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Alcatel Mobile IPTouch 300 SNP2400 Phone
Part Number:    SKU:19-20991
Model Number:IPTouch 300    UPC:
Alcatel Mobile IPTouch 6000 Phone
Part Number:    SKU:19-20986
Model Number:IPTouch 6000    UPC:
Altigen Max1000 IP-PBX Phone System
Part Number:    SKU:19-05510
Model Number:Max1000 IP-PBX    UPC:
Avaya 2EM Expansion Module
Part Number:700406523    SKU:19-19308
Model Number:2EM    UPC:
Avaya 3616 PTE130A SNP2400 Phone and Battery Only
Part Number:PTE130A    SKU:19-20990
Model Number:3616    UPC:
Avaya 4621 IP One-X Quick Edition
Part Number:700426034    SKU:19-19302
Model Number:4621    UPC:
Avaya 4621 IP One-X Quick Edition Dark Gray
Part Number:700387830    SKU:19-19316
Model Number:4621    UPC:
Avaya 48-Port PoE Midspan W/ SNMP
Part Number:700414253    SKU:19-19354
Model Number:1152B48S    UPC:
Avaya 49928-01 LKA-10 Cordless Headset Amplifier
Part Number:408271385    SKU:19-19306
Model Number:LKA-10    UPC:
Avaya 5402 DCP Telephone
Part Number:700345309    SKU:19-19305
Model Number:5402    UPC:
Avaya 5602D Display Telephone
Part Number:700345341    SKU:19-19338
Model Number:5602D    UPC:
Avaya 9620C One-X IP Desk Telephone
Part Number:700461205 / 9620D03C-1009    SKU:19-19289
Model Number:9620C    UPC:
Avaya AWH-54 900MHZ Cordless Amplifier with Convertible Headset
Part Number:700373301    SKU:19-19313
Model Number:AWH-54    UPC:662742110982
Avaya Cajun X330LC Octaplane Stack Cable 2M
Part Number:108592437    SKU:19-19336
Model Number:    UPC:659427009174
Avaya Cajun X330RC 2M Redundant Stack Cable
Part Number:108563453    SKU:19-19333
Model Number:    UPC:659427022302
Avaya Definity 99-Button Direct Station Selector 26C-B-003
Part Number:108829599    SKU:19-19347
Model Number:26C-B-003    UPC:
Avaya Definity Adjunct Power Kit
Part Number:407087899    SKU:19-19407
Model Number:13943-003    UPC:
Avaya DS1 to Wall Field Cable 50FT
Part Number:700406333    SKU:19-19402
Model Number:    UPC:
Avaya EU24 IP Office DSS Expansion Button Module
Part Number:700381817    SKU:19-19344
Model Number:1XU-A-2001    UPC:
Avaya GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Packet Processor
Part Number:87002094-R011    SKU:19-19435
Model Number:WPC541310W01    UPC:
Avaya IP Office IP400 Digital Station 16 V2 DS16
Part Number:700359839    SKU:19-06210
Model Number:IP400 DIGITAL STATION 16 V2    UPC:
Avaya IP Phone 1120E
Part Number:NTYS03AFE6 10    SKU:19-22324
Model Number:1120E    UPC:
Avaya IP400 IP Office Rack Mount Kit
Part Number:700210800    SKU:19-19296
Model Number:    UPC:
Avaya IP400 Phone 8 V2 Assy Analog Expansion Module
Part Number:700359896    SKU:19-32311
Model Number:IP400 Phone 8 V2 Assy    UPC:
Avaya IP406 Office Control Unit V1
Part Number:700350390    SKU:19-19326
Model Number:IP406 V1    UPC:
Avaya IP406 Office DS V2 MU Controller
Part Number:700359946    SKU:19-32314
Model Number:IP406 Office DS V2 MU    UPC:
Avaya KS23822-L1 Headset Prong Base Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-19497
Model Number:KS23822-L1    UPC:
Avaya Lucent Definity 6408+ Non Display Phone
Part Number:108164153    SKU:19-19345
Model Number:6408+    UPC:
Avaya LUUDS Universal Speaker Door Phone
Part Number:408466548    SKU:19-19358
Model Number:LUUDS    UPC:
Avaya S8300 ICC/LSP VH5 Media Server Module 256MB Ram 30GB HD
Part Number:18919994R    SKU:19-13573
Model Number:700331648    UPC:
Avaya SG200 Security Gateway VPN
Part Number:700242308    SKU:19-19341
Model Number:SG200    UPC:
Avaya TGM550-80 Media Gateway
Part Number:700406978    SKU:19-19353
Model Number:TGM550-80    UPC:
Avaya TIM510 Telephony Interface Module
Part Number:700396138    SKU:19-19311
Model Number:TIM510    UPC:
Avaya TIM514 Analog 4+4 MM Telephony Interface Module
Part Number:700396146    SKU:19-19312
Model Number:TIM514    UPC:
Avaya Transtalk 9000 Carrier Control Unit 117A4
Part Number:107955122    SKU:19-19351
Model Number:117A4    UPC:
Avaya X330STK Stacking Module
Part Number:700397482    SKU:19-19350
Model Number:X330STK    UPC:659427022326
Avaya X330W-2DS1 Router Plug-In Module
Part Number:700214612    SKU:19-19315
Model Number:X330W-2DS1    UPC:
Brooktrout TR1034+uP4D-R 4-Port PCI Fax Board
Part Number:901-004-04    SKU:19-19439
Model Number:TR1034+uP4D-R    UPC:
Cetis Telematrix 1L Trimline Light Ash
Part Number:    SKU:19-19449
Model Number:69119    UPC:702099169117
Cisco ATA 186 Analog Phone Adapter ATA186-I2-A-RF (Cisco Refurbished)
Part Number:    SKU:19-23992
Model Number:ATA186-I2-A-RF    UPC:
Cisco TelePresence Primary Codec G2
Part Number:    SKU:19-05279
Model Number:CTS-CODEC-PRI-G2    UPC:882658205934
Cisco Voice Switch Service Module Redundant Back Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-12264
Model Number:MGX-VXSM-R-BC    UPC:
ClearOne 860-158-500 Max Ex Conference Phone, Lot of 8
Part Number:    SKU:19-32368
Model Number:860-158-500    UPC:
ClearOne 910-103-340 Delta Microphone
Part Number:910-103-340    SKU:19-15129
Model Number:Delta Mic 2    UPC:067101033405
Clearone Converge PRO TH20 910-151-820 Conference Telephone Interface
Part Number:910-151-820    SKU:19-30632
Model Number:Converge PRO TH20    UPC:
Cortelco 220400-VBA-27E Colleague w/ SP EN BK
Part Number:    SKU:19-09380
Model Number:220400-VBA-27E    UPC:
Cortelco 221021-TP2-27E 1-Handset Landline Telephone
Part Number:221021-TP2-27E    SKU:19-19499
Model Number:    UPC:048044221036
Creative Modem Blaster 56K External Serial Modem
Part Number:235-00563    SKU:19-03134
Model Number:    UPC:756296056251
Dialogic Corp D/21D 2-Port Voice Board
Part Number:85-0155-020 Rev B    SKU:19-24742
Model Number:D/21D    UPC:
Dialogic 48-Port T1 JCT Media Board
Part Number:845-838    SKU:19-10972
Model Number:D/480JCT1-T1U    UPC:
Dialogic Corp D/42-PA 4 Port Voice Processing 16 Bit ISA Card
Part Number:85-0493-001 Rev C    SKU:19-24740
Model Number:D/42-PA    UPC:
Dialogic ISA DTI/300SC-120 Card
Part Number:85-0473-002 / 96-0543-002    SKU:19-13871
Model Number:DTI/300SC-120    UPC:
Ericsson KDU 137 533 - DUL 20 01 GSM for RBS6201 Cabinet
Part Number:DUL 20 01    SKU:19-10673
Model Number:KDU 137 533/4    UPC:
Ericsson STM-1E SFP Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-18873
Model Number:RDH90120/29902    UPC:
Hitachi Cable WirelessIP 5000 Phone
Part Number:    SKU:19-20992
Model Number:    UPC:
Huawei ViewPoint 8220 Video Conference Phone
Part Number:    SKU:19-09113
Model Number:ViewPoint 8220N    UPC:
Jabra Telecom Wired Phone
Part Number:    SKU:19-29406
Model Number:9400BS    UPC:
Lucent 108387929 REL/VER Melin Legend Forced Installation Card
Part Number:108387929    SKU:19-19500
Model Number:    UPC:
Lucent Avaya Definity 6402 Analog White Telephone
Part Number:108018185    SKU:19-19314
Model Number:6402    UPC:
Microhard MHS113020 n920F 1W OEM 900 MHz Spread Spectrum Wireless Modem
Part Number:MHS113020    SKU:19-25610
Model Number:n920F    UPC:
Microhard MHS116100 nDDL IPnDDL2450 1W OEM 2.405-2.470 GHz Ethernet & Serial Digital Data Link
Part Number:MHS116100    SKU:19-26997
Model Number:nDDL    UPC:
Microhard n2420F Miniature 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum Wireless Modem
Part Number:MHS114500    SKU:19-26705
Model Number:n2420F    UPC:
Microhard n2420F Miniature 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum Wireless Modem USED
Part Number:MHS114500    SKU:19-26999
Model Number:n2420F    UPC:
Mitel 3300 MXe ICP Controller Call Control Server
Part Number:56008026    SKU:19-23869
Model Number:50005080RA    UPC:
Mitel 5310R IP Boardroom Conference Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-13981
Model Number:5310R    UPC:
Mitel SLM-4 580.2100 4 Port Single Line Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-31274
Model Number:SLM-4    UPC:
Mitel SLM-8 580.2101 8 Port Single Line Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-31272
Model Number:SLM-8    UPC:
Motorola T5939A 800 Quad Channel Receiver
Part Number:    SKU:19-21659
Model Number:T5939A    UPC:
NEC 910-157-231 Conference Max Phone
Part Number:ACP-U10    SKU:19-17840
Model Number:910-157-231    UPC:
NEC DTH-16LD-1 BK Telephone
Part Number:    SKU:19-21138
Model Number:DTH-16LD-1 (BK)    UPC:
NEC DTP-2DT-1 (WH) Telephone
Part Number:770075    SKU:19-21128
Model Number:DTP-2DT-1    UPC:
NEC DTP-32DA-1 Telephone
Part Number:    SKU:19-21245
Model Number:DTP-32DA-1    UPC:
NEC DTP-8-1 BK Telephone
Part Number:    SKU:19-21130
Model Number:DTP-8-1    UPC:
NEC DTP-8-1 WH Telephone
Part Number:    SKU:19-21147
Model Number:DTP-8-1    UPC:
NEC DTR-2DT-1 (BK) Telephone
Part Number:    SKU:19-21248
Model Number:DTR-2DT-1    UPC:
NEC DTR-8-1 (BK) Telephone
Part Number:780035    SKU:19-21129
Model Number:DTR-8-1    UPC:
NEC ETJ-16DD-2(SW) Telephone
Part Number:    SKU:19-21250
Model Number:ETJ-16DD-2(SW)    UPC:
NEC ITL-2E-1 (BK) Telephone
Part Number:    SKU:19-21242
Model Number:ITL-2E-1    UPC:
NEC ITR-8D-3 BK Telephone
Part Number:780023    SKU:19-21133
Model Number:ITR-8D-3    UPC:
NEC M-166343 Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-21175
Model Number:M-166343    UPC:
NEC M-790555 Caller ID Card NSA-180343-001
Part Number:NSA-180343-001    SKU:19-21140
Model Number:M-790555    UPC:
NEC PA-DAIC Digital Trunk Interface Circuit Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-21199
Model Number:PA-DAIC    UPC:
NEC PN-4C0TB Circuit Board
Part Number:    SKU:19-21190
Model Number:PN-4C0TB    UPC:
Part Number:    SKU:19-21192
Model Number:PN-4LCAA    UPC:
NEC PN-4VCTI 4-Channel Processor Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-21179
Model Number:PN-4VCTI    UPC:
NEC PN-8COTS Circuit Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-21260
Model Number:PN-8COTS    UPC:
NEC PN-CP00-C Processor Card Processor Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-21170
Model Number:PN-CP00-C    UPC:
NEC PN-CP01 M-678361 Circuit Board
Part Number:    SKU:19-21152
Model Number:PN-CP01    UPC:
NEC PN-CP14 Processor Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-21168
Model Number:PN-CP14    UPC:
NEC PN-CP17 System Firmware Processor Card
Part Number:151411    SKU:19-21151
Model Number:PN-CP17    UPC:
NEC PN-CP24-B Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-21172
Model Number:PN-CP24-B    UPC:
NEC PN-CP31-D Processor Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-21171
Model Number:PN-CP31-D    UPC:
NMS Communications AG-4040 PCI Card
Part Number:2025-51042    SKU:19-21200
Model Number:AG-4040    UPC:
Omnitronix SL12-6CC Enclosure Monitoring Unit SNMP-Link SL12 RMD Without Modem
Part Number:    SKU:19-19380
Model Number:SL12-6CC    UPC:
Panasonic Advanced Hybrid Wired & Wireless PBX
Part Number:    SKU:19-01701
Model Number:KX-TAW848    UPC:037988850945
Panasonic IPCMPR KX-TDE0101 Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-25775
Model Number:KX-TDE0101    UPC:
Panasonic KX-T7775 Doorphone
Part Number:    SKU:19-30254
Model Number:KX-T7775    UPC:
Panasonic KX-TA62470-2 8 Extension Expansion Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-30260
Model Number:KX-TA62470-2    UPC:
Panasonic KX-TD7896 Wireless Proprietary Telephone
Part Number:    SKU:19-30252
Model Number:KX-TD7896    UPC:
Panasonic KX-TDA0180 8-Port Analogue Trunk Card
Part Number:    SKU:19-30255
Model Number:KX-TDA0180    UPC:
Panasonic PSLP1433 Power Supply Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-27540
Model Number:PSLP1433    UPC:
Plantronics C054 Base Station
Part Number:CO54    SKU:19-18086
Model Number:C054    UPC:
Plantronics Calisto Portable USB Speaker Phone
Part Number:    SKU:19-29409
Model Number:P420    UPC:
Plantronics P151N-U10P DUOPRO Polaris NC, Over The Ear Head Set
Part Number:    SKU:19-19481
Model Number:P151N-U10P    UPC:
Polycom 2201-24984-001 HDX PLink
Part Number:    SKU:19-23002
Model Number:2201-24984-001    UPC:
Polycom 2215-23775-001 Assy, Ceiling MIC-2 VSX
Part Number:2215-23775-001    SKU:19-32624
Model Number:    UPC:610807524786
Polycom IP335 POE Soundpoint
Part Number:2200-12375-025    SKU:19-21206
Model Number:IP335    UPC:610807694670
Polycom PN4-14XX ViewStation EX NTSC Camera
Part Number:    SKU:19-31953
Model Number:PN4-14XX    UPC:
Polycom PVS-14XX Viewstation
Part Number:    SKU:19-00953
Model Number:PVS-14XX    UPC:
Polycom Soundstation 2 EX
Part Number:2201-16200-601    SKU:19-01813
Model Number:    UPC:610807034414
Polycom Soundstation 2 Non EX
Part Number:2201-16000-001    SKU:19-02382
Model Number:    UPC:610807034223
Polycom Soundstation Premier
Part Number:2201-05200-001    SKU:19-00972
Model Number:    UPC:
Polycom Soundstation Premier + Satellite + Mic Kit
Part Number:    SKU:19-12645
Model Number:Soundstation Premier    UPC:
Polycom SoundStation Premier EX Satellite Bundle 2x Mics + Lapel Mic
Part Number:2200-09200-001    SKU:19-19419
Model Number:    UPC:
Polycom Soundstation Premier Satellite w/ 2 Mics & Lapel Mic
Part Number:2200-02600-001    SKU:19-01154
Model Number:    UPC:
Polycom Soundstation with Universal Module
Part Number:2201-03308-001    SKU:19-09834
Model Number:Soundstation    UPC:
Polycom Touch Control
Part Number:2200-30070-002    SKU:19-25286
Model Number:    UPC:
Polycom Voicestation 100 Conference Phone
Part Number:2201-06846-001    SKU:19-01688
Model Number:    UPC:
Polycom Voicestation 300 Full Duplex Conference Phone
Part Number:2200-17910-001    SKU:19-01746
Model Number:VS300    UPC:610807051992
Polycom Voicestation 300 Full Duplex Conference Phone - No Power Supply
Part Number:2201-17910-001    SKU:19-18637
Model Number:VS300    UPC:
Polycom VSX Advanced IR Remote Control
Part Number:T40159    SKU:19-03519
Model Number:2215-21692-001    UPC:
Polycom VSX7000 Video Conferencing System
Part Number:    SKU:19-28227
Model Number:VSX70000    UPC:
Russound TPM-1 Telephone Paging Module
Part Number:    SKU:19-29896
Model Number:TPM-1    UPC:
Samsung NX 12 Button Keyset Business Phone
Part Number:    SKU:19-10179
Model Number:NX-12B    UPC:
Samsung SCX-FAX210 Analog Fax Option Kit
Part Number:SCX-FAX210/SEE    SKU:19-23561
Model Number:SCX-FAX210    UPC:635753612103
Sine System RAK-1 Intelligent Rack Adapter
Part Number:    SKU:19-13097
Model Number:RAK-1    UPC:
SpectraLink PTE100 SNP2400 Phone
Part Number:    SKU:19-20988
Model Number:    UPC:
Spectralink PTO600 Black Vinyl Carry Case for Netlink i640
Part Number:    SKU:19-19398
Model Number:PTO600    UPC:
SpectraLink PTX150 Phone
Part Number:    SKU:19-20983
Model Number:PTX150    UPC:
Spirent Netcom L3-6710 - SmartBits Ethernet Smartboard. 10 Mbit/S
Part Number:    SKU:19-09644
Model Number:L3-6710    UPC:
SysMaster GW 1200 2-Port Analog VoIP Gateway with FXO Interface
Part Number:30000370    SKU:19-13215
Model Number:GW 1200    UPC:
Tandberg 1000 TTC7-12 Elite Video Conferencing Unit
Part Number:    SKU:19-06534
Model Number:TTC7-12-NEW    UPC:
Tandberg MXP 880 Video Conferencing Unit
Part Number:TTC7-08    SKU:19-05090
Model Number:MXP 880    UPC:
Tektronix 196-3468-00 Y Lead Adapter Lead Set Probe Accessory
Part Number:    SKU:19-29135
Model Number:196-3468-00    UPC:
Tektronix 80A07 BERTScope CR Clock Recovery Instrument
Part Number:    SKU:19-26374
Model Number:80A07    UPC:
Telrad IPEX-2 Phone System Card
Part Number:76-410-1360/0    SKU:19-11849
Model Number:IPEX2    UPC:
Vodavi 3001-00 XTSc-iP Key Service Unit W/ LCOB8, LCOBC, DTIB12, CKIB
Part Number:3001-00    SKU:19-22535
Model Number:XTSc-iP    UPC:
Vodavi Phone Dual Handset LGNTE09B2802 Interpretation Phone
Part Number:2802-00    SKU:19-07937
Model Number:LGNTE09B2802    UPC:
VU Telepresence Enterprise Pro Video Conferencing System
Part Number:    SKU:19-31445
Model Number:VU 720P ENT    UPC:
Zhone Z-PLEX-10-24S Channel Bank
Part Number:    SKU:19-12634
Model Number:Z-PLEX-10-24S    UPC:
Zhone Z-PLEX-10-24S Channel Bank
Part Number:    SKU:19-12635
Model Number:Z-PLEX-10-24S-NEW    UPC: