850nm/1300nm LED Light Source
Part Number:    SKU:19-28766
Model Number:9052-0000 OV-LS    UPC:
FIS OV-TLK Talk Set 9062-0001 1300nm LED
Part Number:Talk Set    SKU:19-09739
Model Number:90261-0001    UPC:
Fluid Conservation Systems Tricorr 2001 Leak Detection System
Part Number:    SKU:19-29179
Model Number:Tricorr 2001    UPC:
Fluke 2190A Digital Thermometer
Part Number:    SKU:19-20170
Model Number:2190A    UPC:
Fluke 2300A 20 Channel Temperature Scanner
Part Number:    SKU:19-20172
Model Number:2300A    UPC:
Fluke 2645/2680-FAI Universal Input Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-24241
Model Number:2645/2680-FAI    UPC:
Fluke 41B-AV Power Harmonics Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-27286
Model Number:41B-AV    UPC:
Fluke 54200 TV Signal Generator
Part Number:54200M01    SKU:19-27207
Model Number:54200    UPC:
Fluke 8024 B Multimeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-22966
Model Number:8024 B    UPC:
Fluke 8050A Digital Multimeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-16857
Model Number:8050A    UPC:
Fluke 80BK-A Type K Integrated Multimeter Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-25935
Model Number:80BK-A    UPC:095969370967
Fluke 80T-H Touch and Hold Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-24621
Model Number:80T-H    UPC:
Fluke DSP-4000 Cable Analyzer & DSP-4000SR Smart Remote w/ Accessories
Part Number:DSP-4000SR    SKU:19-19054
Model Number:DSP-4000    UPC:
Fluke Hydra Series 2625 Data Logger
Part Number:    SKU:19-19585
Model Number:2625    UPC:
Fluke OC3-P1 OC3port Plus Handheld ATM Tester OC3/ATM Network Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-33292
Model Number:OC3-P1    UPC:
Fluke OC3-P1S OC3port Plus Handheld ATM Tester OC3/ATM Network Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-33742
Model Number:OC3-P1S    UPC:
Fluke PV350 Pressure/Vacuum Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-28308
Model Number:PV350    UPC:
Fluke T5-1000 Electrical Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-29010
Model Number:T5-1000    UPC:
FMI 1411 Rotary Attenuator
Part Number:    SKU:19-24712
Model Number:1411    UPC:
FMI Flann Microwave Model 22110 Rotary Attenuator
Part Number:    SKU:19-24498
Model Number:22110    UPC:
FMI Flann Microwave Programmable Rotary Attenuator Model 20611
Part Number:    SKU:19-24507
Model Number:20611    UPC:
FMI Flann Microwave Programmable Rotary Attenuator Model 22610
Part Number:    SKU:19-24506
Model Number:22610    UPC:
Force Incorporated Chassis W/ 5 SpectraLinx L-Band Receiver & 2 2981UC-NN Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-21038
Model Number:2981CD-NN    UPC:
Fowler 53-671-055-0 Gage Block Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-13074
Model Number:53-671-055-0    UPC:646795129542
Foxboro 875PH-A2F-A pH Field Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-32357
Model Number:875PH-A2F-A    UPC:
FuturePlus PCI-X Bus Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-13161
Model Number:FSPCI64E    UPC:
GE VME 7671 605-064676-005 Computer Processor
Part Number:605-064676-005    SKU:19-32103
Model Number:VME 7671    UPC:
General Microwave Automatic Peak Power Meter 490
Part Number:    SKU:19-22589
Model Number:490    UPC:
General Radio 1433-B Decade Resistor General Radio
Part Number:    SKU:19-26162
Model Number:1433-B    UPC:
General Radio 1983 Sound Level Measuring Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-30498
Model Number:1983    UPC:
General Radio Co Decade Resistor 1433-N 10K OHMS
Part Number:1433-N    SKU:19-27416
Model Number:    UPC:
General Radio Co. 650-A Impedance Bridge
Part Number:    SKU:19-23634
Model Number:650-A    UPC:
General Radio Decade Resistor Type 1433-L 100K Ohms
Part Number:    SKU:19-24536
Model Number:1433-L    UPC:
General Radio Decade Resistor Type 1433-U 100 Ohms
Part Number:    SKU:19-24535
Model Number:1433-U    UPC:
GenRad 1657-9600 Banana Plug Extender Cable
Part Number:    SKU:19-27465
Model Number:1657-9600    UPC:
GenRad 1687-9600 Test Fixture
Part Number:    SKU:19-27462
Model Number:1687-9600    UPC:
GenRad 2220 Bug Hound
Part Number:2220-9700    SKU:19-27419
Model Number:2220    UPC:
Giga-tronics 16937 750 MHz - 18.5 GHz Power Detector
Part Number:    SKU:19-27448
Model Number:16937    UPC:
Giga-Tronics 80301A Power Sensor 0.01-18 Ghz
Part Number:    SKU:19-22793
Model Number:80301A    UPC:
Giga-tronics 80401A Power Sensor 0.01 - 18GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-21622
Model Number:80401A    UPC:
Giga-tronics 8541B Universal Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-27376
Model Number:8541B    UPC:
Giga-tronics 8542C Universal Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-27425
Model Number:8542C    UPC:
Gigatronics 8541C Single Channel Universal Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24250
Model Number:8541C    UPC:
Gigatronics 8541C Single Channel Universal Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-32250
Model Number:8541C    UPC:
Gigatronics 8542B Universal Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24252
Model Number:8542B    UPC:
Global Specialties 4001 Pulse Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-34061
Model Number:4001    UPC:
GN Nettest 791 Module, & PK Technology 2X 790, 1X 791 Module Lot of 4
Part Number:    SKU:19-27466
Model Number:791, 790    UPC:
GRAS 12AL 1-Channel CCP Power Module with A-weighting Filter
Part Number:    SKU:19-31174
Model Number:12AL    UPC:
GRAS Ear Simulator IEA AE-1 IEC-60318 Type 1
Part Number:    SKU:19-31178
Model Number:Type 1    UPC:
Guzik RWA2004 & ANA 2004
Part Number:    SKU:19-25816
Model Number:RWA 2004, ANA 2004    UPC:
GW Instek GOS-620 20MHz Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-28816
Model Number:GOS-620    UPC:
GW Instek GPM-8212 AC Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-25795
Model Number:GPM-8212    UPC:
Gw Instek PSM-2010 Programmable Power Supply - Grade D
Part Number:    SKU:19-32189
Model Number:PSM-2010    UPC:
GW Intek GVT-417 1 Channel AC Millivoltmeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-30541
Model Number:GVT-417    UPC:
GW Synthesized Function Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-32154
Model Number:SFG-830    UPC:
Haefely Network ETS-C1
Part Number:    SKU:19-31616
Model Number:ETS-C1    UPC:
Hameg HM 8030-3 Function Generator / HM 8021-3 1 GHz Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-27589
Model Number:HM 8030-3    UPC:
Hastings Gauge P.S. Model 3 6Z 3801
Part Number:    SKU:19-32831
Model Number:Model 3    UPC:
Hewlett Packard 5347A Counter/Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-23524
Model Number:5347A    UPC:
Hewlett Packard 85102B IF Detector Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-23540
Model Number:85102B    UPC:
Hewlett Packard 8904A Multifunction Synthesizer DC-600KHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-23530
Model Number:8904A    UPC:
Hewlett-Packard 08554-60042 Mixer Converter
Part Number:08554-60042    SKU:19-24727
Model Number:Mixer Converter    UPC:
Hewlett-Packard 54645D Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 100 MHz 2+ 16 Channels
Part Number:    SKU:19-07166
Model Number:54645D    UPC:
Hickok Model 123A Tube Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-25166
Model Number:123A    UPC:
Hios HP-100 Digital Torque Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-25071
Model Number:HP-100    UPC:
Hitachi RENSES SH7612 E10A Emulator HS0005KCI02H/1
Part Number:    SKU:19-08851
Model Number:HS0005KCI02H/1    UPC:
Hitachi RENSES SH7612 E10A Emulator HS0005KCI04H/0
Part Number:HS0005KCI04H/0    SKU:19-08848
Model Number:    UPC:
HiTechGlobal FCI Airmax to SMA
Part Number:    SKU:19-13654
Model Number:HTG-AIRMAX-SMA    UPC:
HNU 10.2 eV Probe Photo Ionizer W/ Meter Display
Part Number:    SKU:19-22359
Model Number:10.2 eV    UPC:
HNU 10.2 eV Probe Photo-Ionizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-22357
Model Number:10.2 eV Probe    UPC:
HNU 11.7 eV Probe Photo-Ionizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-22355
Model Number:11.7 eV probe    UPC:
HNU 11.7 eV Probe Photo Ionizer W/ Meter Display
Part Number:    SKU:19-22358
Model Number:11.7 eV    UPC:
Hoefer Scientific Instruments PS500XT DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-23230
Model Number:PS500XT    UPC:
Holaday Industries RF Survey Meter HI-3001A Broadband Exposure Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24479
Model Number:HI-3001A    UPC:
Honeywell 621-9990C IPC 621 I/O Rack
Part Number:    SKU:19-20343
Model Number:6219990C    UPC:
Honeywell 620-0083C Processor Rack Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-20338
Model Number:620-0083C    UPC:
Honeywell 620-1633C Control Processor Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-20334
Model Number:620-1633C    UPC:
Honeywell 621-0009RC Input Simulator Module Lot of 5
Part Number:    SKU:19-20337
Model Number:621-0009RC    UPC:
Honeywell 621-0010RC Analog Output Module Lot of 5
Part Number:    SKU:19-20342
Model Number:621-0010RC    UPC:
Honeywell 621-0022-ARC Isolated Input Module 621-0022-VRC Lot of 6
Part Number:    SKU:19-20341
Model Number:621-0022-ARC    UPC:
Honeywell 621-0024RC Pulse Input Module Lot of 5
Part Number:    SKU:19-20336
Model Number:621-0024RC    UPC:
Honeywell 621-0048 Analog Output Module Lot of 6
Part Number:    SKU:19-20340
Model Number:621-0048    UPC:
Honeywell 621-9934C I/O Rack Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-20339
Model Number:621-9934C    UPC:
Honeywell 621-9937C Parallel I/O Module Lot of 8
Part Number:    SKU:19-20335
Model Number:621-9937C    UPC:
HP / Agilent 6671A 0-8V/0-220A System Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-07438
Model Number:6671A    UPC:
HP / Agilent 16500-61621 Target Control Cable
Part Number:    SKU:19-08899
Model Number:16500-61621    UPC:
HP / Agilent 54601A 4-channel 100 MHz Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-23098
Model Number:54601A    UPC:
HP / Agilent 6890 GC System
Part Number:    SKU:19-06518
Model Number:6890    UPC:
HP / Agilent E3610A 0-8V,0-3A ; 0-15V,0-2A DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-26160
Model Number:E3610A    UPC:
HP 04278-89001 Memory Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-21603
Model Number:04278-89001    UPC:
HP 08561-63041 A14 Frequency Control Board Assembly for 8561E
Part Number:    SKU:19-30788
Model Number:08561-63041    UPC:
HP 08563-60023 A5 IF Filter Assembly for 8561E
Part Number:    SKU:19-30781
Model Number:08563-60023    UPC:
HP 08563-60076 A4 Log Amplifier/Cal Osc for 8561E
Part Number:    SKU:19-30783
Model Number:08563-60076    UPC:
HP 08563-60091 A15 RF Board Standard w/ Sampler 5086-7806 for 8561E
Part Number:    SKU:19-30791
Model Number:08563-60091    UPC:
HP 08563-60098 A3 Interface Assembly for 8561E
Part Number:    SKU:19-30780
Model Number:08563-60098    UPC:
HP 08563-60101 A17 CRT Assembly High Voltage Board for 8561E
Part Number:    SKU:19-30795
Model Number:08563-60101    UPC:
HP 08564-60022 A2 CPU Controller Board Assembly for 8561E
Part Number:    SKU:19-30778
Model Number:08564-60022    UPC:
HP 08753-60007 Pulse Generator Assembly
Part Number:C-2722-45    SKU:19-17725
Model Number:08753-60007    UPC:
HP 08753-60012 Board Assembly
Part Number:    SKU:19-17720
Model Number:08753-60012    UPC:
HP 08753-60013 FN Analog Assembly Board
Part Number:C-2614-45    SKU:19-17719
Model Number:08753-60013    UPC:
HP 10430A 10:1 Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-32702
Model Number:10430A    UPC:
HP 10431A Oscilloscope Probe 10:1 1Mohm 6-9pF
Part Number:    SKU:19-30038
Model Number:10431A    UPC:
HP 10436A Oscilloscope Probe 10:1 10MOhm 11pF
Part Number:    SKU:19-30042
Model Number:10436A    UPC:
HP 10525E Logic Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-26774
Model Number:10525E    UPC:
HP 10526T Logic Pulser
Part Number:    SKU:19-26772
Model Number:10526T    UPC:
HP 11473A Balancing Transformers
Part Number:    SKU:19-27064
Model Number:11473A    UPC:
HP 1152A Active Probe 2.5GHz 10:1 0.6pF 100k ohm
Part Number:    SKU:19-02795
Model Number:1152A    UPC:
HP 11590A Bias Network
Part Number:    SKU:19-26753
Model Number:11590A    UPC:
HP 11602B Transistor Fixture
Part Number:    SKU:19-26780
Model Number:11602B    UPC:
HP 11607-60001 Directional Coupler 0.1-2.0 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-26776
Model Number:11607-60001    UPC:
HP 11664A Detector .01-18 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-19291
Model Number:11664A    UPC:
HP 11665A Modulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-26751
Model Number:11665A    UPC:
HP 11665B Modulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-26767
Model Number:11665B    UPC:
HP 11691D 2-18 GHz Directional Coupler
Part Number:    SKU:19-26749
Model Number:11691D    UPC:
HP 11710B Down Converter
Part Number:    SKU:19-28602
Model Number:11710B    UPC:
HP 11720A Pulse Modulator 2-18 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-22523
Model Number:11720A    UPC:
HP 11729B Carrier Noise Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-27071
Model Number:11729B    UPC:
HP 11729C Carrier Noise Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-24695
Model Number:11729C    UPC:
HP 11748A Active Probe System
Part Number:    SKU:19-17623
Model Number:11748A    UPC:
HP 11757A Multipath Fading Simulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-27172
Model Number:11757A    UPC:
HP 11759B RF Channel Simulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-24648
Model Number:11759B    UPC:
HP 11846B Pi/4 DQPSK I/Q Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-24700
Model Number:11846B    UPC:
HP 11852B Min Loss Pad DC-2.0 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-24451
Model Number:11852B    UPC:
HP 11858A Transistor Fixture Adapter
Part Number:    SKU:19-26779
Model Number:11858A    UPC:
HP 11859B Amplifier Switch
Part Number:    SKU:19-25217
Model Number:11859B    UPC:
HP 11970K Harmonic Mixer 18.0-26.5 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-26754
Model Number:11970K    UPC:
HP 11971K Harmonic Mixer 18.0-26.5 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-26762
Model Number:11971K    UPC:
HP 11980A 1250-1600 nm Fiber Optic Interferometer
Part Number:    SKU:19-24532
Model Number:11980A    UPC:
HP 16344A 1 MHz Phase Standard
Part Number:    SKU:19-24397
Model Number:16344A    UPC:
HP 16500C Logic Analysis System
Part Number:    SKU:19-07429
Model Number:16500C    UPC:
HP 16517-68701 Accessory Kit Master Board
Part Number:16517-68701    SKU:19-23097
Model Number:    UPC:
HP 16517A 16-Channel 4GHz Logic Analyzer Module w/ 4x 16518A
Part Number:    SKU:19-22549
Model Number:16517A / 16518A    UPC:
HP 1660CS 136-Channel 100MHz State/500MHz Benchtop LA
Part Number:    SKU:19-18139
Model Number:1660CS    UPC:
HP 1661AS Logic Analyzer / Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-25221
Model Number:1661AS    UPC:
HP 1661C 102-Channel 100 MHz State/500 MHz Timing Benchtop Logic Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-17656
Model Number:1661C    UPC:
HP 1664A Logic Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-26857
Model Number:1664A    UPC:
HP 16701A Logic Analysis System Expansion Frame
Part Number:    SKU:19-23925
Model Number:16701A    UPC:
HP 16702A Logic Analysis System
Part Number:    SKU:19-07676
Model Number:16702A    UPC:
HP 1672E Logic Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-24458
Model Number:1672E    UPC:
HP 2090-0225 A18V1 6.7in CRT Screen for 8561E 856xE Series
Part Number:    SKU:19-30769
Model Number:2090-0225    UPC:
HP 300 Khz - 3 Ghz High Frequency Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-05927
Model Number:85024A    UPC:
HP 33006A Microwave Switch
Part Number:    SKU:19-22987
Model Number:33006A    UPC:
HP 33016C Microwave Switch
Part Number:    SKU:19-22986
Model Number:33016C    UPC:
HP 33102A Microwave Switch
Part Number:    SKU:19-22989
Model Number:33102A    UPC:
HP 33103A Microwave Switch
Part Number:    SKU:19-22990
Model Number:33103A    UPC:
HP 3312A Function Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-25850
Model Number:3312A    UPC:
HP 33132A Microwave Switch
Part Number:    SKU:19-22988
Model Number:33132A    UPC:
HP 33320H DC-18GHz 11dB Attenuator
Part Number:    SKU:19-26755
Model Number:33320H    UPC:
HP 3335A Synthesizer / Level Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-19852
Model Number:3335A    UPC:
HP 3336A Synthesizer/Level Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-27599
Model Number:3336A    UPC:
HP 3438A Digital Multimeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-29826
Model Number:3438A    UPC:
HP 3457A Multimeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-25219
Model Number:3457A    UPC:
HP 346B Noise Source
Part Number:    SKU:19-22791
Model Number:346B    UPC:
HP 3488A Switch/Control Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-11054
Model Number:3488A    UPC:
HP 3561A Dynamic Signal Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-24264
Model Number:3561A    UPC:
HP 3577A 5Hz - 200MHz Network Analyser
Part Number:    SKU:19-17579
Model Number:3577A    UPC:
HP 3577B Network Analyzer 5Hz - 200MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-32278
Model Number:3577B    UPC:
HP 3580A 5Hz to 50kHz Spectrum Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-24205
Model Number:3580A    UPC:
HP 3585A Spectrum Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-25220
Model Number:3585A    UPC:
HP 3588A 10Hz - 150Mhz Spectrum Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-23531
Model Number:3588A    UPC:
HP 3764A Digital Transmission Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-24492
Model Number:3764A    UPC:
HP 410B Vacuum Tube Voltmeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24407
Model Number:410B    UPC:
HP 4141B DC Source / Monitor
Part Number:    SKU:19-24581
Model Number:4141B    UPC:
HP 4155B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers
Part Number:    SKU:19-19977
Model Number:4155B    UPC:
HP 4194A Network/Spectrum Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-10606
Model Number:4194A    UPC:
HP 41952B Transmission / Reflection Test Set 100 kHz - 500 MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-24452
Model Number:41952B    UPC:
HP 4195A Measurement Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-30106
Model Number:4195A    UPC:
HP 4274A Multi-Frequency LCR Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24582
Model Number:4274A    UPC:
HP 4275A Multi-Frequency LCR Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-22037
Model Number:4275A    UPC:
HP 4278A 1kHz/MHz Capacitance Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24271
Model Number:4278A    UPC:
HP 4280A 1 MHz C Meter / C-V Plotter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24753
Model Number:4280A    UPC:
HP 435B-K05 Dual Power Reference
Part Number:    SKU:19-24548
Model Number:435B-K05    UPC:
HP 436A Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-21872
Model Number:436A    UPC:
HP 437B Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-22984
Model Number:437B    UPC:
HP 437B Power Meter Lots of 2
Part Number:    SKU:19-30012
Model Number:437B    UPC:
HP 438A Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-22520
Model Number:438A    UPC:
HP 44421A 20 Channel Guarded Acquisition Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-27328
Model Number:44421A    UPC:
HP 44478A 1.3 GHz MUX 50 Ohms Multiplexer Module
Part Number:44478-66501    SKU:19-23481
Model Number:44478A    UPC:
HP 448A Slotted Line Sweep Adapter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24606
Model Number:448A    UPC:
HP 461A Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-33966
Model Number:461A    UPC:
HP 476A 200 Ohms Positive Bolometer Mount
Part Number:    SKU:19-26769
Model Number:476A    UPC:
HP 4935A Transmission Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-08789
Model Number:4935A    UPC:
HP 4953A Protocol Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-31793
Model Number:4953A    UPC:
HP 5.5 Digit Bench Multimeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-06991
Model Number:3468A    UPC:
HP 5061-9025 W2 Control Cable Ribbon for 8561E
Part Number:    SKU:19-30846
Model Number:5061-9025    UPC:
HP 5062-4838 W5 LS1 Speaker Assembly W/ Earphone Jack and Volume Potentiometer and Knob for 8561E
Part Number:9160-0282    SKU:19-30847
Model Number:5062-4838    UPC:
HP 5062-7089 A6A1 High Voltage Assembly for CRT 8561E
Part Number:    SKU:19-30844
Model Number:5062-7089    UPC:
HP 5063-0245 A21 OCXO Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator 10.0 MHz w/ W49 W50 for 8561E
Part Number:    SKU:19-30848
Model Number:5063-0245    UPC:
HP 5086-7238 DC Return .01-2.5 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-22991
Model Number:5086-7238    UPC:
HP 5086-7957 A13 Second Converter for 8561E 8560E 8562E 8563E
Part Number:    SKU:19-30829
Model Number:5086-7957    UPC:
HP 5087A Distribution Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-23192
Model Number:5087A    UPC:
HP 5316A Universal Frequency Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-18135
Model Number:5316A    UPC:
HP 53181A Frequency Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-22510
Model Number:53181A    UPC:
HP 5328B Universal Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-22999
Model Number:5328B    UPC:
HP 5334A 100MHz Universal Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-22972
Model Number:5334A    UPC:
HP 5343A Microwave Frequency Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-23209
Model Number:5343A    UPC:
HP 5347A Counter / Power Meter 10 Hz to 20 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-23558
Model Number:5347A    UPC:
HP 5352B Microwave Frequency Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24649
Model Number:5352B    UPC:
HP 5356A 18 GHz Frequency Converter Head
Part Number:    SKU:19-24660
Model Number:5356A    UPC:
HP 5356C 40 GHz Frequency Converter Head
Part Number:    SKU:19-24651
Model Number:5356C    UPC:
HP 5356D 36 to 110 GHz Harmonic Mixer Driver
Part Number:    SKU:19-24652
Model Number:5356D    UPC:
HP 5370B Universal Time Interval Counter 0.1Hz - 100Mhz / 10ns - 10s
Part Number:    SKU:19-21960
Model Number:5370B    UPC:
HP 5373A Modulation Pulse Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-24766
Model Number:5373A    UPC:
HP 5384A Frequency Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-18112
Model Number:5384A    UPC:
HP 54001A Active Probe Pod
Part Number:    SKU:19-25648
Model Number:54001A    UPC:
HP 54003-61617 10:1 1M Ohm 8.0 pF Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-25653
Model Number:54003-61617    UPC:
HP 54003A Probe Pod
Part Number:    SKU:19-24262
Model Number:54003A    UPC:
HP 54120A Digitizing Oscilloscope Mainframe
Part Number:    SKU:19-24743
Model Number:54120A    UPC:
HP 54122A DC to 12.4GHz Four Channel Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-25643
Model Number:54122A    UPC:
HP 54502A 400MHz 400MSa/s 2-Channel Digitizing Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-19026
Model Number:54502A    UPC:
HP 54503A 500 MHz 4-Channel Digitizing Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-19833
Model Number:54503A    UPC:
HP 54540A 4-Channel 2GSa/s - 1GSa/s - 500MSa/s 500MHz Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-22486
Model Number:54540A    UPC:
HP 54600B 100MHz 2-Channel Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-22593
Model Number:54600B    UPC:
HP 54602B Oscilloscope 150 MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-07071
Model Number:54602B    UPC:
HP 54620C 16-Channel 500MSa/s Logic Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-23532
Model Number:54620C    UPC:
HP 58502A Distribution Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-24488
Model Number:58502A    UPC:
HP 58503A GPS Time and Frequency Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-26974
Model Number:58503A    UPC:
HP 58503A GPS Time and Frequency Reference Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-22856
Model Number:58503A    UPC:
HP 58504-60202 GPS Antenna
Part Number:    SKU:19-25190
Model Number:58504-60202    UPC:
HP 6033A 20V, 30A System Autoranging DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-18895
Model Number:6033A    UPC:
HP 6038A-001 System Power Supply Option 001 0-60V / 0-10 200W
Part Number:    SKU:19-18913
Model Number:6038A-001    UPC:
HP 60503B 240V / 10A, 250W Load
Part Number:    SKU:19-24568
Model Number:60503B    UPC:
HP 60507B 150V / 60A, 500W Load
Part Number:    SKU:19-24567
Model Number:60507B    UPC:
HP 6063B DC Electronic Load 0-240V / 0-10A 250W
Part Number:    SKU:19-16613
Model Number:6063B    UPC:
HP 6234A Dual Output DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-34143
Model Number:6234A    UPC:
HP 6236B Triple Output Power Supply 0-6V, 0-2.5A / 0 +- 20V,0-0.5A
Part Number:    SKU:19-22025
Model Number:6236B    UPC:
HP 6543A DC Power Supply 0-35V / 0-6A
Part Number:    SKU:19-27305
Model Number:6543A    UPC:
HP 6621A 2 Output DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-24775
Model Number:6621A    UPC:
HP 6622A 2 Output DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-24777
Model Number:6622A    UPC:
HP 6624A DC Power Supply, Quad-Output
Part Number:    SKU:19-07581
Model Number:6624A    UPC:
HP 6625A 2 Output System DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-24782
Model Number:6625A    UPC:
HP 6626A Quad Output DC Power Supply 0-50V 0-1A, 0-16V 0-2A
Part Number:    SKU:19-27350
Model Number:6626A    UPC:
HP 6628A Dual Output Precision Power Supply 0-16V 0-2A or 0-50V 0-1A
Part Number:    SKU:19-27371
Model Number:6628A    UPC:
HP 66332A 100W Dynamic Measurement DC Source Power Supply 0-20v 0-5A
Part Number:    SKU:19-27326
Model Number:66332A    UPC:
HP 6634A System DC Power Supply 0-100V 0-1A 100W
Part Number:    SKU:19-22552
Model Number:6634A    UPC:
HP 6644A 0-60V 0-3.5A 200 Watt DC System Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-22252
Model Number:6644A    UPC:
HP 6651A System DC Power Supply 0-8V, 0-50A
Part Number:    SKU:19-07538
Model Number:6651A    UPC:
HP 6655A 0-120V 0-4A 480W GPIB DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-18146
Model Number:6655A    UPC:
HP 70100A Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-18863
Model Number:70100A    UPC:
HP 70205A Graphics Display Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-24478
Model Number:70205A    UPC:
HP 70310-60016 Powerpack 40V DC
Part Number:    SKU:19-27372
Model Number:70310-60016    UPC:
HP 70420A Test Set Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-24473
Model Number:70420A    UPC:
HP 70422A Low Noise 18 GHz Microwave Downconverter With 70004A Display
Part Number:    SKU:19-30024
Model Number:70422A / 70004A    UPC:
HP 70600A Preselector Range 0-22 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-24471
Model Number:70600A    UPC:
HP 70611A Switch Attenuator Driver Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-24469
Model Number:70611A    UPC:
HP 70612A Interface Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-24472
Model Number:70612A    UPC:
HP 70612B-K20 Microwave Switch Matrix
Part Number:    SKU:19-26970
Model Number:70612B-K20    UPC:
HP 70612B-K23 SP4T Switch Array Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-24475
Model Number:70612B-K23    UPC:
HP 70810A Lightwave Section 1200-1600nm
Part Number:    SKU:19-27461
Model Number:70810A    UPC:
HP 70820A DC to 40 GHz Microwave Transition Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-24459
Model Number:70820A    UPC:
HP 70841B Pattern Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-26800
Model Number:70841B    UPC:
HP 70842A Error Detector Range 0.1-3 Gbit/s Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-24477
Model Number:70842A    UPC:
HP 778D 0.1-2.0 GHz Dual Directional Coupler
Part Number:    SKU:19-27191
Model Number:778D    UPC:
HP 787D 19.-4.1 GHz Directional Detector
Part Number:    SKU:19-24764
Model Number:787D    UPC:
HP 8011A Pulse Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-31458
Model Number:8011A    UPC:
HP 8082A Pulse Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-28613
Model Number:8082A    UPC:
HP 8116A Pulse/Function Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-26845
Model Number:8116A    UPC:
HP 8120-5682 W1 Power Cable Ribbon for 8561E
Part Number:    SKU:19-30845
Model Number:8120-5682    UPC:
HP 8120-5697 W7 Cable Assembly Ribbon Display/Cal OSC for 8561E
Part Number:    SKU:19-30774
Model Number:8120-5697    UPC:
HP 8131A Pulse Generator 500 MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-24754
Model Number:8131A    UPC:
HP 8151A Optical Pulse Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24711
Model Number:8151A    UPC:
HP 81531A 800-1700nm Power Sensor
Part Number:    SKU:19-26744
Model Number:81531A    UPC:
HP 8153A Lightwave Multimeter Mainframe
Part Number:    SKU:19-22734
Model Number:8153A    UPC:
HP 81554SM 1310/1550nm 9/125um Dual Wavelength Laser Source Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-24677
Model Number:81554SM    UPC:
HP 8175A Digital Signal Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-25640
Model Number:8175A    UPC:
HP 83236B PCS Interface
Part Number:    SKU:19-24694
Model Number:83236B    UPC:
HP 83402B Lightwave Source 300kHZ-6GHz 1300nm SMF, 9/125um
Part Number:    SKU:19-22545
Model Number:83402B    UPC:
HP 83410B Lightwave Receiver 300kHz-3GHz 1300/1550nm
Part Number:    SKU:19-22546
Model Number:83410B    UPC:
HP 83411D Lightwave Receiver, 1300/1550nm, 300kHz - 6GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-26972
Model Number:83411D    UPC:
HP 8341B Synthesized Sweeper
Part Number:    SKU:19-22114
Model Number:8341B    UPC:
HP 83446A LightWave Clock/Data Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-29517
Model Number:83446A    UPC:
HP 83480A Digital Communications Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-11093
Model Number:83480A    UPC:
HP 8349B Microwave Amplifier, 2 to 20 Ghz, 15 dB gain
Part Number:    SKU:19-01910
Model Number:8349B    UPC:
HP 8350B Sweep Oscillator
Part Number:    SKU:19-23239
Model Number:8350B    UPC:
HP 8350B Sweep Oscillator W/ Modules
Part Number:    SKU:19-22979
Model Number:8350B    UPC:
HP 83525A RF PLUG-IN .01-8.4 Ghz
Part Number:    SKU:19-25149
Model Number:83525A    UPC:
HP 8481D Diode Power Sensor
Part Number:    SKU:19-24393
Model Number:8481D    UPC:
HP 8482A Power Sensor
Part Number:    SKU:19-24394
Model Number:8482A    UPC:
HP 8484A 50 Ohm Power Sensor
Part Number:    SKU:19-22792
Model Number:8484A    UPC:
HP 8485D Diode Power Sensor
Part Number:    SKU:19-24395
Model Number:8485D    UPC:
HP 8493C 3DB Attenuator
Part Number:    SKU:19-24638
Model Number:8493C    UPC:
HP 8494A Freq Range DC-4Ghz. 11 dB Attenuator
Part Number:    SKU:19-24253
Model Number:8494A    UPC:
HP 8494G Attenuator / 11dB Freq Range DC-4GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-32234
Model Number:8494G    UPC:
HP 8494H Attenuator / 11dB Freq Range DC-18Ghz
Part Number:    SKU:19-22020
Model Number:8494H    UPC:
HP 8501A Storage-Normalizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-29924
Model Number:8501A    UPC:
HP 85020B 10 MHz - 2.4 GHz Directional Bridge
Part Number:    SKU:19-26747
Model Number:85020B    UPC:
HP 85021B 10 MHz - 26.5 GHz Directional Bridge
Part Number:    SKU:19-22789
Model Number:85021B    UPC:
HP 85025A .01-18 GHz Detector
Part Number:    SKU:19-26756
Model Number:85025A    UPC:
HP 85027E 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz Directional Bridge
Part Number:    SKU:19-22788
Model Number:85027E    UPC:
HP 8502A Transmission/Reflection Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-22864
Model Number:8502A    UPC:
HP 85037B 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz Precision Detector
Part Number:    SKU:19-22695
Model Number:85037B    UPC:
HP 85046-60016 Logic Board
Part Number:A-2934-45    SKU:19-19080
Model Number:85046-60016    UPC:
HP 85051-60007 7mm 50 OHM Airline
Part Number:    SKU:19-24636
Model Number:85051-60007    UPC:
HP 8508A Vector Voltmeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-23600
Model Number:8508A    UPC:
HP 8509B Lightwave Polarization Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-25079
Model Number:8509B    UPC:
HP 85101B Display / Processor
Part Number:    SKU:19-30020
Model Number:85101B    UPC:
HP 8510A Network Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-27688
Model Number:8510A    UPC:
HP 8510B Network Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-25121
Model Number:8510B    UPC:
HP 8510C Network Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-22068
Model Number:8510C    UPC:
HP 85120A K93 Gate/Base Pulser Module with ADC
Part Number:    SKU:19-27362
Model Number:85120A-K93    UPC:
HP 85120A K94 Collector/Drain Pulser Module with ADC
Part Number:    SKU:19-27633
Model Number:85120A K94    UPC:
HP 8512A Reflection / Transmission Test Set 500 MHz - 18 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-24233
Model Number:8512A    UPC:
HP 8513A Reflection / Transmission Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-24619
Model Number:8513A    UPC:
HP 8530A Microwave Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-24650
Model Number:8530A    UPC:
HP 8558B Spectrum Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-25208
Model Number:8558B    UPC:
HP 8561B Spectrum Analyzer 50Hz to 6.5GHz 10-Hz Resolution Bandwidth
Part Number:    SKU:19-13164
Model Number:8561B    UPC:
HP 85630A Transmission Reflection Test Set 300kHz - 2.9GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-30665
Model Number:85630A    UPC:
HP 85662A Spectrum Analyzer Display
Part Number:    SKU:19-25140
Model Number:85662A    UPC:
HP 8567A Spectrum Analyzer 10kHz - 1.5GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-27093
Model Number:8567A    UPC:
HP 85685A RF Preselector 20Hz - 2GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-24626
Model Number:85685A    UPC:
HP 8568B Spectrum Analyzer, 100 Hz to 1500 MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-17696
Model Number:8568B    UPC:
HP 8591A Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz-1.8GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-27348
Model Number:8591A    UPC:
HP 8591E Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz - 1.8 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-06880
Model Number:8591E    UPC:
HP 8592B 9 kHz - 22 Ghz Portable Spectrum Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-25355
Model Number:8592B    UPC:
HP 8593E Portable Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz to 22 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-07446
Model Number:8593E    UPC:
HP 8595E 9 kHz to 6.5 GHz Portable Spectrum Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-32163
Model Number:8595E    UPC:
HP 86200B 50 ohms RF Scalar Detector
Part Number:86200-60008    SKU:19-22759
Model Number:86200B    UPC:
HP 8621B RF Section
Part Number:    SKU:19-21026
Model Number:8621B    UPC:
HP 86240A RF Plug - in 2.0-8.4 GHZ
Part Number:    SKU:19-32074
Model Number:HP 86240A    UPC:
HP 8625A Synthesized RF Sweeper 300 kHz - 3 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-24751
Model Number:8625A    UPC:
HP 86290C RF Plug-in 2.0-18.6 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-32102
Model Number:86290C    UPC:
HP 8644A Synthesized Signal Generator 0.26 - 1030 MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-24822
Model Number:8644A    UPC:
HP 8656B Synthesized Signal Generator 0.1-990MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-10826
Model Number:8656B    UPC:
HP 8660C Synthesized Signal Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-32051
Model Number:8660C    UPC:
HP 86631B Auxiliary Section
Part Number:    SKU:19-25195
Model Number:86631B    UPC:
HP 8663A Synthesized Signal Generator 100 kHz - 2560 MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-28199
Model Number:8663A    UPC:
HP 8684A 5.4Ghz - 12.5GHz Signal Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-29213
Model Number:8684A    UPC:
HP 8702B 300 kHz - 3 GHz Lightwave Component Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-17666
Model Number:8702B    UPC:
HP 87050E Multiport Test Set, 50 Ohm, 8-Port
Part Number:    SKU:19-16946
Model Number:87050E    UPC:
HP 87075B Multi Port Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-25123
Model Number:87075B    UPC:
HP 8712B RF Network Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-18619
Model Number:8712B    UPC:
HP 8713C RF Network Analyzer 300kHz - 3GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-22564
Model Number:8713C    UPC:
HP 8731A Pin Modulator 0.8 - 2.4 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-24656
Model Number:8731A    UPC:
HP 8732B Pin Modulator 1.8 - 4.5 GC
Part Number:    SKU:19-24653
Model Number:8732B    UPC:
HP 8733A Pin Modulator 3.7 - 8.3 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-24654
Model Number:8733A    UPC:
HP 8733B Pin Modulator 3.7 - 8.3 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-24655
Model Number:8733B    UPC:
HP 87510A 100kHz -300MHz Gain Phase Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-26866
Model Number:87510A    UPC:
HP 87512B Transmission / Reflection Test Set DC - 2GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-33795
Model Number:87512B    UPC:
HP 8753B RF Network Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-27436
Model Number:8753B    UPC:
HP 8757A Scalar Network Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-22077
Model Number:8757A    UPC:
HP 8770A Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-29999
Model Number:8770A    UPC:
HP 8780A Vector Signal Generator 10Mhz - 3Ghz
Part Number:    SKU:19-23156
Model Number:8780A    UPC:
HP 8900D Peak Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-22982
Model Number:8900D    UPC:
HP 8901B Modulation Analyzer 150kHz - 1300MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-17655
Model Number:8901B    UPC:
HP 8922G GSM MS Test Set 10-1000Hz
Part Number:    SKU:19-29950
Model Number:8922G    UPC:
HP 89410A DC to 10 MHz Vector Signal Analyzer with W-CDMA Capability
Part Number:    SKU:19-23159
Model Number:89410A    UPC:
HP 89411A 21.4 MHz Down Converter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24699
Model Number:89411A    UPC:
HP 89431A RF Section
Part Number:    SKU:19-25116
Model Number:89431A    UPC:
HP 8970A Noise Figure Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-21735
Model Number:8970A    UPC:
HP 8991A Peak Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-23548
Model Number:8991A    UPC:
HP 940A Frequency Doubler
Part Number:    SKU:19-24401
Model Number:940A    UPC:
HP A1 Front Frame Assembly w/ Keypad, Buttons, CRT Bezel for 8561E
Part Number:08562-60140    SKU:19-30869
Model Number:    UPC:
HP A8 5086-7821 Dual Band Mixer for 8561E
Part Number:    SKU:19-30849
Model Number:5086-7821    UPC:
HP Agilent 11713A Attenuator / Switch Driver
Part Number:    SKU:19-22022
Model Number:11713A    UPC:
HP Agilent 1662AS Digital Logic Analyzer / Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-03842
Model Number:1662AS    UPC:
HP Agilent 16700A Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Part Number:    SKU:19-08541
Model Number:16700A    UPC:
HP Agilent 54002A - 50Ohm 1GHz BNC Input Pod
Part Number:    SKU:19-10152
Model Number:54002A    UPC:
HP Agilent 54845A Infiniium Oscilloscope Service Guide
Part Number:    SKU:19-33697
Model Number:54845-99000    UPC:
HP Agilent 8110A Pulse Pattern Generator 150 MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-07435
Model Number:8110A    UPC:
HP Agilent 8112A 50 MHz Pulse Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-28788
Model Number:8112A    UPC:
HP Agilent 8120-5514 Detector Cable for 871x Series RF Network Analyzer to 86200B
Part Number:    SKU:19-22645
Model Number:8120-5514    UPC:
HP Agilent 85620A Mass Memory Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-24247
Model Number:85620A    UPC:
HP Agilent 8712ET 300kHz - 1300MHz RF Network Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-17641
Model Number:8712ET    UPC:
HP Agilent Pod 4 Data + M Clock with 20 SMD IC Clips
Part Number:5959-9334 / 5090-4356    SKU:19-15497
Model Number:Pod 4 Data + M Clock    UPC:
HP Aglient Pod 4 + M Clock Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-01005
Model Number:    UPC:
HP Delcon 4905A Ultrasonic Translator Detector
Part Number:    SKU:19-34069
Model Number:4905A    UPC:
HP E1401B VXI High Power Mainframe 13 Slot With E1406A, E1679A, E1676B, E1669B SONET/SDH/OPTICAL
Part Number:    SKU:19-10839
Model Number:E1401B    UPC:
HP E1421B 6 Slot Main Frame W/ E1406A Command Module, E1411B 5-1/2 Digit Multimeter, 2X E1476A 64-CH 3 Wire Mux
Part Number:    SKU:19-27213
Model Number:E1421B    UPC:
HP E1562A 7500 Series C DAT and Disk SCSI Module Lot of 2
Part Number:    SKU:19-19962
Model Number:E1562A    UPC:
HP E3631A Triple Output DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-29903
Model Number:E3631A    UPC:
HP E4418A EPM Series Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-10309
Model Number:E4418A    UPC:
HP E6358A DS3port Plus Handheld 44.736 Mb/S ATM Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-11819
Model Number:E6358A    UPC:
HP ECP-E26A 50 MHz - 26.5 GHz CW Power Sensor
Part Number:    SKU:19-22772
Model Number:ECP-E26A    UPC:
HP ESA-L1500A Spectrum Analyzer 9 KHZ -1.5 GHZ
Part Number:ESA-L1500A    SKU:19-30619
Model Number:E4411A    UPC:
HP ET3149 70V 80A 2200W Electronic Load
Part Number:    SKU:19-26867
Model Number:ET3149    UPC:
HP FL1 0955-0703 Low-Pass Filter for 8561E
Part Number:L-1956    SKU:19-30864
Model Number:0955-0703    UPC:
HP FL2 0955-0519 Low-Pass Filter 4.4 GHz w/ W56 W57 Cables for 8561E
Part Number:    SKU:19-30859
Model Number:0955-0519    UPC:
HP H532A Frequency Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24713
Model Number:H532A    UPC:
HP Hewlett Packard Agilent 5350B 20 GHz CW Microwave Frequency Counter
Part Number:    SKU:19-23521
Model Number:5350B    UPC:
HP K532A Frequency Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-24434
Model Number:K532A    UPC:
HP Oscilloscope 54620-61601 Logic Analyzer Probe Cable
Part Number:    SKU:19-30656
Model Number:54620-61601    UPC:
HP R532A Frequency Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-22538
Model Number:R532A    UPC:
HP R8486A Power Sensor
Part Number:    SKU:19-27049
Model Number:R8486A    UPC:
HP R85026A 26.5-40 GHz Detector
Part Number:    SKU:19-27051
Model Number:R85026A    UPC:
HP RF Plug-In Lot of 4 3X 83592A and 1X 83570A
Part Number:    SKU:19-27090
Model Number:83592A, 83570A    UPC:
HP U752D 20 dB Directional Coupler
Part Number:    SKU:19-27044
Model Number:U752D    UPC:
HP/ Agilent Logic Analyzer Adapter (Lot of 5)
Part Number:    SKU:19-33600
Model Number:    UPC:
HP/ Agilent Pod 3 Data L Clock Analyzer Probe Cable
Part Number:    SKU:19-33595
Model Number:Pod 3 Data L Clock    UPC:
HP/ Agilent Pod 4 Data + M Clock Logic Analyzer Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-33594
Model Number:Pod 4 Data + M Clock    UPC:
HP/ Agilent Pod 5 Data + N Clock Logic Analyzer Adapter
Part Number:    SKU:19-33599
Model Number:Pod 5 Data + N Clock    UPC:
HP/Agilent 08920-60409 Memory Board
Part Number:    SKU:19-22956
Model Number:08920-60409    UPC:
HP/Agilent 1161A Miniature Passive Probe, 10:1, 10 MOhm, 1.5 m
Part Number:    SKU:19-02807
Model Number:1161A    UPC:
HP/Agilent 8762A DC to 4 GHZ Coaxial Switch
Part Number:    SKU:19-22970
Model Number:8762A    UPC:
HP/Agilent E3632A 0-15V @ 7A / 0-30V @ 4A DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-16570
Model Number:E3632A    UPC:
HP/Agilent Logic Analyzer Data Pod 1,2,3,4 - NEW
Part Number:    SKU:19-33339
Model Number:    UPC:
HP/Agilent Logic Analyzer Data Pod 1,2,3,4,5,6
Part Number:    SKU:19-01003
Model Number:    UPC:
Hughes 8000H 8010H01R000 Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier - 2 to 4Ghz 10Watt
Part Number:    SKU:19-29758
Model Number:8010H01R000    UPC:
Hughes Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier - 8 to 18Ghz 10W
Part Number:    SKU:19-29827
Model Number:8010H15R000    UPC:
Hukk Engineering CR1200 QAM Monitor
Part Number:    SKU:19-17654
Model Number:CR1200    UPC:
IFI FPMS-L7-2-18G Field Probe Monitoring System
Part Number:    SKU:19-25045
Model Number:FPMS-L7-2-18G    UPC:
IFR / Marconi 2026 10kHz - 2.4Ghz Multisource Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-28298
Model Number:2026    UPC:
IFR 1600CSA Cellular Test Set Adapter
Part Number:    SKU:19-23856
Model Number:1600CSA    UPC:
IneoQuest Singulus G10 S2 Series Video Monitoring, Analysis, Generation and Test Tool
Part Number:    SKU:19-18105
Model Number:Singulus G10    UPC:
InStock Wireless PD1120 Divider/Combiner
Part Number:    SKU:19-25252
Model Number:PD1120    UPC:
Inter-Continental Microwave ICM 25121791 PC Board Lot of 10
Part Number:25121791    SKU:19-27453
Model Number:    UPC:
Inter-Continental Microwave TFP-2075 Test Fixture
Part Number:A0121677    SKU:19-27454
Model Number:TFP-2075    UPC:
Inter-Continental Microwave TFP-2076 Test Fixture
Part Number:A0121676    SKU:19-27455
Model Number:TFP-2076    UPC:
iQfm Litepoint
Part Number:    SKU:19-31493
Model Number:Litepoint    UPC:
Ircon 615C15010000/000 8000 Series Modline Infrared Radiation Thermometer
Part Number:    SKU:19-30019
Model Number:615C15010000/000    UPC:
iSYSTEM ic1000 Power Emulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-23291
Model Number:ic1000    UPC:
IWATSU SS-082R Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-31263
Model Number:SS-082R    UPC:
IXIA 10 Gigabit Ethernet Load Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-07406
Model Number:LM10GE700M1    UPC:
IXIA 10 Gigabit Ethernet Load Module 2-Port LAN 10GBASE-T
Part Number:944-0074    SKU:19-12128
Model Number:LSM10GXM2GBT-01    UPC:
IXIA 400T Traffic Generator / Performance Analyzer Mainframe
Part Number:    SKU:19-21606
Model Number:400T    UPC:
Ixia IXIA250 2 Slot Testing and Monitoring Field Portable Chassis
Part Number:    SKU:19-17643
Model Number:IXIA250    UPC:
Ixia LM-1000SX 2-Port Multi-Mode Multi-Layer 1000SX Gigabit Ethernet Load Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-13617
Model Number:LM-1000SX    UPC:
Ixia LM1000SFPS4 4-Port SFP 1000Mbps Ethernet Load Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-05957
Model Number:LM1000SFPS4    UPC:
Ixia LM1000STX4 4-Port Dual-Phy 10/100/1000 MBPS Ethernet Load Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-29156
Model Number:LM1000STX4    UPC:
Ixia LM1000STXS4-256 Ethernet Load Module 256MB Memory
Part Number:    SKU:19-02253
Model Number:LM1000STXS4-256    UPC:
Ixia LM1000TXS4 4 Port Gigabit Ethernet Load Module
Part Number:850-0064-02-01    SKU:19-05954
Model Number:LM1000TXS4    UPC:
Ixia LM100TX 4 port 10/100Base-TX Ethernet Load Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-16895
Model Number:LM-100TX    UPC:
Ixia LM622MR 2-Port ATM/PACKET over Sonet Load Module w/ (2) OC3OC12PHY-SFP
Part Number:    SKU:19-05256
Model Number:LM622MR    UPC:
IXXAT CANdy-lite HW019417 Port Adapter
Part Number:    SKU:19-23006
Model Number:HW019417    UPC:
IZT Sirius Satellite Radio OFDM Modulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-32117
Model Number:OFDM MOD    UPC:
JD Instruments ATC / PWC Combination Test System
Part Number:    SKU:19-27679
Model Number:    UPC:
JDS Uniphase DWMS1F8A04N01 8-Ch 100GHz WDM Demux with Upgrade
Part Number:    SKU:19-27195
Model Number:DWMS1F8A04N01    UPC:
JDS Uniphase JDSU PE3 PE3050 PMD Emulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-08249
Model Number:PE3+1FP    UPC:
JDS Uniphase OWB10002 Optical Workbench Chassis
Part Number:    SKU:19-25095
Model Number:OWB10002    UPC:
JDS Uniphase SWS-CD Optical Modulator
Part Number:SWS20008    SKU:19-25076
Model Number:SWS-CD    UPC:
JDS Uniphase SWS15106 Mainframe Control Module
Part Number:Uniphase SWS15106    SKU:19-25067
Model Number:    UPC:
JDS Uniphase SWS15107 Detector Module
Part Number:SWS15107    SKU:19-25069
Model Number:    UPC:
JDS Uniphase SWS16103 Dual Band Switch
Part Number:SWS16103    SKU:19-25072
Model Number:    UPC:
JDSU 2 ft RJ11 to alligator clips set Lot of 100
Part Number:    SKU:19-03721
Model Number:TG10    UPC:
JDSU 60in RJ11 to Piercing Alligator Clip Test Leads
Part Number:    SKU:19-19321
Model Number:    UPC:
JDSU Acterna TestPad FST-2000 w/ Fireberd 8000 & FB8000-DPH
Part Number:    SKU:19-27052
Model Number:FST-2000    UPC:
JDSU mUTL-A1 Map Utility Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-26003
Model Number:mUTL-A1    UPC:
JDSU Remote Coax Identifier Mapper 11-20
Part Number:    SKU:19-19364
Model Number:TU9064    UPC:
JDSU Resi-Tester Cable Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-03710
Model Number:TP300    UPC:679364000430
JDSU SmartClass TLS-55C Optical Tunable Laser Source
Part Number:    SKU:19-25679
Model Number:TLS-55C    UPC:
JDSU Speaker Seeker Wiremapping Tester With 20 Remotes - NEW
Part Number:    SKU:19-03673
Model Number:TP400    UPC:679364000607
JDSU SWS20009 SWS-CD Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-25089
Model Number:SWS20009    UPC:
JDSU Test-Um 1-20 RJ45 Remote Identifier Mapper
Part Number:    SKU:19-19434
Model Number:    UPC:
JDSU Wavetek MTS 5100 Media Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-22938
Model Number:MTS 5100    UPC:
Jenco 6308CT Conductivity Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-32670
Model Number:6308CT    UPC:
Kalmus Engineering 121CR Wideband RF Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-30003
Model Number:121CR    UPC:
Kay 432D Attenuator 101dB 50 OHMS DC-1GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-29762
Model Number:432D    UPC:
Keithley 220 105-125V Programmable Current Source
Part Number:    SKU:19-28444
Model Number:220    UPC:
Keithley 228 Voltage / Current Source
Part Number:    SKU:19-24433
Model Number:228    UPC:
Keithley 228A Programmable Current Source
Part Number:    SKU:19-30623
Model Number:228A    UPC:
Keithley 2302 Battery Simulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-28154
Model Number:2302    UPC:
Keithley 236 Source Measure Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-16561
Model Number:236    UPC:
Keithley 2800 Mobile Communication RF Power Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-24647
Model Number:2800    UPC:
Keithley 2810 RF Signal Analyzer 400-2500 MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-24633
Model Number:2810    UPC:
Keithley 3321 LCZ Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-25358
Model Number:3321    UPC:
Keithley 485 Autoranging Picoammeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-18892
Model Number:485    UPC:
Keithley 590 CV Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-33807
Model Number:590    UPC:
Keithley 706 Scanner/Data Logger System
Part Number:    SKU:19-18915
Model Number:706    UPC:
Keithley KUSB-488A USB Interface Adapter
Part Number:194640D-51L    SKU:19-33182
Model Number:KUSB-488A    UPC:
Kensington 25-3700-1125-04 Wafer Robot Assembly
Part Number:25-3700-1125-04    SKU:19-25812
Model Number:    UPC:
Kepco 150-7M Power Supply Variable DC
Part Number:    SKU:19-29538
Model Number:ATE 150-7M    UPC:
Keysight DSOX4104A 1 GHz, 4 Analog Channels Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-33524
Model Number:DSOX4104A    UPC:
Keysight N6752A 0-50V 0-10A 100W High Performance Autoranging DC Power Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-33142
Model Number:N6752A    UPC:
Kikusui 0-110V 0-30A 150W DC Electronic Load
Part Number:    SKU:19-22029
Model Number:PLZ152WA    UPC:
Kikusui Electronics PAK6-60A Regulated DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-23018
Model Number:PAK6-60A    UPC:
Kikusui PAD 16-18L Regulated DC Power Supply 0~16V 18A
Part Number:    SKU:19-23023
Model Number:PAD 16-18L    UPC:
Kikusui PAD 16-50L 0~16V 50A DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-22044
Model Number:PAD 16-50L    UPC:
Kikusui PAD 35-30L 0~35V 30A DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-22041
Model Number:PAD 35-30L    UPC:
Kikusui PLZ 152 WA Electronic Load Tester 150W 0~110V, 0~30A
Part Number:    SKU:19-22039
Model Number:PLZ 152 WA    UPC:
Kikusui PLZ1003W 1.5-200V / 0-200A 1000W Electronic Load
Part Number:    SKU:19-19781
Model Number:PLZ1003W    UPC:
Kikusui TOS 5051 Withstanding Voltage Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-22040
Model Number:TOS 5051    UPC:
KMW PAC-A Portable Antenna Controller
Part Number:    SKU:19-29078
Model Number:PAC-A    UPC:
Konica Minolta CL-200A Chroma Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-20746
Model Number:CL-200A    UPC:
Krohn-Hite 3955 Programmable Dual Channel LP Butterworth Filter 170Hz to 25.6MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-29767
Model Number:3955    UPC:
Lambda 00507203 GEN12.5-120 Power Supply
Part Number:00507203    SKU:19-23567
Model Number:    UPC:
LaserProbe Rm-3700 Universal Radiometer
Part Number:    SKU:19-31716
Model Number:Rm-3700    UPC:
Lauterbach LA-7707 POWER-TRACE-ETH
Part Number:    SKU:19-25797
Model Number:LA-7707    UPC:
Lauterbach Datentechnik Trace 32 ICE Emulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-24260
Model Number:Trace 32    UPC:
Lauterbach Podbus Ethernet / 64MB PC - Lan Ethernet Controller / 100
Part Number:    SKU:19-25798
Model Number:    UPC:
Leader 408 NTSC Pattern Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-31282
Model Number:408    UPC:
Lecroy 7200A Precision Digital Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-26332
Model Number:7200A    UPC:
LeCroy 9100/CP Signal Generator Keypad
Part Number:    SKU:19-26739
Model Number:9100/CP    UPC:
LeCroy 9304A Quad 200MHz Oscilloscope 100MS/s 50Kpts/ch 4-Channel
Part Number:    SKU:19-31768
Model Number:9304A    UPC:
LeCroy 9304C Quad Channel 200 MHz Oscilloscope 100MS/S 50 Kpts / Ch
Part Number:    SKU:19-11068
Model Number:9304C    UPC:
LeCroy 9304M Quad 175MHz 100Ms/s 50 Kpts/ch
Part Number:    SKU:19-31313
Model Number:9304M    UPC:
LeCroy 9314AL Quad 400MHz Digital Oscilloscope 100MS/s 1Mpt/ch
Part Number:    SKU:19-31772
Model Number:9314AL    UPC:
LeCroy 9360 Dual 600 MHz Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-31832
Model Number:9360    UPC:
Lecroy 9374M 1GHz Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-25222
Model Number:9374M    UPC:
LeCroy 9400 Dual 125 MHz Digital Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-26859
Model Number:9400    UPC:
LeCroy DDA 5005A Disk Drive Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-26054
Model Number:DDA-5005A    UPC:
Lecroy LC534AL Digital 1GHz Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-29809
Model Number:LC534AL    UPC:
LeCroy LC534AM 1Ghz Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-18184
Model Number:LC534AM    UPC:
LeCroy LC534L 4 channel 1 GHz 2 GSa/s Digital Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-22258
Model Number:LC534L    UPC:
Lecroy LC574AL DC-1GHz 4ch 8MW 4 GS/s Digital Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-29811
Model Number:LC574AL    UPC:
LeCroy LC684DXL Digital Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-25654
Model Number:LC684DXL    UPC:
LeCroy LW420A 6kHz to 400MHz 2 Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-18122
Model Number:LW420A    UPC:
LeCroy LW420B 400 Ms/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Dual Channel
Part Number:    SKU:19-24739
Model Number:LW420B    UPC:
LeCroy MS-32 Digital Logic Pod W/ 902717-00 Oscilloscope Interface Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-32241
Model Number:MS-32 Digital Logic Pod    UPC:
LeCroy OE325 DC-1.5GHz O/E Converter
Part Number:    SKU:19-25066
Model Number:OE325    UPC:
LeCroy SDA 6020 Quad 6 Ghz 20 GS/s Serial Data Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-26052
Model Number:SDA 6020    UPC:
LeCroy TF-ENET Basic Ethernet Test Fixture
Part Number:    SKU:19-24604
Model Number:TF-ENET    UPC:
Lecroy WavePro 7300 3Ghz Oscilloscope 10-20 GS/s
Part Number:    SKU:19-29823
Model Number:7300    UPC:
LeCroy Waverunner LT344 500MHz 500MS/s DSO Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-21611
Model Number:LT344    UPC:
LeCroy Waverunner LT344L 500MHz 500MS/s DSO Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-19397
Model Number:LT344L    UPC:
LeCroy Waverunner LT364L 500MHZ 1GS/S 4 Channel Digital Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-21598
Model Number:LT364L    UPC:
Lemo 7-Pin to Microdot Coaxial Adapter - Lot 5
Part Number:    SKU:19-31198
Model Number:FGG.1B    UPC:
Lightech Fiberoptics MN0808MMG-FCUM6 LT2100 8X8 MM Fiber Optic Matrix Switch
Part Number:MN0808MMG-FCUM6    SKU:19-26638
Model Number:    UPC:
Lightech Fiberoptics XN3333XMDR-FCU LT3000 33x33 MM Switch
Part Number:XN3333XMDR-FCU    SKU:19-26642
Model Number:    UPC:
Lightech XN1068MDG-FCU LT3000 10x68 SM Fiber Optic Switch and VOA Chassis
Part Number:XN1068MDG-FCU    SKU:19-26637
Model Number:    UPC:
Lightech XN1270MDG-4PD-FCU LT3000 12x70 SM Fiber Optic Switch VOA & Tap Power Meter Chassis
Part Number:XN1270MDG-4PD-FCU    SKU:19-26640
Model Number:    UPC:
Linear Technology LTM4600EV High Efficiency DC/DC Module Breakout Evaluation Board
Part Number:DC823B-A    SKU:19-17554
Model Number:LTM4600EV    UPC:
Linear Technology LTM4601EV High Efficiency DC/DC Module Breakout Evaluation Board
Part Number:LTM4601V    SKU:19-17549
Model Number:LTM4601EV    UPC:
LitePoint IQ2010 Connectivity Test System
Part Number:    SKU:19-32766
Model Number:IQ2010    UPC:
Lot of 3 Boonton 4311 Power Meter Input Boards
Part Number:    SKU:19-26978
Model Number:4311    UPC:
Loveland FasTest 435A Electro-Pneumatic Calibrator
Part Number:    SKU:19-31456
Model Number:435A    UPC:
M/A-COM OSP 4598-4015-54 Calibration Kit
Part Number:    SKU:19-24257
Model Number:4598-4015-54    UPC:
MacGregor WFG15 Digital Weld Head Gauge
Part Number:    SKU:19-32473
Model Number:WFG15    UPC:
Macraigor VTC1000-2G WiFiDemon JTAG Integrated Development System
Part Number:VTC1000-2G    SKU:19-12606
Model Number:WiFiDemon    UPC:
Macrodyne 3000 Frequency Domain Processor
Part Number:    SKU:19-23120
Model Number:3000    UPC:
Marconi 10kHz - 2.7Ghz Digital + Vector Signal Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-29869
Model Number:2051    UPC:
Marconi Instruments 10kHz-1000MHz signal Generator 2022
Part Number:52022-900C    SKU:19-26539
Model Number:2022    UPC:
Marconi Instruments 2024 2kHz - 2.4Ghz Signal Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-28294
Model Number:2024    UPC:
Master MSPG-1025D Programmable Video Signal Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-24287
Model Number:MSPG-1025D    UPC:
Maury Microwave 2653S30 30 CM Airline
Part Number:    SKU:19-27087
Model Number:2653S30    UPC:
Maury Microwave P750A 12.4-18.0GHz Isolator
Part Number:    SKU:19-27085
Model Number:P750A    UPC:
Maury Microwave P750B Isolator 12.4-18.0 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-27086
Model Number:P750B    UPC:
Maury Microwave U750C Isolator 26.5-40.0 GHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-27084
Model Number:U750C    UPC:
Maxim MAX2009 EV Kit
Part Number:    SKU:19-23010
Model Number:MAX2009EV    UPC:
Membralox 3000PSIG 200 Bar U.S. Filter
Part Number:    SKU:19-12949
Model Number:U.S. Filter    UPC:
Membralox Ultrex Micro Hi-Flow 9 Log 3000 PSI Filter
Part Number:A575    SKU:19-12937
Model Number:Ultrex    UPC:
Merge ISDN 2000AF Basic Rate Interface Central Office Emulator W/ Keypad
Part Number:    SKU:19-25080
Model Number:ISDN 2000AF    UPC:
Merge Technologies ISDN 2000AF Basic Rate Interface Central Office Emulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-12684
Model Number:ISDN 2000AF    UPC:
Merrimac PSPM-3-30 Phase Shifter
Part Number:    SKU:19-27046
Model Number:PSPM-3-30    UPC:
Met One 237B-.3-.1-1 Laser Particle Counter
Part Number:2082815-11    SKU:19-25838
Model Number:237B-.3-.1-1    UPC:
Micro-Now 215 Wide Range Synchronizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-24755
Model Number:215    UPC:
MicroChip PICDEM-I Demo Board
Part Number:04-01339    SKU:19-09405
Model Number:PICDEM-I    UPC:
microLEX PXI-VideoSPX-i Digital Video Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-26378
Model Number:PXI-VideoSPX-i    UPC:
microLEX PXI-VideoSPX-o Digital Video Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-26379
Model Number:PXI-VideoSPX-o    UPC:
Micropross MP300 TCL2 Package
Part Number:    SKU:19-32188
Model Number:MP300    UPC:
Microwave Power Devices LAB 3-510-15D 500-1000MHz 15W Solid State Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-24598
Model Number:LAB 3-510-15D    UPC:
Microwave Power Devices LAB1-055-20D Lab Series 10-500MHz 20W Solid State RF Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-29779
Model Number:LAB1-055-20D    UPC:
Microwave Radio Communications MM200 MRC Variable Rate Modem
Part Number:    SKU:19-33797
Model Number:MM200    UPC:
Midisco MDC1012-5 Coaxial Fixed Attenuator
Part Number:    SKU:19-25851
Model Number:MDC1012-5    UPC:
MIE RAM-1 Real-Time Aerosol Monitor
Part Number:    SKU:19-30509
Model Number:RAM-1    UPC:
Mikron M90-B Portable Infrared Thermometer
Part Number:    SKU:19-28610
Model Number:M90-B    UPC:
Milmega 0.8-2.5GHz 1w RF SMA Power Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-22967
Model Number:AS0825-1M    UPC:
Mini-Circuits VAT-1+ dB Attenuator 50 OHM
Part Number:    SKU:19-25847
Model Number:VAT-1+    UPC:
Mini-Circuits ZAPD-20 Power Splitter
Part Number:    SKU:19-25840
Model Number:ZAPD-20    UPC:
Mini-Circuits ZB4PLX-101-4-S+ 1-550 MHzQuaraplexer + Power Detector
Part Number:685-089283-004    SKU:19-24053
Model Number:ZB4PLX-101-4-S+    UPC:
Mini-Circuits ZB8PD-6.4-S 5600-6800 MHz Power Splitter
Part Number:    SKU:19-27549
Model Number:ZB8PD-6.4-S    UPC:
Mini-Circuits ZC8PD-900
Part Number:    SKU:19-25853
Model Number:ZC8PD-900    UPC:
Mini-Circuits ZFM-2000 Microwave Mixer Radio SMA
Part Number:    SKU:19-25855
Model Number:ZFM-2000    UPC:
Mini-Circuits ZHL-1-2W-BNC Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-24661
Model Number:ZHL-1-2W-BNC    UPC:
Mini-Circuits ZN2PD-9G 1700-9000 MHz Power Splitter
Part Number:    SKU:19-27217
Model Number:ZN2PD-9G    UPC:
Mini-Circuits ZN4PD-20
Part Number:    SKU:19-25836
Model Number:ZN4PD-20    UPC:
Mini-Circuits ZQL-1900LNW Low Noise Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-25843
Model Number:ZQL-1900LNW    UPC:
Mini-Circuits ZQL-900LN Low Noise Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-25849
Model Number:ZQL-900LN    UPC:
Minolta Multi-Gloss 268 Gloss Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-19066
Model Number:Multi-Gloss 268    UPC:
Minolta TV-2130 TV-Color Analyzer II
Part Number:    SKU:19-27079
Model Number:TV-2130    UPC:
MKS 775pvs Periodic Verification System
Part Number:    SKU:19-27969
Model Number:775 & 775c    UPC:
Motorola Intrac 2000 Test Set
Part Number:C1570B    SKU:19-23151
Model Number:Intrac 2000    UPC:
Motorola R-1033A Radio Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-22851
Model Number:R-1033A    UPC:
Motorola R1150D Code Synthesizer II
Part Number:    SKU:19-27077
Model Number:R1150D    UPC:
Motorola S1339A RF Millivoltmeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-28927
Model Number:S1339A    UPC:
Mountain Engineering ME-1005 Coaxial Cable Simulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-31563
Model Number:ME-1005    UPC:
Mountain Engineering ME-1007 Resistive Attenuator / Variable Noise Mixer
Part Number:    SKU:19-31562
Model Number:ME-1007    UPC:
Narda 3042B-30 0.92-2.2 GHz 30dB Coaxial Directional Coupler
Part Number:    SKU:19-30664
Model Number:3042B-30    UPC:
Narda 3752 1.0-5.0 GHz Coaxial Phase Shifter
Part Number:    SKU:19-30663
Model Number:3752    UPC:
Narda 8616 Electromagnetic Radiation Monitor
Part Number:    SKU:19-29253
Model Number:8616    UPC:
Narda 8716 Electromagnetic Monitor
Part Number:    SKU:19-24483
Model Number:8716    UPC:
Narda Microline 3003-10 Coaxial Directional Coupler
Part Number:    SKU:19-27082
Model Number:3003-10    UPC:
Narda Microline 3043B-10 Coaxial Directional Coupler
Part Number:    SKU:19-27080
Model Number:3043B-10    UPC:
National Instruments 5541 8-Port Switch Combiner
Part Number:154977D-01L    SKU:19-21487
Model Number:NI 5541    UPC:
National Instruments AT-GPIB TNT Plug And Play IEEE 488.2 ISA Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-13538
Model Number:AT-GPIB/TNT    UPC:
National Instruments DAQPad-MIO-16XE-50 Data Acquisition and Control
Part Number:    SKU:19-18903
Model Number:DAQPad-MIO-16XE-50    UPC:
National Instruments NI PXI-1033 Chassis
Part Number:    SKU:19-27493
Model Number:PXI-1033    UPC:
National Instruments NI PXI-2554 2.5 GHz 4X1 75 Ohms Multiplexer
Part Number:    SKU:19-27492
Model Number:PXI-2554    UPC:
National Instruments NI PXI-5122 High Resolution Digitizer
Part Number:    SKU:19-27490
Model Number:PXI-5122    UPC:
National Instruments NI PXI-5610 250 kHz - 2.7 GHz RF Upconverter
Part Number:189718J-01    SKU:19-25718
Model Number:NI PXI-5610    UPC:
National Instruments NI PXI-6542 Digital Waveform Generator / Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-32240
Model Number:NI PXI-6542    UPC:
National Instruments NI PXIe-5611 Module
Part Number:196385F-01L    SKU:19-32233
Model Number:NI PXIe-5611    UPC:
National Instruments NI PXIe-8360 Interface Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-20768
Model Number:PXIe-8360    UPC:
National Instruments PCI-GPIB Single-Board GPIB Interface
Part Number:183617K-01    SKU:19-07292
Model Number:PCI-GPIB    UPC:
National Instruments PXI-8432/2 PXI Serial Instrument Control Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-27491
Model Number:PXI-8432/2    UPC:
National Instruments VXI-MXI-2 VXIbus Extender C-Size Module
Part Number:183345E-03    SKU:19-23480
Model Number:VXI-MXI-2    UPC:
NEC Electronics MCU Starter Kit TK-850/SG2+UZ
Part Number:SG2+UZ    SKU:19-08011
Model Number:TK-850    UPC:
NEC Evakit-77C25 16-Bit Fixed-Point DSP Kit
Part Number:Evakit-77C25    SKU:19-09610
Model Number:77C25    UPC:
Newport 68938 210-240VAC 50/60Hz DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-21938
Model Number:68938    UPC:
Newport 7340 Monochromator Illuminator
Part Number:    SKU:19-21953
Model Number:7340    UPC:
NI Cable Assy 62-Pos Shielded 1M DB62F-DB62F
Part Number:    SKU:19-17529
Model Number:194017A-01    UPC:
NI PXI-5404 100 MHz Frequency Source
Part Number:    SKU:19-26381
Model Number:PXI-5404    UPC:
NI PXI-6542 Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-26380
Model Number:PXI-6542    UPC:
NI Shielded I/O Connector Block for DAQ Devices w/ 68-Pin Connector
Part Number:182469-01    SKU:19-03057
Model Number:SCB-68    UPC:
Part Number:4S019-288-1    SKU:19-13219
Model Number:IFSIGCOR    UPC:
Nohau EMUL 12-PC/BDM Emulator Lot of 3 With Software
Part Number:    SKU:19-23011
Model Number:EMUL 12-PC/BDM    UPC:
Noise/Com Precision C/N Generator UFX-BER
Part Number:    SKU:19-24435
Model Number:UFX-BER    UPC:
Noise/Com Precision C/N Generator UFX-BER IF1
Part Number:    SKU:19-24577
Model Number:UFX-BER IF1    UPC:
Noise/Com Precision C/N Generator UFX-BER-892
Part Number:    SKU:19-24578
Model Number:UFX-BER-892    UPC:
NoiseCom NC6124 2GHz - 4Ghz Noise Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-30066
Model Number:NC6124    UPC:
NOISECOM UFX9728 Programmable Noise Generator Frequency Range: 5 MHz to 1 GHz Front Panel Control Pad
Part Number:    SKU:19-08501
Model Number:UFX-9728    UPC:
NoiseKen FVC-NA1000 EMI Noise Sensor
Part Number:    SKU:19-24390
Model Number:FVC-NA1000    UPC:
Novtek NTS5100 Flash Memory Engineering Development System
Part Number:    SKU:19-32140
Model Number:NTS5100    UPC:
Novx Voltage Detection System Series 5000 Electrometer
Part Number:    SKU:19-08024
Model Number:5000    UPC:
Noyes Fiber Optical Kit w/ OFS300-200B, and Type A Reel
Part Number:    SKU:19-27053
Model Number:OFS300-200B    UPC:
Noyes OPM5-3C Noyes Fiber Systems
Part Number:    SKU:19-23583
Model Number:OPM5-3C    UPC:
Nuvo NV-AWT1 Allport CAT-5 and Speaker Wire Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-29901
Model Number:NV-AWT1    UPC:
Nuvo NV-I8DLS Concerto Learning Station
Part Number:    SKU:19-29902
Model Number:NV-I8DLS    UPC:
Olympic Model 22 Bili-Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-26976
Model Number:22    UPC:
Omega 5SRTC Series Insulated Thermocouple Subminiture Connector 36awg, 2M, T 5-Pack
Part Number:    SKU:19-24416
Model Number:5SRTC-TT-T-36-72    UPC:
Onset S-THB-M008 12-bit Temperature/Relative Humidity (8m cable) Smart Sensor
Part Number:    SKU:19-18805
Model Number:S-THB-M008    UPC:
Ophir 5302022-010 REV A RF Amplifier with Frequency 869 to 960 MHz and Heatsink
Part Number:    SKU:19-25254
Model Number:5302022-010    UPC:
OZ Optics 54740-20 Visible Fault Locator
Part Number:54740-20    SKU:19-25062
Model Number:    UPC:
Pakedge WAP-W3N Enterprise-Class High Power/Throughput Wireless-N Access poin
Part Number:    SKU:19-08626
Model Number:WAP-W3N    UPC:
PEP Modular Computers CP-340 COMPACT PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter 31.157-1010.1
Part Number:    SKU:19-24173
Model Number:CP-340    UPC:
Philips PM 3264 Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-31734
Model Number:PM 3264    UPC:
Philips PM 5686A Nicam Sound Modulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-17634
Model Number:5686A    UPC:
Philips PM 6666 Programmable Timer / Counter 120 MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-24553
Model Number:PM 6666    UPC:
Philips PM6669 Universal Frequency Counter 120 MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-23560
Model Number:PM6669    UPC:
Phoenix 5500A Telecommunications Analyzer
Part Number:F-5500-000A-11110    SKU:19-19025
Model Number:5500A    UPC:
PhotonCom SSP-3800A Optical Switch
Part Number:    SKU:19-27373
Model Number:SSP-3800A    UPC:
Pickering System 20 Programmable Switching System
Part Number:    SKU:19-25043
Model Number:System 20    UPC:
Picoprobe P-23-2291-1 40A High Performance Microwave Probe
Part Number:    SKU:19-19924
Model Number:P-23-2291-1    UPC:
Piezo CSS8227 Charge Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-33439
Model Number:CSS8227    UPC:
PolyCom 3645 High Speed Interface Tester
Part Number:9505025    SKU:19-26918
Model Number:3645    UPC:
Positector 6000-2 Coating Thickness Gage
Part Number:    SKU:19-26919
Model Number:6000-2    UPC:
Positector 6000-F1 Coating Thickness Gage
Part Number:    SKU:19-26921
Model Number:6000-F1    UPC:
Power Designs 6050C Universal DC Power Supply 60V 1A
Part Number:    SKU:19-27351
Model Number:6050C    UPC:
PowerShield Sentinel Battery Monitoring System Power Monitor
Part Number:9100-042    SKU:19-25607
Model Number:B1001-AC    UPC:
Powerwave LGP18909 CIN OD 824 - 960 MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-22809
Model Number:LGP18909    UPC:
Powerwave LGP23301 Indoor Current Injector 806-2170 HMz
Part Number:    SKU:19-22821
Model Number:LGP23301    UPC:
Preamble Instruments 1855 Differential Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-32759
Model Number:1855    UPC:
PrimaWave Tunable Laser Source w/ GPIB
Part Number:    SKU:19-27614
Model Number:TLS60N1N    UPC:
PrimaWave Tuneable Laser Source w/ GPIB 1410nm-1490nm
Part Number:TLS40N1N    SKU:19-27616
Model Number:TL Series 1450 nm    UPC:
PST AR85729-5 850-2000 MHz / 5 Watt Solid State Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-24814
Model Number:AR85729-5    UPC:
PST BHC16171637-200 1610-1630 MHz / 200 Watt Solid State Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-24815
Model Number:BHC16171637-200    UPC:
Quadtech 5000-02 Scanner
Part Number:5000-02    SKU:19-23020
Model Number:    UPC:
QuadTech Hybrid 2000 AC/DC/IR/DCR Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-26497
Model Number:Hybrid 2000    UPC:
Qualitec Model GC25E Automatic Ground Continuity Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-23199
Model Number:GC25E    UPC:
Quasar Microwave Technology Programmable Rotary Vane Attenuator
Part Number:    SKU:19-24491
Model Number:QVA22COB402 402 BC    UPC:
Racal 1256 Switching System
Part Number:407724    SKU:19-23556
Model Number:1256    UPC:
Racal-Milgo Omnimux 82 Advanced Statistical Multiplexer
Part Number:    SKU:19-23153
Model Number:82    UPC:
Radiall R584 432 734 0-18GHz 12V 5-Pole Coaxial Relay
Part Number:    SKU:19-25169
Model Number:Radiall R584 432 734    UPC:
Raham 481B Radiation Hazard Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-23557
Model Number:481B    UPC:
Rainin RT-250 Finepoint Precision Pipette Tips 250ul (5 boxes of 96ct)
Part Number:    SKU:19-17246
Model Number:RT-250    UPC:
RDL NTS-1000A Phase Noise Analyzer System
Part Number:    SKU:19-22597
Model Number:NTS-1000A    UPC:
Reach Technology RLS-001 24 Pair Line Simulator
Part Number:42-0027    SKU:19-22863
Model Number:RLS-001    UPC:
Renesas Compact Emulator for M16C/62 Group M16C/62A
Part Number:    SKU:19-08855
Model Number:M30620T-CPE    UPC:
Renesas EDK3687 with CD/Software Evaluation Board
Part Number:    SKU:19-08857
Model Number:EDK3687    UPC:
RENESAS Evaluation Board ROK521336R With ROK521336E004BR
Part Number:ROK521336R - ROK521336E004BR    SKU:19-08854
Model Number:    UPC:
RF Power Labs 2002 RF Amplifier 1-500 MHz 2W
Part Number:    SKU:19-24693
Model Number:2002    UPC:
Rhode & Schwarz ASCU180 GSM 1800 MS Advanced Signal Conditioning Unit
Part Number:1158.6838.02    SKU:19-31857
Model Number:ASCU180    UPC:
Robinair TIFXP-1A Automatic Halogen Refrigerant Leak Detector
Part Number:    SKU:19-19113
Model Number:TIFXP-1A    UPC:
ROD-L M30 Ground Continuity Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-27518
Model Number:M30    UPC:
Rod-L M500AVS5 Hipot Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-26653
Model Number:M500AVS5    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz AMU200A Baseband Signal Generator and Fading Simulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-30731
Model Number:AMU200A    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz CMU 200 Universal Radio Communication Tester
Part Number:1100.0008.02    SKU:19-18357
Model Number:CMU200    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz CMW-CU 1161.5000K50 Control Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-30739
Model Number:CMW-CU    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z11 10Mhz - 8Ghz Universal Power Sensor w/ USB Cable AS IS
Part Number:    SKU:19-32384
Model Number:NRP-Z11    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz NRV 828.2511.02 Power Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-25184
Model Number:NRV    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz NRV-Z3 Diode Power Sensor
Part Number:828.3418.02    SKU:19-25787
Model Number:NRV-Z3    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz NRVD RF Power Meter
Part Number:857.8008.02    SKU:19-18655
Model Number:NRVD    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz SFL-J Digital TV Testing
Part Number:2084.4005.40    SKU:19-24847
Model Number:SFL-J    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz SMG 100 kHz - 1000 MHz RF Signal Generator
Part Number:801.0001.52    SKU:19-29760
Model Number:    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ 02 300 kHz - 2.2 Ghz Signal Generator
Part Number:1084.8004.02    SKU:19-25545
Model Number:    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ 03B 300 kHz - 3.3 Ghz Signal Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-26681
Model Number:SMIQ 03B    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ 03E Signal Generator 1106.1506.03
Part Number:    SKU:19-25188
Model Number:SMIQ 03E    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz SMJ100A Vector Signal Generator
Part Number:1403.4507.02    SKU:19-32256
Model Number:SMJ 100A    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz SV 702 DTV Exciter
Part Number:    SKU:19-25926
Model Number:2093.1005.90    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz TV Test Receiver EFA
Part Number:    SKU:19-17640
Model Number:2067.3004.20    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz ZRB 2 SWR Bridge 5-2000MHZ 75 Ohm
Part Number:0802.1018.73    SKU:19-26544
Model Number:ZRB 2    UPC:
Rohde & Schwarz ZV-Z51 Calibration Unit
Part Number:1164.0515.30    SKU:19-25595
Model Number:ZV-Z51    UPC:
Rohde & Shwarz FSEA30 Spectrum Analyzer 20 Hz - 3.5 GHz FSEA 1065.6000.30
Part Number:1065.6000.30    SKU:19-24634
Model Number:FSEA30    UPC:
Sage 930A Communications Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-34345
Model Number:930A    UPC:
Sanjole Wavejudge 4900 Wireless Test System
Part Number:    SKU:19-31786
Model Number:Wavejudge 4900    UPC:
Schaffner NSG200E Main Frame and NSG 203A Line Voltage Variation
Part Number:    SKU:19-27057
Model Number:NSG 200E, NSG 203A    UPC:
Schlumberger SI 4923 Radio Code Analyser
Part Number:    SKU:19-24270
Model Number:SI 4923    UPC:
Scientific Atlanta 7550/55B Video Modulator Assembly
Part Number:    SKU:19-26948
Model Number:7550/55B    UPC:
Sencore SL750A TV-RF Signal Analyzer With VM4S LCD Video Monitor
Part Number:    SKU:19-27705
Model Number:SL750A    UPC:
Shaw Automatic Dewpoint Meter
Part Number:    SKU:19-34338
Model Number:Automatic Dewpoint Meter    UPC:
ShibaSoku Synthesized Frequency Converter RC51C
Part Number:    SKU:19-23982
Model Number:RC51C    UPC:
ShibaSoku TG-7/1 NTSC TV Test Signal Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-28614
Model Number:TG-7/1    UPC:
ShibaSoku UK Stereo Encoder TA05C
Part Number:    SKU:19-23984
Model Number:TA05C    UPC:
Siemens K 1197 Protocol Tester Dual Interface
Part Number:7KK1197-1EF21    SKU:19-26643
Model Number:K 1197    UPC:
Siemens TS31 Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-30543
Model Number:TS31    UPC:
Silicon Labs SI4708-B-EVB Development Kit
Part Number:    SKU:19-22812
Model Number:SI4708-B-EVB    UPC:
Simplay Labs Tools SL 305 for CEC Testing
Part Number:    SKU:19-21025
Model Number:SL 305    UPC:
Simpson 260 Series 6M Volt - Ohm - Milliammeter
Part Number:    SKU:19-29259
Model Number:260 Series 6M    UPC:
SMC AV3000-03-5DZC 0.2~1.0 MPa
Part Number:    SKU:19-25633
Model Number:AV3000-03-5DZC    UPC:
Soltec SMR2-110 / 2085TW Signal Memory Recorder
Part Number:    SKU:19-25224
Model Number:SMR2-110 / 2085TW    UPC:
Sony / Tektronix 3066 DC to 3 GHz Real Time Spectrum Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-23927
Model Number:3066    UPC:
Sorensen DCS60-18E DC Power Supply (0-60V, 0-18A)
Part Number:DCS60-18EM1M92    SKU:19-18129
Model Number:DCS60-18E    UPC:
Sorensen DHP80-62M2M9D Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-25114
Model Number:DHP80-62M2M9D    UPC:
Sorensen QRD 40-.75 Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-23280
Model Number:Sorensen QRD 40-.75    UPC:
Sorensen SGA60X167D-0AAA 60V 167A High Power DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-25082
Model Number:SGA60X167D-0AAA    UPC:
Sorensen SGA60X83D-0AAA 60V 83A High Power DC Power Supply
Part Number:    SKU:19-25086
Model Number:SGA60X83D-0AAA    UPC:
Sorensen SLM-60-60-300 60V/60A, 300W DC Electronic Load
Part Number:    SKU:19-27277
Model Number:SLM-60-60-300    UPC:
Sound Technology 1530A MTS / Stereo Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-33804
Model Number:1530A    UPC:
Spectracom 8140 Frequency Distribution Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-29223
Model Number:8140    UPC:
Spectral Dynamics SD345 Spectrascope III
Part Number:SD345-1-58    SKU:19-27060
Model Number:SD345    UPC:
Sper Scientific 800024 4-Channel Datalogging Thermometer
Part Number:    SKU:19-26402
Model Number:800024    UPC:
SPER Scientific 840082 30PSI Digital Manometer
Part Number:    SKU:19-23044
Model Number:840082    UPC:
Sper Scientific 840098 Datalogging Manometer
Part Number:    SKU:19-26401
Model Number:8400098    UPC:
Spirent 2-Port 2.5G Host Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-13456
Model Number:WAN-2002A    UPC:
Spirent 6000C Chassis Controller Module CTL-6001A
Part Number:    SKU:19-17695
Model Number:CTL-6001A    UPC:
Spirent Abacus 5000 ECG3 ECG-3000F 81-03554 Analog Call Generator Module
Part Number:ECG-3000F    SKU:19-13482
Model Number:ECG3    UPC:
Spirent CPU-5004A High Performance CPU
Part Number:    SKU:19-31618
Model Number:CPU-5004A    UPC:
Spirent FBR-1001A 1GbE Fiber SFP 8-Ports (SFF) Module
Part Number:FBR-1001A    SKU:19-10833
Model Number:    UPC:
Spirent FBR-2001A 1G Fiber SFP, 8 Port Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-10810
Model Number:FBR-2001A    UPC:
Spirent GSS4200 Multichannel GPS Simulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-27011
Model Number:GSS4200    UPC:
Spirent GSS6100 GPS/SBAS Signal Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-31339
Model Number:GSS6100    UPC:
Spirent LAN-3111A SmartBits Smart Metrics 100Base-FX
Part Number:    SKU:19-13406
Model Number:LAN-3111A    UPC:
Spirent Smart Bits SMB-0200 Multi Stream Preformance Analysis System
Part Number:    SKU:19-09668
Model Number:SMB-0200    UPC:
Spirent SPT-9000A 9U 12-Slot Test Chassis
Part Number:CHS-9000A    SKU:19-15115
Model Number:SPT-9000A    UPC:
Spirent SR3420 Wireless Network Emulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-33810
Model Number:SR3420    UPC:
Spirent SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-13079
Model Number:SR5500    UPC:
Spirent SR5500M Wireless Channel Emulator with CCO MIMO
Part Number:    SKU:19-30697
Model Number:SR5500M    UPC:
Spirent TAS 8250 Cable Network and Interference Emulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-22422
Model Number:TAS8250A    UPC:
Spirent TAS4500 FLEX RF Channel Emulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-22340
Model Number:TAS4500    UPC:
Spirent TestCenter CPR-2002A 10/100 Copper RJ-45 8 Port Ethernet Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-13453
Model Number:CPR-2002A    UPC:
Spirent Testcenter EDM-2002B 10/100/1000 2-Port Dual Media Test Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-13619
Model Number:EDM-2002B    UPC:
Spirent TestCenter FBR-2001B 1G Fiber SFP 8-Port Ethernet Test Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-22517
Model Number:FBR-2001B    UPC:
Spirent TestCenter UPY-2002A POS and ATM WAN Test Module Carrier Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-13623
Model Number:UPY-2002A    UPC:
SRS SR630 16-Channel Thermocouple Monitor/Logger
Part Number:    SKU:19-27344
Model Number:SR630    UPC:
Stanford Research DS335 3.1Mhz Synthesized Function Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-28804
Model Number:DS335    UPC:
Stanford Research SR760 100kHz FFT Spectrum Analyzer
Part Number:    SKU:19-32930
Model Number:SR760    UPC:
Stanford Research Systems SR530 Lock-In Amplifier
Part Number:    SKU:19-24238
Model Number:SR530    UPC:
Summitek Instruments SI-20A Low Passive Intermodulation Termination
Part Number:    SKU:19-22582
Model Number:SI-20A    UPC:
Summitek SI-1900A Passive Intermodulation Distortion Analyzer
Part Number:SI-100A    SKU:19-22585
Model Number:SI-1900A    UPC:
Sunrise Telecom ADSL ATU-R Module SSxDSL-2
Part Number:    SKU:19-23115
Model Number:SSxDSL-2    UPC:
Sunrise Telecom SSxDSL-3 Alcatel ADSL ATU-R Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-22656
Model Number:SSxDSL-3    UPC:
Sunrise Telecom SSxDSL-5 IDSL Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-22657
Model Number:SSxDSL-5    UPC:
Sweepsonik 40-S2DG-24T-208V-A 40 kHz dualSweep Ultrasonic Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-23026
Model Number:40-S2DG-24T-208V-A    UPC:
Synthesys BitAlyzer 622
Part Number:BA622-01    SKU:19-24644
Model Number:BA622    UPC:
Synthesys Research BitAlyzer BA14400B-PG Digital Channel Pattern Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-25075
Model Number:BA14400B-PG    UPC:
T-Com 440B / T-ACE Digital Communication Test Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-31561
Model Number:440B / T-ACE    UPC:
Tandberg FS-L4205C 42" Color TFT LCD Monitor
Part Number:74-7944-02    SKU:19-27544
Model Number:FS-L4205C    UPC:
TAS 4500 RF Channel Emulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-24798
Model Number:4500    UPC:
TAS 4600 Dual-Channel Noise & Interference RF Emulator
Part Number:    SKU:19-24525
Model Number:4600    UPC:
Tau-Tron 5108 DS1 Transmission Test Set Opt 1
Part Number:    SKU:19-21871
Model Number:5108 DS1    UPC:
Tau-Tron 5902 Printer
Part Number:    SKU:19-27059
Model Number:5902    UPC:
TDI Dynaload Model DLP 130-15-750A DC Load
Part Number:    SKU:19-18679
Model Number:DLP 130-15-750A    UPC:
TDI Electronic DC Load Set - 130-5-250 + 50-15-250 Kit
Part Number:    SKU:19-18685
Model Number:130-5-250 / 50-15-250    UPC:
Tektonix 010-6601-01 P6601 -62°C to +140°C
Part Number:010-6601-01    SKU:19-27470
Model Number:    UPC:
Tektonix Probes Lot of 4
Part Number:    SKU:19-24765
Model Number:    UPC:
Tektronix / Rohde & Schwarz CMD 80 Digital Radio Communication Tester 1050.9008.81
Part Number:    SKU:19-25187
Model Number:CMD 80    UPC:
Tektronix / Sony AWG2021 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Part Number:    SKU:19-07547
Model Number:AWG2021    UPC:
Tektronix 010-0208-00 Current Probe
Part Number:010-0208-00    SKU:19-24761
Model Number:    UPC:
Tektronix 012-1221-00 2 Meter Sampling Head Extender
Part Number:    SKU:19-22528
Model Number:012-1221-00    UPC:
Tektronix 012-1664-00 SYNC Combiner
Part Number:    SKU:19-20261
Model Number:012-1664-00    UPC:
Tektronix 012-1680-00 Sync Pick-Off Tek Connect to Trigger Channel 10X
Part Number:    SKU:19-20262
Model Number:012-1680-00    UPC:
Tektronix 013-0097-01 Probe Tip & 003-0675-01 Probe Adjustment Tool
Part Number:    SKU:19-27430
Model Number:    UPC:
Tektronix 015-0106-00 and Power Supply For P6406 Amplifier
Part Number:015-0106-00    SKU:19-27447
Model Number:P6046    UPC:
Tektronix 016-1773-00 Socket Square Pin
Part Number:016-1773-00    SKU:19-18625
Model Number:    UPC:
Tektronix 016-1782-00 Spring Loaded Grounded Pins
Part Number:    SKU:19-18628
Model Number:016-1782-00    UPC:
Tektronix 020-2505-00 Solder-in Resistor/Wire Kit for Differential Probes P6330 P7330 P7350
Part Number:020-2506-00    SKU:19-29134
Model Number:020-2505-00    UPC:
Tektronix 070-6860-00 2465B / 2455B / 2445B Oscilloscope Operators Manual
Part Number:    SKU:19-31480
Model Number:070-6860-00    UPC:
Tektronix 11402A Digitizing Oscilloscope Mainframe
Part Number:    SKU:19-32084
Model Number:11402A    UPC:
Tektronix 11801A Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-26730
Model Number:11801A    UPC:
Tektronix 11801B Digital Sampling Oscilloscope DC to 50-GHz 200-kS/s
Part Number:    SKU:19-22432
Model Number:11801B    UPC:
Tektronix 11801C Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-02365
Model Number:11801C    UPC:
Tektronix 1503C Metallic TDR Cable Tester
Part Number:    SKU:19-24514
Model Number:1503C    UPC:
Tektronix 2232 Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100MHz
Part Number:    SKU:19-33746
Model Number:2232    UPC:
Tektronix 2235 100Mhz Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU:19-00458
Model Number:2235    UPC:
Tektronix 2236 100MHz Oscilloscope w/Counter,Timer and DMM w/ Leads
Part Number:    SKU:19-33735
Model Number:2236    UPC:
Tektronix 2245A 100 MHz Oscilloscope
Part Number:    SKU: